Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High This groundbreaking new middle grade series follows DC Comics most iconic female Super Heroes and Super Villains as high schoolers At Super Hero High the galaxy s most powerful teens nurture their po

  • Title: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
  • Author: Lisa Yee Random House
  • ISBN: 9781101940594
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This groundbreaking new middle grade series follows DC Comics most iconic female Super Heroes and Super Villains as high schoolers At Super Hero High, the galaxy s most powerful teens nurture their powers and master the fundamentals of what it means to be a hero.
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    • Ivy says:

      Mittlerweile hat es mit Sicherheit jeder mit bekommen, dass ich Superhelden LIEBE und dass ich Wonder Woman tatsächlich als meine Superhelden Queen bezeichnen würde. Diana ist mein absoluter Liebling und momentan inhaliere ich einfach alles, was ich in die Finger bekommen kann, seien es nun Filme, Comics oder Bücher. Als ich dann zufällig gesehen habe, dass es eine Middle Grade Buchreihe zu den weiblichen DC Superheldinnen gibt über ihre Zeit als Jugendliche an der Super Hero High war ich F [...]

    • Stacy Fetters says:

      [image error]Wonder Woman is chosen to go to the supreme school of super heroes. And we are in for a ride when she has to bunk with our beloved Harley Quinn. Going to a new school isn't always easy. You'll always have a few people who are jealous and want to destroy you.Wonder Woman is all about lifting spirits and being there for everyone. Super cute start to a series that is going places.

    • Billie says:

      Writing a Middle Grade novel featuring high school-age protagonists can be challenging. I get it. But it's possible to keep language and content at a Middle Reader level, but still have your characters behave like high schoolers, rather than grade schoolers. Unfortunately, this book failed to do so. And, um, how difficult would it be for the students at Super Hero High to go by their mundane names, rather than strictly by their super hero names? I doubt Hippolyta called her daughter "Wonder Woma [...]

    • eahbooklover says:

      I thought that this book was very well written, entertaining and funny. A great insight into the DC Superhero Girls world with many enjoyable references to DC comics and the show! Can't wait for the next!

    • Jasmine says:

      Clunky writing, but the emotional arc— Wonder Woman learning what it means to lead and excellent— is ON POINT.

    • Brooke Banks says:

      Better than I'd thought it would beI've watched this show with my daughter. She's a hug fan so of course I had to get the book series for her. Shes and advanced reader but gets bored and its hard to get her to read beyond homework. She flew through this book though! I read it with her and am surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think it's better than the TV show. Fuller characterization and background to make it feel realer. It also has good modern talking points parents will appreciate like copin [...]

    • Jamie Coudeville says:

      Man, I hate how little reading time I have lately. Anyway, I think my expectations might have been a bit too YA rather than MG. I struggled with this book at first but in the end, I did end up enjoying it. One thing that did bother me was that Wonder Woman doesn't seem to have a non-superhero name. Neither did many of the other characters even though the distinction between real names and superhero names is mentioned. I just can't stand the name Wondy, when Diana is so much better. Anyway, I sti [...]

    • Aeicha says:

      Super Hero High is home to the world’s best young, future Super Heroes (and even some Super Villains!) and its newest student is none other than young Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman can easily save the day, but surviving high school proves to be her hardest challenge yet. Mean girls, cute boys, fashion disasters, and people to saveWonder Woman learns to face them all!Wonder Woman At Super Hero High is the first book in the new DC Super Hero Girls series by Lisa Yee, which focuses on all our favori [...]

    • Michelle says:

      How could I say no to a story about superheroes in high school? This story follows Wonder Woman as a young teen getting off the island, away from her family, and coming to the real world to learn how to be an amazing superhero. This book has the best lovable characters, ever the characters you know who will eventually become villains are just adorable (my favorite Harley Quinn). Someone is out to get Wonder Woman, with the help of her friends, she tries to find who wants to make her leave the [...]

    • Josh Newhouse says:

      Solid strong debut for DC's new series focusing on the strong female heroes and villains in high school! I would have liked to see a more surprising twist in end and more time on the competition. I also would have liked on my kids behalf to at least have chapter illustrations or perhaps moreBut clearly it is a work of heroic love and there are lots of Easter eggs for fans and drama for lovers of it! Can't wait for Kara's tale!

    • Lucie says:

      Nečekala jsem, že se mi to bude tak líbit. Milý a dobře napsaný příběh.

    • Tereza Pecáková says:

      A šlus!

    • Vanessa says:

      KlappentextWonder Woman ist eine Prinzessin und en-Kriegerin. Doch an der Super Hero High kämpft sie nicht gegen fiese Superbösewichte, sondern vor allem mit neuen Trainingsmethoden, neuen Freundinnen (und Feindinnen) – und sie muss lernen, mit einigen peinlichen Niederlagen fertigzuwerden.MeinungDie Gestaltung des Covers und die Innengestaltung des Buches finde ich sehr schön.Es fängt damit an, dass Wonder Woman auf die Super Hero High gehen darf und dort viele neue Leute bzw. Superhelden [...]

    • Johanna says:

      This book has a good plot and well developped and lovable characters. Wonder Woman is that girl who's so perfect she should come across as obnoxious, but you can't help but love her because there isn't a single ounce of malevolence or pride in her. The awkward situation her cluelessness about the outside world puts her into are hilarious, but she will also be greatly relatable to gifted / high-potential children who made the delight of their parents and teachers but struggled with a crucial lack [...]

    • Jo says:

      Es para niños y Harley,Poison Ivy & Cheetah aún no son villanas lo que le quita diversión :(

    • Carina Olsen says:

      I was pretty excited about reading this one, when the publisher contacted me about it, because I thought it looked pretty cute. Plus I had never read or seen anything about Wonder Woman before. Ack. I was hoping to adore this book. Sadly, that did not happen. Which is upsetting me a bit. I have so many thoughts.I must admit that my review of this book will not end up being all that positive. Because, sadly, I did not like this one much. And there were a lot of reasons for why, and I need to shar [...]

    • Mehsi says:

      I heard about this series through Twitter and I knew I just had to check it out. And boy, I am glad I did. There were some bumps in the road that weren't fun, but most of this book was fantastic.This book is all about Wonder Woman who decides to leave her home island and go to Super Hero High to learn all about being a superhero. Which she already is, but she wants to learn new things, make friends, and much much more. She wants to become better. She is really driven to proof to her parents, but [...]

    • Paige Bradish says:

      I received Wonder Woman at Super Hero High from the publisher and this is my honest review.When asked to review this cute little DC SuperHero Girls series I said yes immediately for a few different reasons. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Super Heroes and I thought it would be cute to read these and start learning about these things to keep up with him. I have seen this series at work before and it just looks so cute.The first book in this series is about Wonder Woman learning of Super Hero High a [...]

    • Ms. Yingling says:

      Copy received from publisher From her comfortable home on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman longs to attend the prestigious Super Hero High, especially after she sees the recruitment video. Despite her mother Hippolyta's objections, Wonder Woman heads off to her new school, delighted that she will be able to bring good to the wider world. She meets a wide array of super heroes as well as future super villains. She has to take classes in flying, using weapons, and fashion design, the latter with the [...]

    • Michelle says:

      this is cute ^^ glad i got it for my daughter to read.

    • Sarah Miller says:

      Really cute, easy-to-read kids book. Love the perspective and introduction of girl superheros for my girls.

    • Alex McCarron says:

      The characters are adorable, but the plot is pretty dry and paint-by-numbers.

    • Christine Christl says:

      Titel: Wonder Woman auf der Super Hero HighAutor: Lisa YeeVerlag: cbjSprache: DeutschSeiten: 256 Seiten ∞ HardcoverPreis: D ∞ 3,99€Genre: Fantasy ∞ Abenteuer ∞ KinderbuchReihe: Ja Power für die Super Hero Girls: Großes Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Warner Brothers Entertainment, DC Comics, Mattel, Lego und Random HouseMädels aufgepasst: Superheldinnen im Anflug!Willkommen in der Super Hero High School: Hier kommt Superlesespaß für Mädchen!Alle Mädels lieben Superhero Girls!Wonder Wom [...]

    • Eva Hechenberger says:

      Hier haben wir Teil eins der „Super Hero High“ Reihe, leider habe ich mit Teil zwei angefangen und diesen vor kurzem zuerst gelesen. Es war aber kein Problem, denn jeder Teil ist einem anderen Superhelden gewidmet und in diesem hier geht es um Wonder Woman.Von Wonder Woman habe ich bisher sehr wenig gelesen, daher war ich doch etwas neugierig, sie kennen zu lernen. Sie ist auf einer Insel aufgewachsen und verspürt den Wunsch auf diese spezielle Schule zu gehen, denn sie verspricht sich hier [...]

    • Fin says:

      Ich sollte eindeutig mehr Kinderbücher lesen.Ich gebe zu Superheldinnen haben natürlich ihren ganzbesonderen Charme.Das ich das Buch unbedingt lesen musste liegt sicher auchan der Serie "The Big Bang Theory". Ich bin ein leidenschaftlicher Fan :).Und die Jungs sind so versessen auf Superman und Co. da konnte icheinfach nicht wiederstehen.Erster ganz großer Pluspunkt ?Die blaue Schrift ist unheimlich angenehm zum lesen, anfangs war ich daein bisschen skeptisch aber ich habe das Buch in einem R [...]

    • Adriana says:

      While I accept that I am way, way older than the intended readers, there is a limit to how ridiculous a book can get. This is like a picture book or a throwaway idea for a children's cash grab written out in long form. I've seen the cartoon and the simplistic characterization and dialogue works in that medium, but it left me cold in a book.Wonder Woman goes from the highly trained and educated princess of the s to a weird and superficial caricature of a quirky high-school girl. She grows over th [...]

    • Lindsay Heller says:

      Okay, so why on earth did I read this? I will tell you why. Because I have spent the summer babysitting a reader and she told me to. Don't ask me why I am using my free time to satisfy the whims of an eleven year old, except that enthusiasm is infectious and it makes her so happy when I can join in the conversation. So read this I did. It was cute. This series is kind of cute. But as an adult comics fan it does sort of drive me a little nuts sometimes. This book centered on Wonder Woman as she m [...]

    • Greymalkin says:

      Cute and deftly written. I wish that Wonder Woman's literal-mindedness and naivete wasn't such a problem- it made her seem not very bright even though the book was careful to talk about all the activities she did and languages she knew, she applied critical thinking to anything. And the story itself was a little strange. The actual harassment and abuse was shockingly serious and yet somewhat glossed over in the book. It felt like they were discounting the emotional damage of having someone invad [...]

    • Julia Stephenson says:

      This story is basically about Wonder Women attending a high school for superheroes. Wonder Woman wants to fit in and tries her best to stay out of trouble. She meets several people as becomes suspicious about threatening notes that were sent to her. She didn't delve deep enough in the notes, but she does delve deep into improving herself there. She wants to become popular, but she learns that being popular, isn't always the best role. Helping others is better than helping herself. That's what fr [...]

    • Ann Santori says:

      "Nothing was the same for Wonder Woman after that. But then, when is any day the same as the day before?"I personally think that this series could benefit from some occasional full-page illustrations (esp. for the more visual moments), and the writing isn't fabulous enough to hold appeal for both adults and children (as many wonderful middle grade books do), but it's a nice tie-in for the Superhero Girls series' fans and is peppered with various positive messages (much like the show) throughout. [...]

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