A Hero of Realms

A Hero of Realms After the oracle s prediction of Ben s fate what options does the Novak have left Will he attempt to fight his destiny Can such a battle even be won Jeramiah still lurks in The Shade like a shadow Wh

  • Title: A Hero of Realms
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the oracle s prediction of Ben s fate, what options does the Novak have left Will he attempt to fight his destiny Can such a battle even be won Jeramiah still lurks in The Shade like a shadow Why is he still on the island Why did he even come in the first place
    • ✓ A Hero of Realms || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Bella Forrest
      120 Bella Forrest
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    • Valerie (Dobby_Howler_Puff) says:

      I have been a little disappointed with The Shade series lately, but this one right here?! Better than I expected! I like the story being on the darker side and it's always a plus that Rose wasn't in it!

    • J. Kahele says:

      EldersThis part of the series takes us deeper into the story of Ben and the Elder that has imprinted on his soul. Ben finds out that the more human blood he drinks the stronger he makes the elder within him. He must find a way to stop, the rise of the Elders again would only bring terror to all the realms. But if he was to not exist, it would all stop. Is suicide the only way to stop it?

    • Judy Lewis says:

      DIVINELY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: A Hero of RealmsSeries: A Shade of VampireDesignation: Book Twenty of a Multi-Novel series, NOT a Standalone ReadAuthor: Bella ForrestGenre: Young Adult Paranormal RomanceReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE MAGNIFICENT STARS *****Wow! Best-selling author Bella Forrest has dazzled her readers yet again with A Hero of Realms, the twentieth release in her spellbinding mega-hit series, A Shade of Vampire and she has totally left me breathless- again! Lik [...]

    • J.E. Benoit says:

      “When the road forks, your route will be clear. Either a destroyer or hero of realms you shall be.”There’s really not much left to say about this series that I haven’t already said in my previous reviews, but I still love this series and I think it’s still going strong even after so many books! Things really heated up for Ben and his quest to “cure” himself (I won’t say from what in case you haven’t read book 19 yet!) and talk about a cliffhanger!! I really am counting the days [...]

    • Kimberly L. says:

      What's happened to Benjamin!!!I swear these stories get me sooo anxious and then ending with these cliffhangers! Ms. Forrest, your killin' me!! Now I'm left with nightmares and what if's as far as Ben is concerned

    • Makenzie Johnson says:

      ok so this book kinda frusterated me when Ben turned into a ghost. He shouldn't have to be a ghost, or at least Bella Forrest should've allowed him to talk to his family! Maybe even let Corrine or one of the witches turn him back to human! He isn't dead for crying out loud!!!! I'm so sorry River, plz let her find another boy that she'll like or let Ben turn to human plz plz plzzz!!!!!!

    • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books says:

      LOVE this series, now I actually have to wait for boo 21. I can't believe how addicting this series it. SO glad i have Kindle Unlimited, otherwise I would never been able to read this entire series.I highly recommend to the paranormal lovers like me out there. I just started the Kiev series to hold me over till book 21 is out.

    • Melissa Carvell says:

      I was please that this story followed on from the previous book. As I said in the review for that book I wasn't keen on the snippets we got from Derek and Sofia and that was the same in regard to this book up until the Jinni left Ben in order to save Nuriya and I released Bella had subtly tires the two together which I loved.What made me really enjoy this particular book was the constant guessing of where bens journey would not only lead him but who was really on his side. Just when I had starte [...]

    • D.R.Slater says:

      Hero of RealmsI fine myself repeatedly writing it's a worthy read and now I have my family hooked to the series. Wonderment never cease to amaze me when a family member enjoys the supernatural realm. The novels leave the readers with cliffhanger ending. Causing the reader to prevail and move forward with another and another. So invest in the lengthy time and indulge in a glass of wine while you while embrace " The Shade of Vampire"

    • Starla Cox says:

      Holly hell does it never end? when i i read the first book i really loved it and it just went on and on and on and on, even though it switched who the focus was on all the characters seemed to blend. all the male charaters seemed to have the same personality. i kept reading because i got so deep into the series i thought i should just keep going. but now i dont think it will ever end so im DONE i was done 5 books ago

    • Kayla says:

      All BenMost of this was told from Ben's perspective. Although I was certain I was gonna miss not knowing what River was going through or what she was thinking and other characters I've fallen in love with, I found myself wanting to know more about what was happening with Ben. I was not disappointed.

    • Maria Banales says:

      Wow I can’t believe how good these books are The story line just keeps getting better and better, I love the way the author goes from one character to another to let you know what is going on with everyone else in the story I just can’t stop reading this series

    • Ashley Daniels says:

      Oh the possibilities!Continuing Ben’s story we venture into many realms of the past. So many changes, excitement and revelations in this book!!

    • Kelly Gunn says:

      Omg! Brilliant. On to the next one .

    • Sheila gullick says:

      Love rhis series.Love this series. Cant get.enough of. The characters are great. And strong. I am so glad she keeps.writting more amd more. Ready fore next one.

    • Hollie says:

      Love this series

    • Brooke says:

      Fast readBen's story continues and we meet more new characters. I'm ready to find out what Ben turns out to be.

    • Cassandra Sewell says:

      Awesome as always I chose 4 because I felt the story slow and it didn't answer many questions.But I still am looking forward to reading more!

    • Angela Sanders says:

      Ben's struggle for survivalAs the Elders hold on Ben grows stronger, he becomes desperate. The Jinn will do anything within their power to help him rid the control the Elder has over his soul. They set off on what seems an impossible quest with enemies of old and new allies erupt. But not all is as it seems. Will Ben be able to fight what seems to be his inevitable destiny or will his strength to fight for all supernatural creatures overpower the great hold of the Elder? In a series of nail biti [...]

    • Michelle says:


    • Emma Jefferson says:

      Omg Omg Talk about being left on a massive cliff hanger. This part is truly focused on Ben only and his journey. Through his story bits and pieces start to unravel about Ben and the Jinn's. through out the book Ben faces number of challenges to over come the Elder's influence. I loved this story the best and couldn't help but laugh about the Jinn. Even they have their own secrets which start to unravel.

    • Stacy Gallina says:

      Perfect as usual for this seriesYou would think with this many books in a series, that it would lose momentum. However, it keeps getting more interesting. The author has a way of making you lose yourself with the characters where you cannot wait to see what happens next with them, whether it be friend or foe. I love Benjamin and he faces such hard trials for someone so young. I hope River and Benjamin finally find a happily ever after.

    • Darla says:

      his by far is the best story about ben i thought it interesting that he was willing to go throiugh the surgery and then his parents do not even know what they did to ben and his survival and now he is at cruor cant wait to read what happens nextloved the ending though cant wait to see what sex the new baby or babies will be

    • Judy Robertson says:

      I love all of Bella Forrest's books about the shade and this book did not disappoint, I loved how she keeps us in touch with all our favorite characters. Ben's story will pull at your heart strings and keep you turning each page to find out what is happening next. a must read for your reading list.

    • Cheryl says:

      OmgWhat else can one write. If you're a fan of "the shade", then you won't want to miss this one. When you think, " what else can she write about", holy cow, she comes through. Goes without saying, READ this as soon as you can. Won't disappoint, promise. Going to the next book, see you there

    • Toi D. Dodd says:

      . Amazing, Exciting, and FrustratingHello fellow shade fans.This series is awesome but when will it end, now we're waiting for book 21 I love the Novaks & each individual story but I'm ready for the conclusion. How bout you? Shade of vampire is phenomenal & would suggest this series to everyone who doesn't know about the Shade!!!

    • Margaret says:

      After the oracle's prediction of Ben's fate, what options does the Novak have left? Will he attempt to fight his destiny? Can such a battle even be won? Jeramiah still lurks in The Shade like a shadow. Why is he still on the island? Why did he even come in the first place? ***Prepare for a thrill ride back to The Shade * Buy now! ****

    • Sophia says:

      Ooh gosh these books just make me like aaahhh! I try so hard to pace myself but I'm constantly on the edge of my seat reading this series! Love love love! I'm so excited to find out that another book is coming and just as excited to find that there will be a whole new series on the dragon shifters! I mean aaahhh! So excited! No but seriously this was an amazing story I really did enjoy this book.

    • Tonya Mason says:

      Protector or KillerBen's journey to to rid himself of the elder possessing him has him in danger again. Trying to find a way to stop the pending destruction of everyone and everything he loves leaves him no choice but to drink the liquid that would make him a ghost. He stopped the elder but getting back to his body is another story.

    • Kimberly says:

      I am completely addicted to these books. I wish they would just keep going because I think I could read about the Shade and all of the characters for the rest of my life and be content!This is an amazing series and the characters and the writing are perfect! There is never a dull moment! Once you start reading you just can't put it down and you yearn for more!

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