Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story

Journey of a Thousand Miles My Story Fans all over the world are in awe of the Chinese pianist Lang Lang s magnificent talent and won over by his immense charm The excitement his performances evoke is well documented in the legions of re

  • Title: Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story
  • Author: Lang Lang David Ritz
  • ISBN: 9780385524568
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fans all over the world are in awe of the Chinese pianist Lang Lang s magnificent talent and won over by his immense charm The excitement his performances evoke is well documented in the legions of reviews and profiles about him What is less known, however, is the heart wrenching story of his journey from a young prodigy in an industrial city in northern China to one ofFans all over the world are in awe of the Chinese pianist Lang Lang s magnificent talent and won over by his immense charm The excitement his performances evoke is well documented in the legions of reviews and profiles about him What is less known, however, is the heart wrenching story of his journey from a young prodigy in an industrial city in northern China to one of the greatest pianists of our time Journey of a Thousand Miles documents the remarkable story of a boy and his father who sacrificed almost everything family, financial security, Lang Lang s childhood, and their reputation in China s insular classical music world for the belief in a young boy s talent An engaging, informative cultural commentator who bridges east and west, Lang Lang has written than an autobiography his story opens a door to Chinese culture at a time when the world s attention will be on Beijing Written with David Ritz, the coauthor of many bestselling autobiographies, Journey of a Thousand Miles is an inspiring story that will give readers new insight into China and classical music, and appreciation for the courage and sacrifice it takes to achieve artistic greatness.
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    • Javier says:

      Un paseo en primera persona por la vida de este fenómeno del piano. Con no pocas dificultades y exigencias extremas made in China. Un gran referente para mi, pero no, yo no voy a ensayar 7-9 horas al día. 3 están bien. Tengo vida :-D

    • Virginia says:

      Utterly captivating and engrossing. Who would ever think that a memoir would be such? And yet, Lang Lang's utter dedication, his father's unyielding ambition, his mother's sacrificial love, and even glimpses of China, proved impossible for me to put down.

    • Catherine says:

      Great book! A must read for all pianists, and those who love autobiographies.

    • Althea says:

      On New Year’s Eve we went to the cinema to see the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year Concert beamed live from Berlin. I found this an incredible experience. It was the first classical concert I’ve ever ‘attended’. Sir Simon Rattle is the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, and he is amazing. But the highlight for me was a young, charismatic Chinese guy called Lang Lang. He was phenomenal. I was mesmerised by his performance – totally blown away by what he could do with/on a [...]

    • Alias Reader says:

      audio book

    • Tim says:

      Out of my normal book zone - but it was great! Lang lang - a young man with immense musical talent - according to the accolades.This is a story of his growing up - one of the Chinese generation where only one child was allowed each family, and therefore that child was doted on by all, and the competition to have that one succeed was immense.Throughout his story, he gave the reader a glimpse of how it was to live in a country with great ranges of wealth and relative freedoms, eventually finding t [...]

    • Lin Jia Chen says:

      I found out about this book through my piano teacher. She recommend to me. It's so powerful book and can influence the readers greatly. Every word in the book strikes my heart. Reading his autobiography motivates me of how I should be working harder and practicing more. The amount of time he practices everyday makes me feel like I'm just a trash laying on the streets compare to him. He played those sonatinas and sonatas when he was only 3 or 5, while I'm still learning sonatas myself at the age [...]

    • Christina says:

      (Full Review on my blog here: handsfullmom/2009 )This book captivated me from the first chapter -- the story of Lang's family and the pressure on this young pianist saddened me. His dad's whole life was spent in making sure his son practiced enough to be "Number One" in the world. I started to understand Chinese culture (and the Beijing Olympics) better by reading this. In their culture, it isn't enough to be good; you have to be better than everyone else or it doesn't mean anything. The constan [...]

    • Sue says:

      This book was just about right for a day in bed with a sore throat. A very easy read between the cough drops, not too challenging The ghost writer feels too present for me. I doubt that Lang Lang has yet the perspective to analyze what his driven father did. Yet the kid totally fulfilled his father's dream! The parents of this pianist are equaled in the US occasionally by some parents who drive their kids to be super athletes (e.g. tennis parents). I enjoyed the book most for its insights into C [...]

    • Tawni Williams says:

      I had the opportunity to hear Lang Lang preform with the Utah Symphony in October of 2015. I was so impressed with his performance I looked him up to learn more about him. I was pleasantly surprised to find this book in the process! It was a fascinating story of an incredibly talented boy, who be came incredible though unbelievable amounts of practice and sacrifice. I appreciated the insights into Chinese culture, and what he thought of American culture as he was studying here. He really is an u [...]

    • Kirstie says:

      Super interesting book! I loved reading about his childhood and the passion and intensity he grew up with. Sometimes it is sad to see what children miss when they are following a dream or forced by parents to succeed--but Lang lang seems to have found a balance and a purpose.

    • Ryan says:

      That was awesome and I'm OK being mediocre :-)

    • Daniel Frascà says:

      Riveting, inspiring, emotionall in one book detailing the life of someone who fought parental guidance yet prevailed under pressure. An insight into the work and dedication this young man put in to achieve the fame and critical acclaim he has today. I had the pleasure of meeting Lang Lang multiple times in Toronto and sat beside his parents during a concert in Roy Thomson Hall and his story stuck with metempting me to prod and question his parents style of upbringing, motivation and force. A mus [...]

    • Isabella says:

      This book was amazing. As a person currently learning how to play the piano this book is everything I could have ever wanted. I really enjoyed the photos at the beginning of each chapter of Lang Lang from his youth. We got to find out what what his life was like firsthand. The Chapter titled "Shame" really made me cry because Lang reveals that his father tried to get him end his life, read the book to find out why. I really love the writing style. Such beautiful sentences. "The weather was perfe [...]

    • Suzanne Neilson says:

      The author does an excellent job of moving the story along. Lang Lang's father's treatment of him is appalling. A fascinating peek into the worlds of China and of music.

    • Pam Bledsoe says:

      Fascinating story of his life. Very good read.

    • Chen Gao says:

      It was great personal story and experience, but not very good writing.

    • Sue Webber says:

      Thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable read.

    • Ariel Chien says:

      This was a great book

    • Ysza says:

      L'exemple parfait du parent qui reporte à l'extrême son ambition sur son enfant.Manque d'émotion, mais intéressant !

    • Coco says:

      Nothing special and very Chinese.

    • Arti says:

      Is this what music is all about? If this book was written by a biographer, using the third person and not the first person 'I', then it could be easier to accept. What I hear (audiobook) is an autobiography telling readers "How I have been No. 1 since 5 years-old" The Journey of a Thousand Miles began with a superego fed by a father whose expectation was for his son to be No. 1 in the world. I'm afraid what nurtured Lang Lang and motivated him to succeed had been the misguided cultural values (D [...]

    • Natalie Weber says:

      A fellow piano teacher recommended this autobiography of world famous pianist, Lang Lang, at a music teachers association meeting. It was a quick read, but wow was it fascinating! I had absolutely no idea the kind of dedication and work lies behind some of the young prodigies that emerge on the world scene. According to Lang Lang, in China it is everything to be Number One. Propelled by his father’s obsessive drive and his mother’s enduring love, that’s the pianist that Lang Lang was desti [...]

    • 4 Webb T says:

      In the memoir Journey of a Thousand Miles, the author Lang Lang recounts his success due to persistence and perseverance. Lang’s aptitude for playing the piano became evident in his early years. However, this aptitude for playing turned into an “obsession” due to his father’s “pressuring” to be the “best in the world” (Lang 19, 20). His father’s pressure was a result of the Cultural Revolution in China at the time; during this time, all artisans and other skilled workers were f [...]

    • Robin Rowles says:

      LANG LANG was born in 1982 in Shenyang, China. He has played with the leading orchestras in all the major concert halls throughout the world. In this book you will learn about Lang Lang's heart-wrenching journey from his early childhood as a prodigy in an industrial city in northern China to his difficult years in Beijing to his success today.Journey to a Thousand Miles documents the extraordinary, dramatic story of a family who sacrificed almost everything - his parents' marriage, financial sec [...]

    • Karen says:

      September selection for the Palladium book club. Autobiography of Lang Lang, classical pianist. He is from China and the book emphasizes his early life in China, his domineering father who is determined that he will be number 1 piano player in the country - and in China, that is beating out a lot of people.Gives some insight into fairly modern China, and living with the parents of talented children. There are probably other talented children in many areas, but without someone to push them to the [...]

    • Hannah Hebert says:

      In Lang Lang Journey of a Thousand Miles by Lang Lang and David Ritz, classical pianist Lang Lang describes his journey to stardom in a fascinating way. He writes about how the music helped him escape, how his love for piano began, and where it all started.Growing up in Shenyang, Lang Lang’s piano inspirations at a young age were Tom and Jerry. He saw “The Music Kingdom” but was in love with Tom and Jerry’s “Cat Concerto”. “But even more than “The Music Kingdom” an episode of t [...]

    • Jonna says:

      This book made me really think about balance. I understand that musicians, professional athletes, etc. must devote a lot of time to become as excellent as they are, but this book made me think that at some point it becomes too much. Too much of a person's self is devoted to one thing. Lang Lang sacrificed so much time with his mom, it made me sad for him and his mom. I wonder if as he gets older, looking back, will he still think it was worth it--not just being away from his mother, but giving u [...]

    • Naomi says:

      When I am into a book, I finish it very quickly. This book was one of those books where I can hear the writer talking to me as if he were telling me the story face to face. When he was crying in the story or anxious, I feel myself crying for him or I have to keep reading to see if he wins first place! What stuck out to me in this autobiography was that it was not only about Lang Lang and how he became a famous pianist, but how much his parents had to sacrifice to get him to the stage. His father [...]

    • Carol says:

      Lang Lang is a young Chinese concert pianist, who was something of a child prodigy. This short biography chronicles his childhood and education up through the establishment of his international performance career. He is very honest about both the joy and pain of being a child prodigy, and often shows a surprising amount of insight into his life and the forces that shaped it. I was particularly fascinated by the way in which Lang's father gave his son unconditional and tireless support while at t [...]

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