The Angel Experiment/School's Out Forever/Saving the World Set

The Angel Experiment School s Out Forever Saving the World Set Three action packed exhilarating reads in one unbeatable value volume WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE Do not put this book down I m dead serious your life could depend on it I m risking everything by telling

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  • Title: The Angel Experiment/School's Out Forever/Saving the World Set
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780316035668
  • Page: 155
  • Format: None
  • Three action packed, exhilarating reads in one unbeatable value volume WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE Do not put this book down I m dead serious your life could depend on it I m risking everything by telling you but you need to know STRAP YOURSELF IN for the thrill ride you ll want to take again and again, with your faithful companions Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman,Three action packed, exhilarating reads in one unbeatable value volume WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE Do not put this book down I m dead serious your life could depend on it I m risking everything by telling you but you need to know STRAP YOURSELF IN for the thrill ride you ll want to take again and again, with your faithful companions Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel Six kids who are pretty normal in most ways except that they re 98 percent human, 2 percent bird THE MISSION Rescue Angel from malicious mutants Infiltrate a secret facility to track down the flock s missing parents Scavenge for sustenance Get revenge on an evil traitor And save the world If there s time The MAXIMUM RIDE omnibus contains the first three books in James Patterson s thrilling series for children.
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      155 James Patterson
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    • Kelly DeLeon says:

      Maximum Ride is a great series and this would be the second book of the series. Character development is done very well and makes the story more interest and more emotional. The story is filled with a lot of plot twist that makes you just want to just fan girl. Well that's for me. In these book more romance was included and more excitement. To be honest I don't know if there is a continuation for this book but if there is then I would want to read it in the ends. At the end of the book there isn [...]

    • Christie says:

      This series will make you want wings to fly to the School and punch the scientists in the face. and to you know, have wings.

    • Courtney Kolbe says:

      A well-written science fiction novel - Patterson seamlessly integrates human-like traits into his fantasy characters. Max is the most developed character, naturally, but there is still detail provided about the other characters he travels with. My favorite part of the book was Maxs interaction with Ella and her mom. I think Patterson did an excellent job using this as a foundation for maxs longing for a "normal" parental relationship, an important element at the end of the story.My only complain [...]

    • Carl Alves says:

      I realize that this series is written for a different type of audience than typical James Patterson novels, but the writing in this novel was not even close to up to par to his typical offerings. It almost seems like somebody else wrote this and James Patterson slapped his name on it. Knowing that Patterson doesn't write all of his material, that would not surprise me. In this novel Maximum Ride and her cohorts of winged avian mutants, have escaped from their captors and are now running free. Ho [...]

    • Tahlia says:

      I enjoyed reading maximum ride. I think most people enjoy stories with characters who can fly. The characters were also likeable most of the time but I felt that Max was a little to arrogant and cocky to really like her as a character, Fang's character also irritated me at times but over all I liked the characters I was supposed to Like and hated the characters I was supposed to hate. Maximum ride it a pretty easy read and has some good humour in it which made it quite light hearted. It had some [...]

    • Bert Long says:

      Good series, but you have to be very open-minded--it is VERY fictional. Nonetheless, I did find the first three books of the series entertaining, and the writing style is quite good, and believable as it deals with a lot of internal emotions of the narrated character.Can definitely understand that some folks would not like the premise or books, but I found it very enjoyable. Only giving 4 stars since the scenario is so out there and it is a little "young" for me (but still a darn good read). I w [...]

    • Hunter Darlin says:

      I think this book is pretty good. its about the six main characters and where they one gets hurt and goes to the hospital and is found by the FBI. in this they also find more powers an better control others. they also find a dog at a facility that can talk. later in the book max is captured and is replaced with a clone of her. As you can tell this is an action packed great book if your into the supernatural type of book and im not even all the way finished with the book.

    • Jennifer Has IC says:

      I started and completed this series with my teenaged son. We typically read a lot of the same books so we can discuss them daily. This book series sucked us both in immediately! We scrambled, begged, whined, and cried for each book as we ended each one. James Patterson has written a teenage series that grapples with many emotions that we all struggle with via the venue of scifi and bird children. Sounds corny but pick up book one & I guarantee u will b hooked!!!

    • Elizabeth Anderson says:

      The Maximum Ride series (specifically books 1-3, as 4-8 have "ghost writer" splattered all over them with their inconsistent voices and details and more plot holes than a 1700s road) were what originally got me interested in writing. The combination of short, snappy, sarcastic dialogue and a dark scifi basis enthralled me, and the characters sucked me into writing fanfiction. This snowballed into novels of my own, and I only have Maximum Ride to thank.

    • Tara Pawelczyk says:

      It's aimed at adolescents, but I really did enjoy it. I found myself wanting to read more and more, and when I realised I was in Cuba with no access to getting the 4th book I was really disappointed!! It's clever, but easy reading and thoroughly enjoyable. Not up there with my Rachel Morgan series and VA series, but still a good read!

    • Adelaide Smith says:

      - this book is about 6 mutant kids with a strange ability, they can fly.- maximum ride and the others have been given a mission to save the world, well that's what they think, as well as being hunted by wolf like men.- I like this book because its really thrilling and you never want to put it down!

    • Zara Fallis says:

      books one through three were okay but after that they just seem to keep going and going honestly i stopped getting excited over the books after the third one but the first three were really good even though ometimes it seemed like they could not pick one storyline it kinda seemed like a few storylines at the same time in some parts but other than that i think they were a good read

    • Caitlin says:

      this book is awesome!!!! Even though I read the series out of order and I am still reading the series and the series is amazingMrs. Hinger(the librarian at CMS) is trying to find the fifth book in the series for my friend Emily and I.

    • Hannah says:

      Remember, I only put this on because I couldn't find MY book. However, school's out forever was an amazing book and I recommend it to you all, just remember to read the first book first. That's why it's called the first book. Soooooo yah.

    • Sydney:) says:

      I thought this book was action packed and exiciting. The only reason this wasnt five stars was because i felt that it was way to unrealistic. Usually in sci-fi or fantasy they making believe that it was actually happening. This book was so outragous I couldn't put myself in the character's shoes.

    • Susan says:

      Maximum Ride series are AHHHmaaaZING! :D

    • Johan says:


    • Maja says:

      great book loved it and it took me anout a week to finish itso good!!!!

    • Tracy says:

      Quick read, very entertaining if you like tween books. Mutant bird children that were designed to save the world, running for their lives

    • Duckylover says:

      I absolutely loved these books. Though none can compare to this series, the storyline does fade out in the later books

    • Helen Segura says:

      Love it!!

    • Rebecca says:

      This series should have been a trilogy and stopped there. First 3 books are brilliant.

    • Deranged Pegasus says:

      An excellent series for those interested in science fiction and teen literature.

    • Mary Jo says:

      Young adult fiction. Great young female heroine. A quick enjoyable read.

    • Ashley says:

      ehh, not as good as the otheres. I finished this book in no time flat and was like"uh.okay" i mean, no flyboysjust an evil box dude and some franken-freekt that climatic

    • Brett says:

      Book one was pretty lame but it definitely picked up some speed by book 3. Now I need to continue the series just to see how it all turns out.

    • Chelsea says:

      Fast-paced hard to put down books! As you read them they keep getting better and better!

    • Bridget says:


    • Judy says:

      My 6th graders are crazy for these books. Wanted to see if this book improved the story line following Angel Experimentch the same for me.

    • Richard says:

      i loved this book soo much

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