Yellow, Volume 01

Yellow Volume Straight and macho Taki partners with feminine and gay Goh to form an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia Lately Goh has been interested in acquiring Taki s feelings th

  • Title: Yellow, Volume 01
  • Author: Makoto Tateno
  • ISBN: 9781569709528
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Straight and macho Taki partners with feminine and gay Goh to form an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia Lately, Goh has been interested in acquiring Taki s feelings than the usual caches of arms and drugs Will Taki and Goh form a new kind of partnership Volume one of Yellow begins with a brewing personal interest between Taki and GoStraight and macho Taki partners with feminine and gay Goh to form an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia Lately, Goh has been interested in acquiring Taki s feelings than the usual caches of arms and drugs Will Taki and Goh form a new kind of partnership Volume one of Yellow begins with a brewing personal interest between Taki and Goh, though Taki is still unwilling to answer to Goh s desires A gangster s jealousy leads to Taki s kidnapping, and it s up to Goh s cunning and charms to save him Working solo, it s also up to Goh to find the drugs he was hired to steal while sidestepping a police conspiracy powder keg.
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      463 Makoto Tateno
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    • Sophie says:

      I admit, I don't understand Makoto Tateno's popularity. This was an okay read, filled with many, many stupid clichés, and the art isn't quite my thing either. The second star is mostly because I liked Kanji a lot, and the scene when they finally get together was nicely done, I thought. And please note that the two stars are for the overall series - the first volume is hardly worth one star. Overall, definitely not a must read, I only finished it because I had the volumes here and it didn't take [...]

    • Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌ says:

      NOTE: This is the rating for the whole series (I read it online, and a while ago as well, so I don't know the separate volumes)This was just a really great, hot, action-y with a shitload of sexual tension and a gay-for-you theme going on. It was probably one of the first yaoi mangas I've read, yet remains one of my favourite.Have fun blushing at the sexiness of this. Note: They actually work up to the sex, it's not the kind wham-bam thank you for the orgasm with that quick and dirty sex scene. I [...]

    • Kati says:

      Beautifully drawn, true, but the stories were only so-so. I mean, you can make a manga about two men loving each other yet having a problem overcoming their natural inclination - see "Gorgeous Carat" or "Border" or "Kiss Me, Teacher" - without one character borderline molesting the other all the time or having every story about rape. Just sayin'

    • Mary says:

      This is the first manga series I read, and it is still one of my all time favorites.

    • Marsha says:

      Taki and Goh are undercover “snatchers”, people who snatch drugs. That means working together. It’s not so bad except Goh is gay and keeps hitting on the straight Taki. However, is Taki as straight as he says he is? The way he fights off Goh would seem to indicate it. Action, sex, treachery, crime and adventure are realistically portrayed and the UST between the two men is heightened just enough to keep the reader guessing. The artist draws her characters with heart-shaped faces, sloe eyes [...]

    • 78sunny says:

      Meine Meinung:Wieder einmal ein Manga, der mir zwar vom Zeichenstil gut gefiel, aber von der Handlung her nicht. Der Zeichenstil war recht gut und die Proportionen stimmten, aber die Charaktere sahen sich so ähnlich, dass ich oft nicht wusste wer das jetzt war. Dann änderte sich auch einfach mal die Stärke der Haarfarbe eines Charakters, was das Ganze dann noch komplizierter machte. Die Story war actionlastig und grundsätzlich auch unterhaltsam, aber die Fälle wurden von dem Super-Duo Taki [...]

    • SoAmy says:

      I've tried reading this over and over and OVER, trying desperately to enjoy the story. And surprisingly, my persistence paid off. :) I finally slowed down enough to notice the art and the details, the little things that make the story sort of awesome. Honestly, I still have to ignore some of the more ridiculous, over-the-top aspects of the genre, but even those things slowly started to grow on me as I got past my initial hesitation and got involved in the story. Already halfway through Volume 2 [...]

    • Bookwatcher says:

      Wow!!!Very good!!! I loved the partnership of Taki and Gou, and their work??? SO COOL!!!Perfect, the balance between Gou, very proud and happy gay man, and Taki, in the closet BUT well, read it to discover how much Taki can enjoy being French kiss by Gou BTW, great scene! I liked it so much! [image error] Loved it, 5 stars

    • Kirsti says:

      Sometimes I just feel like a good yaoi manga, and bought this a few months ago in Canberra. This one reminds me a lot of my favorite manga, Fake. It seems like a fun storyline, and the similar gay man chases hetero man with unknown results. The tension is awesome, waiting for them to finally get together might take some time.Very cute art, I'm glad I have a few more in the series to read as well!

    • Anna says:

      Excellent introductory manga for a four part series. The art for this manga is rather nice, and I think "Yellow" is one of the best translated mangas I've read. None of the writing or dialogue seemed awkward. The stories were clear and interesting, and the characters distinct. Probably the best yaoi manga out there, in my opinion. I even have thoughts of this manga series translating well into a movie or TV series.

    • Leila Anani says:

      Along with Fake this is probably my favourite yaoi series. It follows two drug "snatchers" Taki and Goh on their exploits in the criminal underworld. Goh is gay and in love with his partner Taki. Taki is straight and while he would die for his partner he won't sleep with him. Or is he protesting a little too much.Gorgeous artwork, exciting stories and emotionally charged romance. Recommended.

    • Bradley says:

      I love Yaoi, the Japanese term for female authored boy loves boy stories. Yellow is the perfect example of a great Yaoi read. Goh and Taki are undercover partners out to infiltrate a drug ring. Goh is gay and sexually attracted to Taki but Taki is straight and oblivious to Taki's feelings. Or is he?

    • Somni says:

      I loved this series! It was great! IT was the 2nd ever BL/Yaoi series that I'd ever read and the first one I'd ever completely purchased in full. The story was engaging and I loved our two main characters. Great drama, art style and storytelling! Oldie but goody in my book!

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is the first in a 4-book series. The Mangaka has a gorgeous style, and an intense storyline with room for humor and wackiness--everything I love about yaoi manga. This series is my favorite, and is right up there with FAKE in terms of awesomeness. :D

    • Chelsea says:

      Ohmygod this is so fucking funny and amazing. I was a little weirded out that it was yaoi but my friend danni me told that i should give it a try and i trust her and now im hooked i wanna know what happens next!

    • Zaa says:

      I simply think the artwork is decent enough, not gorgeous like everybody said. The good thing from the manga is the plot. romance mixed suspense is enjoyable to read. And I can see chemistry between Taki and Goh and found many funny scenes between them.

    • Cheryl Dyson says:

      This is my favorite yaoi series. Unfortunately, none of her other mangas were half as good. This one barely had a plot to hold onto, so I think she was a one-plot author and the rest have been quite sketchy.The artwork is just gorgeous.

    • Orestia says:

      The artwork is decent enough, but the dialogue made my eyes bleed. I read it out of obligation to my debit card for sacrificing itself to pay for the thing.

    • Anyu says:

      I like it

    • Oyceter says:

      Meh. I'm not a big fan of the gay guy chasing after straight guy trope.Full review: oycetervejournal/634730 (minor spoilers for entire series)

    • Richard A says:

      One hot yaoi great plot

    • Julia says:

      Funny and exciting Yaoi series.

    • Denise says:

      Oh how I love this series, read it over and over. One of my absolute favourites when it comes to yaoi manga!

    • Romie says:

      It's just so funny to read. The love/hate relationship is my favourite trope.

    • Illiad Gillespie says:

      Cute story but the artwork is sort of unbearable. It could be worse, at least the English translation isn't as terrible as PASSION

    • Ann-Katrin says:

      3,5 Sterne.

    • M.A. Ray says:

      Awful damn pretty. I don't know if the story was just that poorly executed, or lost in translation.

    • Christine (AR) says:

      My favorite yaoi series to date. OTT like most of this genre are, but the art is gorgeous and the leads are engaging. I've re-read the entire thing twice.

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