Yellow, Volume 02

Yellow Volume Yellow Volume marks the return of our heroes Goh and Taki to infiltrate the Japanese narcotics trade This time they re after your garden variety heroin that s being floated to Japan in a most uniqu

  • Title: Yellow, Volume 02
  • Author: Makoto Tateno
  • ISBN: 9781569709511
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yellow Volume 2 marks the return of our heroes Goh and Taki to infiltrate the Japanese narcotics trade This time, they re after your garden variety heroin that s being floated to Japan in a most unique way Bullets will fly and Goh and Taki preoccupied with their budding relationship and the reappearance of past flames may not be able to avoid the crossfire
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      257 Makoto Tateno
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    • Leisha says:

      Rating overviewWriting: ★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★Artwork: ★★★Overall: ★★★ (3.25)~~~I liked this better than the first one, but it's still difficult to connect to these stories. Taking into account that this manga series is over 10 years old and from a very different culture, it is difficult to really judge whether it's good (especially since I have a rather small frame of reference) but the translation could definitely be better.Let's see how I'll feel about t [...]

    • Marsha says:

      Once again Tateno brings us mounting tension liberally laced with humor as Taki and Goh negotiate the drug world’s underbelly, this time starting with a seedy nightclub that’s harboring a missing drug stash. In this story, the action is outweighed by the intelligence of and superlative teamwork between the two main characters. New factors are introduced by way of new characters called Kanji and Kei. Upbeat and spirited, Kanji presents a farcical element since he’s always crashing through d [...]

    • Kirsti says:

      A fun, exciting manga that all yaoi lovers would enjoy. It reminds me a lot of my favorite yaoi manga, "Fake". I actually read this series on the night before I left for the holidays, and even though I've been online since I haven't had time to sit and write a proper review. Basically Taki and Goh intercept drugs and do odd jobs for a mysterious bartender. Mostly, they have to use seduction to get people to talk, and it helps that one of them is gay and the other hetero. They basically seduce al [...]

    • Derekica Snake says:

      The second volume redeemed the series for me. I actually sold off volume 1 because of brotherly love scene tweaked my squick factor. Yah, yah I'm someone who writes about fathers and brothers but they are not actually brothers and fathersif you get my drift. This second volume gave enough of the history of Goh and Taki to make volume 1 beliveable. So much much do I like it? I bought the compendium! It's got to be good to part me from my money. I would like to see Goh's childhood now

    • Leila Anani says:

      Another excellent volume in this yaoi romance series following drug snatchers Taki and Goh. Loud mouthed Kanji gets introduced and starts working at the roost. We also get Kei, Goh's ex partner/lover return wanting Goh back. Some really nice imagry here like Taki (straight) and Goh (gay) being as poles apart as Penguins and polar bears.Exciting, action packed stories, gorgeous artwork and strong characters make this series a delight to read.

    • Bradley says:

      I love Yaoi, the Japanese term for female authored boy loves boy stories. Yellow is the perfect example of a great Yaoi read. Goh and Taki are undercover partners out to infiltrate a drug ring. Goh is gay and sexually attracted to Taki but Taki is straight and oblivious to Taki's feelings. Or is he?

    • Oyceter says:

      A little better -- at least Taki's feeling something; I hate the entire "If I throw myself at someone, they are bound to love me back!" thing going on in vol. 1. Full review: oycetervejournal/634730 (minor spoilers for entire series)

    • Anna says:

      The stories in this volume were not as interesting as the ones in the first volume. I didn't feel like the characters developed at all, except for in the last act. I know that the story develops tremendously after this volume, but this one by itself was just okay.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The second volume means the story just gets better! :D Keep going!

    • SoAmy says:

      Alright, YES, the series now has me.

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh my God Taki and Goh were so close to doing it! But Taki got distracted by a book!

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