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  • Title: Cowboy Heat
  • Author: Sable Hunter
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  • Page: 417
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      417 Sable Hunter
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    • Kate says:

      DNF about 60%That was like dating 16 years old instead of 25. Never read about more immature heroine.

    • Melissa says:

      I had a hard time rating this book a two or three stars. In a way I could even give it four. I love cowboys, and I really liked the premise of the book.What I didn't like was:The way everyone treated Libby child-like. It was annoying. The five hundred "pet names" Aron made up for her. I can deal with those really but when you call your lover "munchkin" or "lilbit" it felt like he was talking to a kid. Not to mention Libby-poo, Libby-bell, Libby-lou, Baby, Babydoll, Sweetheart. I started getting [...]

    • Beanbag Love says:

      I saw this series had high ratings and hoped for a second cowboy erotica to enjoy. No such luck. Sable Hunter is no Lorelei James. The story is just a rickety frame for a bunch of sex. Some might think that's what erotica is, but I think many of us have a different expectation because we've seen better. The sex scenes don't even cut it. There's no real engagement in the interludes, maybe because they're filled with so much purple prose you don't even want to read them. So the story is unlikable [...]

    • Jamie says:

      Sweet and Hot! I liked this one it was a sweet easy read. At times, it was really over the top sweet and I developed several toothaches throughout the story but I expected this going in so it didn't bother me. I'm in the mood for that right now after reading some gritty, angsty, intense books lately. I enjoy something like this series occasionally that's just fun to read. The fact that it had PLENTY of VERY hot scenes was just icing on the cake. We've got sexy cowboy Aronhe's the oldest of the M [...]

    • Zee1 says:

      This is possibly the worst "Erotica" I've ever read. And that is saying something. ****Spoilers and quotes ahead!***Actual line "Aron, can I kiss your winkie?" yup. "Freeing his enormous cock from his jeans, he gave it room to stretch and bob like a hungry python seeking a meal" You heard me. (Btw, his enormous cock is said to be eight inches long and FIVE inches wide not girth just by looking at it she can see five inches wide FYI)"Huge plumes of cum sprayed up and over the windowsill, raining [...]

    • Katie(babs) says:

      Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah #1) by Sable Hunter was free but is now $4.99. I think the price is too high for a straight up yeehaw cowboy erotica, but if you like purple prose, alpha cowboy loving with an the innocent but willing heroine who’s favorite catch phrase is- “Ceez-n-Crackers!”, it might just be the story you’re looking for.Libby is in remission from her cancer that could come back at anytime. Because Libby has been so sick, she has never been in a romantic relationship, kissed a man [...]

    • Chantal ❤️ says:

      Well I have to admit this book was hot!!! Normally him saying this is just sex and don't read anything into this would have me saying HELL NO, instead I was saying HELL YEAH! Lol. Love it. She was such a strong determined lady and so fearless! I just admired her so much. And he was the total package! Faithful loyal a family man who had been hurt by his cold hearted ex wife. He deserved the heroine. He had not had sex in over 4 years because his wife disgusted him not because he was still in love [...]

    • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

      Very romantic, very sweet and Super hot. Loved the secondary characters and really loved the heroine so much. Her bubbly quirky attitude was a refreshing change. Innocent and brave is something I love. So many parts of this book I highlighted. I laughed out loud and I burst of tears. That shows me that I just might have found an author to stalk (wink) I am sad I have to skip book 3. I really wanted Josephs book but can't read about him with other women. Oh well there are lots more. Diving in soo [...]

    • Lady Heather says:

      What can I say? Sometimes a light, easy read with great characters and a good story is just what you need. Unfortunately, I would have rated this story higher if not for the rather cheesy dialogue.Aron is well perfect. Tall, handsome, wealthy, uh a cowboy *drool*d Libby is just a sweetheart! Loved everything about her.Good story, great characters, hotter-than-hell sex, uber-dominant male lead, and great girl trying to find her happily-ever-afterDONE!Onto the next book in the seriesJacob's story [...]

    • MsRomanticReads says:

      Meet the McCoy brothers:Aron – the bossJacob – the compassionate oneJoseph – the daredevilNoah – the businessmanIsaac – the bad boyNathan – the "baby"After the death of their parents, Aron McCoy stepped up and held the family together. Along with his brothers, he runs the family ranch and their holdings. Bitter over his failed marriage has made him swear off women, vowing never to marry again. Libby Fontaine's leukemia is finally in remission, and she vows to make every moment count [...]

    • Vashti says:

      I am rating this a 4.5 for a highly enjoyable read.I wanted a read that was high on romance,light in tone,funny,a little angst,and of course sme scorching hot sex scenes.Cowboy Heat delivered on all counts ,the " cheese " factor was pretty high too lol!!! Sable Hunter,you have a new fan in this romance reader.Knowing that the heroine ,Libby, was in remission from Leukemia,I read this book with my heart in my hand,there was a scene when the hero found out about the heroine's cancer that had me ch [...]

    • Meghan says:

      I read fluffy garbage when I can't sleep and finished this in one go last night. I know you can't expect much from this type of book, but absolutely everything was bad about it. Crap dialogue. Rampant misogyny. Awful science (don't just google a vertebrae!) and where the hell did all the faith-in-God stuff come from at the end? This is a girl who has lived through 8 years of intensive life threatening illness but a couple hiccups happen with her implausibly short love life and she's just now yan [...]

    • Kameron says:

      I wondered how to start this review and then it came to me, I would speak about the quirky catchphrases Libby uses throughout the story. Example: Cheez-n-Crackers. My first impression was "Who speaks like this in real life?" Then after I yelled out "Hot Dog" to my husband, I realize I do. As for using words like "winkie", it may not be sexy or romantic but it wasn't supposed to be used in that context. I found myself laughing and again when Aron yelled back "He did not have a winkie." Sable did [...]

    • Aimie says:

      3.5 stars.Enjoyed this one A relatively quick, easy read with a decent story and steamy passion.Looking forward to getting to know the other McCoy Brothers. Jacob in particular. His story is next in this series I believe.Popping my cowboy cherry was a pleasure.[image error]

    • Rough Draft Book Blog says:

      Cowboy Heat by Sable HunterAron & LibbyNO CRACK IN THIS LIBERTY BELL!!!5 starsWow I mean wow the opening line of this book in the Prologue got me all hot and bothered it grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down!!!! I can't even repeat it, would have a heart attack if I did!!!! Just know this, you're gonna love this book!!! There was a lot going on here so many issues to deal with you've got betrayal, life threatening diseases, death, family, love, etc you get the picture this book had my h [...]

    • Linda says:

      Libby Fontaine Had A Crush On Aron McCoy Since She Was In High School, Attending All Of His Games And After He Graduated Gone To The Rodeo Every Time He Competed Until She Was Struck With Leukemia And Lost Track Of Him And Most Of Her Life. Battling Cancer Had Taken Up So Much Of Her Time That There Was No Room For Boyfriends, Dates, And Much Of Anything Else. Aron McCoy Was Somebody And He Would Never Look Twice At A Dirt Poor Nobody Such As Her. When She Learned That The Tebow Ranch Cook Would [...]

    • CC says:

      3.5 stars Super duper sweet romance, with LOTS of sexy scenes. There is a "sweeter version" that has less sex. I am glad I got the "erotic" version. The sex was great, the dialoguejust ok. So I would not have wanted less of the good part! This book is about the easiest book you'll ever read. Low/no angst, lots of hot and fun sex, big burly hot cowboys. Not a manwhore (view spoiler)[ has an evil ex wife but been divorced for 4 years and celibate since!(hide spoiler)], no cheating or OW drama. The [...]

    • Kelly_Instalove says:

      Read the full review at Dear AuthorI’m always on the lookout for cheap, fun and short erotica, and this one caught my eye because it was free, it had decent ratings here and on , and the blurb was well-written.I don't think other reviewers were reading the same book I was. I hate it when that happens.The premise actually might have worked; the set-up in the first few pages was amusing enough to keep me reading. But once Libby and Aron got their eyes and hands on each other, it quickly went dow [...]

    • Carol Lilla says:

      I just finished reading Sable Hunter’s “Sweeter version” of ”COWBOY HEAT!” What a great book! Sable is such a phenomenal writer and really cares about her readers. I have read all of her “Hell Yeah” series and have loved each story that unfolds about the fabulous and handsome McCoy Brothers. Some readers like different degrees of “Hot” in their books and Sable has listened. She is re-writing her series in a sweeter version, so that her books will reach all readers who love cont [...]

    • Isobelle Cate says:

      There is a Chinese proverb that says, and I quote: To Read a Book the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend. To read it for a second time is to meet an old one.The first version of Cowboy Heat was my introduction to Ms Sable Hunter's writing and work. I still remember that I wanted to start with the first book of the series and then move on from there.And I haven't looked back. It is still heart-warmingly beautiful.Like my first review of Cowboy Heat, this review of the sweeter [...]

    • Nicky says:

      One word comes to my mind Ridiculous. Honestly thats what I felt about the book, there were some sweet parts but the sex scenes and most of the dialogue was ridiculous Who talks like these characters do? It didnt feel real and there were too many ridiculously worded sex scenes Also winkie-- honestly? and that whole scene/scenes were completely ridiculous. This chick falls from a horse, hits her head on a fence post on the way down, is laying in a puddle of blood then just a couple of hours later [...]

    • Nicole-Pattypattz1 says:

      I read this very quickly off of my Kindle last night.(I was looking for another book and saw this onet to mention it was a free book.) It has romance, humor and realistic life situationst to mention Cowboys. LibbyakaLiberty Bell is such a selfless young lady, who despite her odds, and dealing with Cancer for the better part of her young life seems to be such an optimistic person and so giving. I love the immediate spark that takes place between her and Aron. He has been the literal love of her l [...]

    • Hbeebti says:

      This was a good book. It was entertaining. But man was it over the top cheesy. The pet names, it became annoying at times. But I did like the story line. Aron was a sexy cowboy that was the eldest MacCoys. Libby was very sweet and innocent. They hooked up within hours of meeting and fell in love right away. Overall this was a sweet, sexy book with annoying cheesiness at times.

    • Isobelle Cate says:

      '"They wanted what you and I have to be real""Tell them that it's real." He grew very still. She continued to speak. "For whatever time it lasts, it is real. That's no lie, not on my part anyway. I'm not pretending. I think you're the most wonderful man in the world, and I'm the luckiest woman to get to spend even one hour in your arms."."So tell them not to worry, while I'm here, I'll treasure you. And after I'm gone, you'll be so used to being loved, that you'll turn every cactus and rock upsi [...]

    • Paula Legate says:

      I really enjoyed this book. The story pulled me in, and pulled at my heart. Part of the story was emotional, and the other part was pure heated romance between Libby, and Aron. No one is promised tomorrow, and sometimes Miracles happen. Each day is a gift, It's up to us on how we use each day. Libby has been battling Leukemia for years. She has never been kissed, and has never had a boyfriend. Libby does read lots of books. All of her experience in the love department is knowledge she has gained [...]

    • Carrie says:

      Aron is the eldest of the McCoy boys, it's been four since he's been with a woman. He's been burned in the past by his ex-wife and he isn't looking for anything serious, in fact he isn't looking at all. Then he see's Libby standing in his kitchen, and he wants her, he wants her really bad. Libby has leukemia, she's been battling it for years, but good news she is now in remission and wants to go out and live her life for however long she has. She's read many erotic romance novels, and she wants [...]

    • Kath says:

      I was buzzing with excitement after just reading the prologue, where what i read made me laugh and shead a tears already. I just knew from then this was going to be one heck of a good book. Its been a real page turner, and kept me reading until the wee small hours.The story of a young women been given a reprieve from her illness, and not knowing for how long. She intends to grab life with both hands, live and love to the fullest. Taking a job for a few months to help look after a family of broth [...]

    • Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

      FREE TODAY on ! 7-12-13 LINK: amazon/Cowboy-Heat-Hel

    • Shari Kay says:

      Too many books in this series have tropes/actions/characters i wouldn't care for so skipping it all./review/show

    • Nuchchy says:

      Oh boy this book OH SO SWEET! 5+ stars!

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