Hide the Elephant

Hide the Elephant Forcefully retired zoo keeper Mick Munroe is hiding two BIG things Alzheimer s and a year old Indian elephant called Sinbad Mick and his elephant become overnight on the run anti hero legends when

  • Title: Hide the Elephant
  • Author: JonathanDunne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Forcefully retired zoo keeper Mick Munroe is hiding two BIG things Alzheimer s and a 42 year old Indian elephant called Sinbad Mick and his elephant become overnight on the run, anti hero legends when Mick, an old rebel with a cause, takes matters into his own hands The Alzheimer s brings Mick something very special an adventure he never thought possible with his dearForcefully retired zoo keeper Mick Munroe is hiding two BIG things Alzheimer s and a 42 year old Indian elephant called Sinbad Mick and his elephant become overnight on the run, anti hero legends when Mick, an old rebel with a cause, takes matters into his own hands The Alzheimer s brings Mick something very special an adventure he never thought possible with his dear old friend, Sinbad.
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    • Rebecca McNutt says:

      Hide the Elephant, when it comes out this late Winter, will give readers something that not many books can give. It's both a hilarious and also at times sad look at two best friends, an old zoo-keeper and his beloved elephant, as they find themselves on an adventure so crazy and out of control, that at times Mick tells himself that he is going crazy. Unfortunately Mick has Alzheimer's and it's just one of many things that stand between him and the freedom of Sinbad, his Indian elephant with a Sn [...]

    • Gearóid says:

      Very entertaining and really great fun!Lots of laugh out loud moments!I have read all of Jonathan's books now and they never fail go give multiple laughs!Mick Munroe(Aka) and Sinbad are legends!Highly recommend for great quirky fun!Great craic altogether!

    • Lolly K Dandeneau says:

      "I try to dig deep into my memory vault but my memory fault is all I find."Unlikely hero Mick Munroe, an elephant keeper for the Dublin Zoo, is devastated when the one thing left in his vanishing life is taken from him. Struggling to keep his Alzheimer’s diagnosis from his co-workers has become like hiding the elephant in the room, only in this tale- it's meant literally. Mick has been using his wife's passing as a means to garner much needed pity, though he loathes himself for it. Berating hi [...]

    • Lynne says:

      If you are looking for a quick, light read, this might be it. This mildly interesting story begins with Sinbad, the elephant, escaping one night when the zookeeper in charge of him, Mick, forgets to close the door of the elephant enclosure. When Mick's boss discovers that Mick has Alzheimer's, he is fired, but Mick isn't ready to give up yet. A few days (nights) later he escapes with Sinbad on an adventure across the Irish countryside. The ensuing exploits are both endearing and comical as the n [...]

    • britt_brooke says:

      Well, that was a fun little read! Quirky and funny, at times sad, but mostly happy. I particularly like how you, the reader, are a character. This wouldn't work in every book, but it works here. Such a delightfully weird journey!

    • Matt Wainwright says:

      I read this book on a suggestion of and I am extremely happy that I did. As soon as I started this book, I knew it would hit close to home, as my mom has early onset Alzheimer’s that was diagnosed when she was fifty-six. She is currently sixty-two and reading Mick Munroe candidly deal with his disease throughout the story made the crazy situations he was in seem all too real. As the memory fades, it clings to pictures, key places and sometimes faces. Sinbad the Elephant spent decades working [...]

    • Lori says:

      I would give this a 4.5. This is a very charming story. It is narrated by Mick an elderly man. Mick lives in Ireland and has worked at the Dublin Zoo for 45 years. He only job is working with the Elephants. His favorite is Sinbad, who has been there the whole time Mick has worked at the Zoo. Mick's wife has just died months ago. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease has tried to keep this a secret. When the Zoo finds out they fire Mick and hire and someone else to be the Elephant Keeper. Mic [...]

    • Inderpreet Singh says:

      It was like I read someone's diary and experienced a whole new way of reading a fictional novel, Mr.Dunne (Since you have mentioned me in numerous accounts throughout the novel as "reader", I must mention you once in this review :-)). The name 'Sinbad' for elephant is itself fascinating and quite famous here in India as a popular TV serial. The funniest part was when he did end up at police station on his own unknowingly due to Alzheimer's. Besides, Mick was very choosy for words that are accept [...]

    • Pamela Morton says:

      This was another great read from Jonathan Dunne. really enjoyed this book. Its a story about a man and his attachment to an elephant from being a zoo keeper and why he hides with the elephant is for a good reason. Can relate to why he does it and to add a bit excitement to his life. its a really touching story for anyone that knows about Alzheimers. Once again Jonathan has written a good one

    • Shannon Hewlett says:

      My favourite one yet of Jonathan Dunne's, I especially loved the mention of the previous stories although have discovered I accidentally missed one in the series. Obviously I'm rectifying that mistake immediately!

    • S.M. Nystoriak says:

      HIDE THE ELEPHANT by Jonathan Dunne: Expect The UnexpectedAny fan of Jonathan Dunne will come to expect certain things when he releases a new novel. They will expect to be entertained. They will expect to be startled at its many oddities. And they will expect a dark humor that only Jonathan Dunne can deliver. But if his new book has proven anything to me, it is that with Jonathan Dunne, the reader has to expect the unexpected.I am a fan of Mr. Dunne’s novel’s. I have been from the first mome [...]

    • Lina says:

      Alzheimer’s. A chronic neurodegenerative disease and a life changer. Mick Munroe, our hero, is affected by it and sees his whole life.wellange. A 60 year-old zoo-keeper, finds that he has to forcefully stay away from the trenches and his beloved elephant, the only creature dear to him after his wife passed away. In the first half of the book, we follow Mick as he wallows in self pity. He is practically an anti-hero, full of weaknesses and cowardice, one who hides behind his illness, excuses he [...]

    • Liselott says:

      What an amazing story to tell! It’s so witty and colourful it is stuck in my ‘memory vault’ now.Dunne touches subjects that are so close to our hearts in our everyday life that it doesn't feel strange at all picturing a loose elephant in the Irish countryside.This is a work of art that I will treasure for a long time. Bring us more Jon!

    • Ginny Stone says:

      I loved this book. It's a gentle little gem that covers a harsh, sad topic in a wonderfully humorous way.

    • Heather says:

      ***I received a proof-copy to read from the author. This did not influence my review.***I have read all of Mr. Dunne's books, and I believe this is his best one. His stylized writing is unique and fits perfectly with this tale. And what a tale it is!Mick is a widowed sixty-year-old man with stage 3 Alzheimer's. He has been taking care of elephants at the Dublin Zoo for his entire career, and has a close relationship with the oldest elephant, Sinbad. This is the starting point for an incredible j [...]

    • Grzegorz says:

      Reading this book was a personal experience for me - Jonathan Dunne has created a story I believe one of my close family could relate to mentally. Which obviously I don't often find in books.If I were to only look at elements like style, composition, character creation, developement and - definitely more fit for scientific text - use of parenthesis, his book would get 3 stars. Since it is a solid but still just a bit beyond average piece of art. However, what is the most important thing about ne [...]

    • Sonia Evans says:

      Such a fun, lighthearted read. The plight of an odd friendship dealing with large issues that do not weigh the reader down.

    • Cathy says:

      I loved it. So many emotions. ❤❤I am editing to add a little bit more to what I loved about it (I was half asleep last night when I originally wrote).Mick was a perfectly human character, he was flawed and wonderful. He made me laugh throughout the story. Just as I was starting to feel despondent at his situation he would say something to make me smile. Sinbad, what else can you say about Sinbad other than he is perfect. Elephants have my heart already but Sinbad may have a bigger chunk of i [...]

    • Kim Hannah says:

      Such a beautiful and touching story. A great read about mental illness, finding a purpose and journeying through life with the ones you love.Loved it.

    • Amber says:

      "I never thought I'd find so much so late."

    • Nina says:

      Thanking the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review his latest novel Hide the Elephant.I was stoked to finally getting to read one of his books, just wasn’t sure how to feel once I actually started. I was told to expect the unexpected, something funny. But on the other hand, I’m brought up not to laugh with people. The main character has Alzheimer’s… What was I supposed to do?!I decided to go with the flow and see where it would take me. It didn’t take me all that long [...]

    • Connie Anderson says:

      Thank you, Mr. Jonathan Dunne, for giving me a free copy of your book to read and give my honest review.I know it says that this is a humorous book. Not quite: it is a very emotional rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is about a 40 year veteran zoo keeper who takes care of elephants. After hiding his Alzheimer's disease from his employers for six months, he accidentally leaves the gate to the Elephant enclosure unlocked after work. Sinbad, the oldest elephant in Dublin's Zoo, makes an escape. Mi [...]

    • Barbara says:

      "No imaginary elephants or flies were harmed during the writing of this tale." :-)"And there is Sinbad. I see him standing on the bank of the stream. He's drinking water and spraying himself in a shower while his sheep-bell rings. A low fog coats the dewy countryside as the sun comes up over the hills to the west. This, Reader, is the memory I will lock away. It's romantic and majestic. And just to back it up, I take a photo, so I will cherish it forever." -- Mick the elephant keeper about his 4 [...]

    • Viktoriia Lastovets says:

      4.5 stars :-)This story is exquisitely and simultaneously joyful and sad. Love the plot and the ending of the story as well as the writing style of Jonathan Dune, it's immensely funny and easy to read :-)Recommended to every book-lover :-). Definitely you will be enjoy it and you will learn lots of things.

    • Shelly Sheehan says:

      Although the story is a bit unrealistic, it was a very sweet and an interesting look at Alzheimer's without being overly depressing.Written as a note/letter to the reader I thought it was a refreshing style.

    • Lindsay Nelson says:

      PoignantThis book was funny and sad at the same time. The premise is heartbreaking, but his attitude is heartwarming. Sinbad was awesome and I really enjoyed the story.

    • Mike Stack says:

      I loved this book very much. It was a sweet story, and I loved it so much I read it in a few hours. It was quite good and I am looking forward to reading more by this author. This is a real gem.

    • Sheila says:

      Loved this book!!!!!

    • Joanna Palmer says:

      Very good read. Kept me entertained from start to finish. I'm really enjoying this authors books.

    • Nikki says:

      I absolutely loved this book. It was so real and I wanted there to be more, but it really did all come to an end. I will miss all the people I met in this book, they had that much dimension.

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