Sleep then my Princess

Sleep then my Princess Sleep then My Princess is an emotional thriller set in Arizona While mourning the death of her husband Senior Tissue Engineer Stephani Robbins is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locke

  • Title: Sleep then my Princess
  • Author: O.N. Stefan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sleep then My Princess is an emotional thriller set in Arizona While mourning the death of her husband, Senior Tissue Engineer, Stephani Robbins, is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locked up in a chicken coop Meanwhile, someone is sending her creepy love poems, roses, and photos that have been taken without Stephani s knowledge As photos appear, the pSleep then My Princess is an emotional thriller set in Arizona While mourning the death of her husband, Senior Tissue Engineer, Stephani Robbins, is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locked up in a chicken coop Meanwhile, someone is sending her creepy love poems, roses, and photos that have been taken without Stephani s knowledge As photos appear, the police suspect that Stephani has hired someone to take these photos She before she can convince the police to take her seriously she is kidnapped While imprisoned she discovers why she has been having these visions and it is chilling than she ever imagined Can she make it out alive What some of my beta readers said Wow You ve got a thriller with a level of horrific reality here You take the reader inside a perverted serial killer s head and an innocent woman whose life has been ripped from her and whose present season of recovery is being trespassed You describe the love of an adoring niece for her mourning auntie and this connects the reader to the prologue and adds another level of emotion to this already captivating plot What a book I have to say wow because your writing style is so picturesque You show a every detail to plainly I was captured right away The showing is real and to telling, which is a top virtue in any real book The main character Stephanie has a sassy attitude underneath all of the hurt Her story is heart breaking and so deep I felt her agony This is a worthy read O.N Stefan, this one is so chilling and well written The villain jumps off the page at the reader and scare the bejeebers out of you You descriptions of the lab scene in the first chapter are right on and her getting the poem was quite spooky The conflict of the mother and Puddles was well done showing just the type of upbringing or lack of this man had High stars I think you have a great novel here The prologue is intense and urged me to keep reading, as well as setting the stage for when she discovers the pictures to give a sensation of malice Your voice is exciting and the dialogue is good It does seem formal at times, but that is to be expected when having highly educated characters I especially like your detailed descriptions and the use of medical terminology.
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    • Grant Leishman says:

      Sleep Then My Princess was a fast-paced thriller that had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next and to whom. Stefani was a successful, happily married scientist when her world fell apart. Her husband was killed in a car crash (one she blamed herself for) and her only son was left in a vegetative coma after the same accident. When the lab she was working for, in L.A. was burned down, she had no choice but to relocate to the Company's facility in Scottsdale Arizona.Try [...]

    • Carissa Lynch says:

      With the recent loss of her husband and plagues of terrible nightmares, Stephani Robbins has enough stress in her life. But then she acquires a creepy secret admirer. He's sending her strange photos and gifts. To make matters worse, the police don't believe her. In fact, they think she set the whole thing up and hired the guy to take the photos of her. But then the nightmare becomes a reality when she's captured by a seriously twisted individual. I don't want to give away anymore spoilers, but t [...]

    • C.N. says:

      This is the sort of book to make time to read without any interruptions. Yes, it is that good. Stephanie is trying to restart her life after an auto accident kills her husband and lands her small son in a coma. She has her career, but even then bad luck stalks her, making her relocate because her workplace burns down. While she is trying to settle in, a stalker begins to follow her around, leaving little messages, that escalate. I wasn't expecting the twists and turns that happened and I love it [...]

    • Johanna Craven says:

      This book made me tense right from the first paragraph. O.N. Stefan's stalker, Pud, is so well drawn that he created instant discomfort. I thought the scenes with his mother were very powerful as I could begin to understand how he came to be such a disturbed person. The book moves along at a steady pace and the writing is easy to read. There were several things I weren't expecting to happen- I particularly liked the way the prologue tied into the main story. I had a little trouble keeping track [...]

    • Jason Latshaw says:

      Tautly constructed, raw and visceral, this story is an emotional pulse-pounding thriller that you won't want to miss. In some ways it'll remind you of Stephen King's MISERY, though by no means in a derivative way. You feel the main character's horror so much that if you're prone to paranoia or overly sensitive you may want to avoid this one! Oh, and that ending I don't want to give any spoilers, but you'll definitely be glad you read until the conclusion.

    • Lucinda Clarke says:

      GREAT READI really enjoyed this book. It was one of those which had me hooked form the moment I started it. I was kept guessing for the first third, but even when the villain was revealed it did not spoil the story. The structure was excellent the characters realistic and it flowed smoothly along at a good pace. I liked the courage shown by the flawed heroine and it all dovetailed neatly at the end with no loose threads. Recommended.

    • bonnie kirchner says:

      Sleep then my PrincessThis was a great thriller . I highly recommend this book. I could not put this book down. I read it in one day. Great story. A must read.

    • Notes From 'Round the Bend says:

      his review will be short and sweet, as I have nothing positive to say about this train wreck of a novel. The first red flag should have been when the author chose to include “What some of my beta readers have said” in the novel description. That’s an amateur move if I’ve ever seen one and it made me cringe before I’d even started reading. “Sleep Then My Princess” was slow, rambling, poorly thought out, badly written, and clearly unedited. In fact, I’d be surprised if it was given [...]

    • Diana Febry says:

      If you like really creepy thrillers then check this one out. If it was a film you'd watch parts through your fingers shouting, "No, don't trust that guy!"Stefani is trying to re-build her life after a series of life-changing disasters in her life. Considering what she has been through her reliance on alchol at times is hardly surprising. The last thing she needs is a secret admirer leaving her intimate love poems and stalking her. I won't say anymore and ruin the story for future readers, other [...]

    • Marinda says:

      What do you do when you lose your husband, your son is in a coma, and the company you work for burns to the ground ? If you're Stephani Robbins you move to Arizona with the hope of starting a new life. Great idea in theory but instead Stephani picks up a stalker and starts having visions of a child trapped in a chicken coop. She's not sure if she's losing her mind especially after she goes to the police and they think she's making it all up. When she tries to get more evidence on the stalker she [...]

    • Alathia Morgan says:

      This thriller about engineer, Stephani Robbins, who is plagued by a someone in love with her, is simply amazing.Receiving roses, poems and pictures of her whereabouts at all hours, she is convinced this person is trying to harm her. The dreams-nightmares seem familiar, but Stephani can't be certain if these are from her past or if her subconscious is trying to tell her something. A disturbing message warning her of a man watching her movements, leaves Stephani scared and straight into her stalke [...]

    • Ronesa Aveela says:

      Stephani attracts a lot of attention from several men wanting a relationship with her. There are two problems with that: she is still grieving the death of her husband and two of those men are stalkers. One stalker is just creepy while the other one is deranged and dangerous and will stop at nothing to make his "Princess" his own.The beginning starts out a little slow while building the intensity of the stalking, but a quarter of the way through the story picks up and I didn't want to put it dow [...]

    • Beth Hale says:

      How creepy it must be to know someone is watching you. How terrifying it must be to know that the police doesn't believe you and you're on your own.That is the situation grieving widow Stephani Robbins finds herself in.This book has a great storyline, relatable characters, and lots of "wow" moments. In my opinion, the pacing was a bit off and there were a lot of unnecessary lab scenes. Other than that, it is an enjoyable thriller.

    • Edith English says:

      UnfavorableI chose 1 star because: The book seems to have been written by an amateur. Not only was the writing poor, there were numerous grammatical mistakes throughout, as though it wasn't proofread. It was also inconsistent with the name Stephanie and Stefani. I will certainly not recommend this book.

    • Rochelle says:

      1.5*Great plot, shitty dialogue and situations. This could have been great but it read like a cliche trying to tick all the points but still falling short. I really wanted to like this but it was just bleh

    • bonniea f bates says:

      Good twistA little bit more sexual innuendo that did not necessarily enhance the story. But a good read. Nice plot throughout.

    • Erin L Downing says:

      Terrible!I'm not sure how I finished this. It was a rambling, cheesy mess. I didn't care what happened to any of the characters by the end

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