Shallow End

Shallow End Still waters run deep Teacher mother wife and convicted child molester Jane Thompson makes parole after losing everything her husband her children her career and her reputation But just as she b

  • Title: Shallow End
  • Author: Brenda Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781459735118
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
  • Still waters run deep.Teacher, mother, wife, and convicted child molester Jane Thompson makes parole after losing everything her husband, her children, her career, and her reputation But just as she begins trying to build a life out of the public eye, the bludgeoned body of the student she abused four years earlier is found on the shores of Lake Ontario Sergeant RouleaStill waters run deep.Teacher, mother, wife, and convicted child molester Jane Thompson makes parole after losing everything her husband, her children, her career, and her reputation But just as she begins trying to build a life out of the public eye, the bludgeoned body of the student she abused four years earlier is found on the shores of Lake Ontario Sergeant Rouleau assigns officers Stonechild and Gundersund to head up the murder investigation and Jane quickly becomes their prime suspect.Meanwhile, Stonechild s niece, Dawn, has been skipping school and running into trouble in foster care Gundersund is trapped than ever in his failing marriage, and Rouleau struggles to come to terms with the death of his ex wife But all their problems take a back seat as the investigation picks up steam Stonechild and Gundersund wade through buried secrets to find the truth, which will take them on a twisted journey to the heart of cruelty The question is who will come out alive on the other side
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    • Sandy says:

      Jane Thompson used to have it all…auty, a handsome husband, 2 great kids & a rewarding teaching career. Now she lives alone in a tiny damp flat, sneaking out the back to dodge reporters on her way to work at the Salvation Army. Her new “career” is courtesy of an early release program. Four years ago, Jane was charged with the sexual assault of one of her students. In short order, she was convicted, imprisoned & divorced. All she lives for now is a chance to see the kids but her ex [...]

    • Sue says:

      Sometimes it appears there is true evil in the world.Another excellent mystery in this series, which has the police and the reader looking down many paths for a solution. The story could be ripped from the headlines of AnyTowne tale of a teacher developing an inappropriate relationship with a student. But this goes beyond the headlines, to after a sentence has been served, then--murder.Jane Thompson is paroled after serving part of her sentence for abusing a middle school student four years befo [...]

    • Carol -Reading Writing and Riesling says:

      This author just keeps getting better! My View:This is another remarkable read in the Stonechild and Rouleau mystery series – and believe me this author just gets better and better! Our favourite characters are back tackling a murder that some have already decided is an open and shut case – and nothing could be further from the truth. This author spins a sticky tale – there are so many twists and turns, false starts and misdirection’s you will likely end up dizzy, caught in a web of intr [...]

    • Amanda Jane says:

      Review to come

    • Karen says:

      shallow End (Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery, #4)I think the author wrote this book with the idea of illuminating How a life can be forever altered if allegations are made against any adult that gets accused of having sex with a child. Even if you are innocent your life is never the same. Life becomes before the allegations are made or after the allegations are made. The accused life will always be tainted even if the sexually abused and witnesses later say that the event never occurred.In this s [...]

    • Yellagirlgc says:

      4.5I wish I already had another Stonechild and Rouleau mystery to read. There has been several female teachers arrested for having sex with students in the last few years. Evil comes in many shapes, sizes, races, genders and the list goes on. For some reason it's easier to believe evil people should be ugly. Their outsides should match their insides but that's not the case. That would make evil people easy to spot. Jane, Charlie, Sophie, Ben, Olivia and so many others lives were changed after Ja [...]

    • Michelle Only Wants to Read says:

      3.5 This was a very entertaining mystery/detective story. I wish I would've paid more attention when I requested it and realized it was book 4 in a series. The story development is at excellent pace, and the twists and turns of the story were to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, it was hard to completely grasp the whole set of characters as it does not serve well as a stand-alone novel. Even though the author does an effort to catch up the reader who may not know the history behind the characters [...]

    • Debbie says:

      This was my second book in this series and I am really liking it. This one dealt with a teacher, Jane, who just got out of jail for having had sexual relations with her 12 year old student, Devon Eton. She was sentenced to three years, but only served two as she pled guilty and they minimized her sentence. Of course, she was married and lost her husband and two children during this time, as well. Either the day of or the day after, Jane, gets out of jail, the Devon Eton is found dead near the wa [...]

    • Jen says:

      Shallow End by Brenda Chapman is the latest in the Stonechild & Rouleau series set in Kingston, Ontario. Chapman's previous plots have taken inspiration from current problems that beset society, and Shallow End is no different. Chapman, a former special education teacher, was at a special development day when a young teacher told about false accusations against him by two young women. Although the girls eventually confessed that they were lying, the damage to the man's life and marriage was [...]

    • Cheryl Harrington says:

      It's SO good to be back in Kingston with Stonechild, Rouleau, Gundersund and the rest - I've been impatiently waiting for SHALLOW END since devouring the third book in the series last summer. This time the murder of a teenage boy draws the Kingston investigators into the disturbing aftermath of a crime pulled from real world headlines. Jane, a gifted teacher and mother who seemed to have it all, was convicted of the unthinkable: a sexual affair with one of her young students. Two years later, Ja [...]

    • Autumn says:

      I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. fallenoverbookreviewsspoSo I read the blurb and was like you know this book sounds right up my alley of reading, I need to give it a try. When I went onto I noticed in the title it said book four and that concerned me as would I be missing out on things that I need to know? Well I can say the book can be read as a stand alone though it seems that some issues that some characters have going on, are in the previous books. With that said [...]

    • Eustacia Tan says:

      Started and finished this book in a day because I was extremely eager to see how it turned out (and by the way, I did not manage to guess who the real killer was).Shallow End starts with the death of Devon, a teenage boy. What makes Devon "special" is that a few years ago, he was involved in a case where his teacher was accused of sexually assaulting him. That teacher, Jane, got out of prison a month ago, so she's obviously the top suspect. But can Jane, who seems to want nothing more than to se [...]

    • Philip says:

      WOW! Without any doubt this is most definitely the best yet in this great series and is one of the best books I've read this year. I am very stingy with 5 star ratings but I honestly couldn't find any real reason to downrate this story. The usual good guys, Stonechild, Rouleau and Gundersund are all back and in great form and all still juggling their personal problems along with the police work. It's good to have Bennett back and I hope Rouleau has some plan to protect him from the resident a*ho [...]

    • Heidi says:

      Five years ago, Jane Thompson, wife and mother of two, lost everything she held dear when she was convicted of sexually abusing one of her students, 12-year-old Devon Eton. Now, having served her prison sentence, she is out on parole, trying to get her life back together and fighting to get access to her kids, who are living with her ex-husband and his new partner. Living in a shabby flat and working as an unskilled shop assistant to make ends meet and comply with the conditions of her parole, h [...]

    • Susan says:

      Convicted child molester and ex-teacher Jane Thompson has been released from prison. But within one month the child she molested has been found murdered on the shores of Lake Ontario.When Sergeant Rouleau appoints officers Stonechild and Gundersund to the enquiry Thompson becomes their prime suspect.An interesting and twisty mystery, with time spent on the development of these original characters. This is the fourth in the series but can easily be read as a stand-alone book. Though I hope to go [...]

    • Kendra says:

      Enthralling mystery. I love the many viewpoints that add suspense and intrigue as you try to figure out whodunit!

    • Breakaway Reviewers says:

      Fourth time’s a charm for this detective novelI thoroughly enjoyed reading the fourth Kala Stonechild mystery and will make a point of reading the first three novels in the series. Kala Stonechild is the first female First Nations detective in Canadian crime fiction so kudos to the writer for this breakthrough.The story is set in Kingston, Ontario in Canada and the discovery of the body of a young man sets the scene for the murder investigation. The victim turns out to be sixteen year old Devo [...]

    • Amy's Book Reviews says:

      I received a complimentary copy of SHALLOW END from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.JANE Thompson lost her husband, children and freedom when she raped one of her students. Now out of prison, the body of the boy she abused is found floating in the lake and the investigation beginsALLOW END is the fourth book in a series by Brenda Chapman featuring Stonechild and Gundersund. Having not read the previous three, I felt at a disadvantage following the detectives backstories and was more i [...]

    • Margaret Bryant says:

      Tricky and twisted -- a good addition to this series.

    • Wisteriouswoman says:

      I love this author! I read the first 3 as a bundle eBook from on my new Kindle Fire 7. It's a really good idea to read the series in order. As soon as I finished the 3rd book I decided I just had to know more about Stonechild and bought Shallow End as an eBook too. This definitely is not a stand alone book since there is too much of a backstory related to why her 'niece' was living with her in the 3rd book and who her mother is in the first book. And all the details in between.What I like about [...]

    • Judith Kalil says:

      The latest instalment of this series does not disappoint. Each year, I look forward to reading one of the Stonechild and Rouleau mysteries because they are darn enjoyable. First of all, they are cleverly written and the plot rolls along at a good clip with colourful characters, some of whom are familiar to regular readers of the series. I am always curious to see what is going on with the usual gang, especially Kala, Dawn and Taiku. That does not mean that these can't be read as one-offs, each b [...]

    • Kathleen Gray says:

      This is a well written procedural with lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing about Jane, who certainly looks guilty at the start. Stonechild and Gundersund (and Rouleau) make a great team. I'd not read the first books in the series and this might have missed some nuance but I think the back stories were explained well enough and the plot for this one contained enough that it's good as a standalone. Kala and Paul's personal lives are wholly believable In their complexity, as is poo [...]

    • Frances says:

      This is the fourth book in a great mystery series, set initially in Ottawa and now Kingston, Canada. The mystery itself is compelling, and the recurring characters-all detectives in the homicide squad-are well-written and engaging-we see their relationships with each other and with their families develop over the course of the series, and I'm looking forward to the fifth book! If you're interested (and you should be), do read the books in order for maximum enjoyment.

    • Carole says:

      This series keeps getting better and better. As far as I know, it is the only mystery series featuring a female Indigenous detective and this adds a very interesting layer to the novels. The stories themselves are fairly standard but well-crafted whodunits though the author often includes, as she did in this one, plot points which have relevance to current social issues.

    • Sandy says:

      This novel was a huge disappointment for me. Perhaps it was because it was the fourth book in the series and I hadn’t read any of the previous novels leading up to this one so I wasn’t up-to-date with all the characters and their relationships but this novel was boring for me until the very end. With no clues to help the team after the initial case, they had nothing to focus on which lead them to reexam the same individuals over and over again, hoping that it would lead to something. I was i [...]

    • Meaghan says:

      Another great affront by ChapmanI thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lots of twists. Love how she tells the story to keep a reader interested. I can engage with these characters and can't wait to read her next book.

    • M. says:

      Un-put-downable! This book, 4th in the series, is as good as the rest and as good as a mystery gets.

    • Shonna Froebel says:


    • Veronica says:

      This is a fantastic novel with its usual cast of superb characters and a plot that unfolds with twists and turns. I couldn't put this book down. Really enjoyed the story!

    • Janet Berkman says:

      Another great mystery in this series. I read it pretty much in one sitting during the #24in48 readathon and look forward to the next of Ms Chapman's novels.

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