Ignite Lina McArthur has spent her life in Marietta Montana in the shadow of her doctor father But now that she s finally broken free and moved away she is determined to figure out who she is out of her s

  • Title: Ignite
  • Author: Nicole Helm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lina McArthur has spent her life in Marietta, Montana, in the shadow of her doctor father But now that she s finally broken free and moved away, she is determined to figure out who she is out of her scrubs Then she meets the first man to ever tempt her to let him take them off Dean Ace Clark has been on the run from a troubled and tragic past When a work related injuLina McArthur has spent her life in Marietta, Montana, in the shadow of her doctor father But now that she s finally broken free and moved away, she is determined to figure out who she is out of her scrubs Then she meets the first man to ever tempt her to let him take them off Dean Ace Clark has been on the run from a troubled and tragic past When a work related injury sends the smoke jumper to the hospital, his wounds are tended by the beautiful Dr McArthur Just one problem He knows the McArthur name, and she s connected to the past he desperately wants to stay one step ahead of Ace has never been afraid to jump into a dangerous situation, but falling for Lina might just be the biggest leap of courage he s ever faced
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    • Wendy'sThoughts says:

      3.5 Coming Out of Hiding Stars * * * 1/2Spoiler FreeThis series likes to take situations which can mirror what each person is hidingIn this entry, we have two people who have tried to run away from where they could never get out of the shadows or assumptions of other people. Lina McArthur grew up in Marietta, Montana as the daughter of the "end all, be all" Doctor everyone admired. She did follow into the medical field, became a doctor as well but she never was able to be seen as Lina, the perso [...]

    • Christine~justlovemybooks.com blog~ says:

      "Ignite" by Nicole Helm is book 3 in the Firefighters of Montana series and can be read as a standalone. This novel is the story of Dean "Ace" Clark, a Smokejumper firefighter and Lina McArthur, a doctor. First let me say that I really love this series. The heroes are rugged, alpha and sexy and I like the heroines as well because they are smart and not flighty. Even though the five book series is written by different authors, I can honestly say the writing from book to book flowed perfectly maki [...]

    • Helen says:

      I am loving this series and this one is a fabulous addition to them we have met Ace Clark in the first two books he is a cocky one strong and good at his job as a smokejumper but I had the feeling that he had a secret and now it is going to be uncovered in such a great story sit back and enjoy.Dr Lina McArthur has moved to Kalispell to start a new life get out from under her father's shadow she is quiet a loner a very good Doctor and very innocent in so many ways she has one very close girlfrien [...]

    • Maria says:

      "Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"The intense focus on the two lead characters shows Nicole Helm’s craft creating strong, believable characters and emotionally complex stories. The author limits the action almost completely to her main characters and what a powerful portrayal is conveyed of two beautiful and damaged people, connecting in the most unexpected way.This book is not very long but I really enjoyed it, I love Nicole Helm’s stories. This apparently unlik [...]

    • Dawn says:

      Lina gets away from her past in a new job however comes across a patient who is connected to her past and touches her heart. Ace and Lina work to find a future together. 3rd book in Montana firefighters series that keeps the reader turning pages. Am enjoying my visit back to Montana.Ebook from net galley and publishers with thanks. Opinions entirely my own.

    • Tami says:

      3.5Nice contemporary romance.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

    • Book Lover says:

      I’m not even sure where to begin. This book was irritating. I couldn’t even remember the two main characters names to start the review. I had to go back and look.Lina McArthur is an Emergency Room doctor in a fairly small town. She moved from an even smaller town to escape her family. Her dad is a doctor in that small town and her family name gave her privileges, wealth and an elitist, arrogant attitude. It also kept anyone from asking her out. Ace Clark is a smoke jumper. He ran away from h [...]

    • A Klue says:

      If you enjoy being inside the heads of the main couple in your romantic read, you will surely love this one, folks. But be prepared for lots of internal back and forth, conflicted monologues that hash and rehash pretty much every aspect of their lives. From their past, how they think others perceive them, how they view themselves, should they be doing what they are doing, and, of course, the big secret that is like a self-imposed brick wall between them that is sooner rather than later going to [...]

    • Cheryl Sanders says:

      4.5 StarsI am loving these firefighters! This is book 3 in The Firefighters of Montana series and it features Ace Clark and Lina McArthur. This book was written a little different than the first two in this series. Ace's firefighting job is not the base of this story line. It played quietly in the background while his past crept into his present. Lina is a great character. She was strong and she knew the only way to find herself was to move away from her overpowering family. This story was about [...]

    • Jennifer F says:

      I enjoyed this novel. It had a really great plot line with Ace and Lina realizing what they have in each other,she is a doctor who treats Ace and realizes he isn't who he pretends to be, and Ace realizes he needs to stop running from his broken foster home past and make up with the future. These are short and sweet novels from authors regarding fire jumpers in Montana that have become a family, that deal with emotions and HEA's

    • Sue says:

      In Ignite by Nicole Helm, Ace is a smoke jumper who unexpectedly runs into his pasta past he ran from and has stayed away from. Lina is the Dr. who treats an injured Ace, a man who seems so familiar to her. Both of them left Marietta, Montana for different reasons, but Ace is determined to stay away and not be found. Lina is sure she knows him from her past, and the attraction she feels towards him is only one of the reasons she wants to get to know him better in her present world. The attractio [...]

    • Emma says:

      Ignite by Nicole Helm (Firefighters of Montana Book 3) by Nicole Helm Lina McArthur has spent her life in Marietta, Montana, in the shadow of her doctor father. But now that she’s finally broken free and moved away, she is determined to figure out who she is out of her scrubs. Then she meets the first man to ever tempt her to let him take them off…Dean “Ace” Clark has been on the run from a troubled and tragic past. When a work-related injury sends the smoke jumper to the hospital, his w [...]

    • Rosie says:

      Happy to be starting at a new hospital, Dr. Lina McArthur finds herself with a stubborn patient. Injured smokejumper, Firefighter Ace Clark has been stitched up, has a concussion and is fast becoming impatient with the amount of medical staff at Kalispell Regional Hospital, Montana, who’d asked him questions about his injuries. After venting his anger at Lina, he panics when he realizes that he somehow knew her, having met her a long time ago whilst in foster care. Lina is equally in shock whe [...]

    • BookSnuggle says:

      "Ignite" is a beautiful, sweet, and passionate story. You will be hooked from the start to finish. Both Ace and Lina have portrayed themselves differently that who and how they feel. In this story you discover the real Ace and Lina."Ignite" by Nicole Helm Is book number three in the "Firefighters of Montana" series. This is Dr. Lina McArthur and smokejumper, Dean "Ace" Clark's story.Lina has moved to Kalispell to escape being under the shadow of her father who is also a doctor. She wants to expe [...]

    • Eileen says:

      This series keeps getting better with each book. The series might be about firefighters/smokejumpers but its also about relationships. and not just between a man and a woman. It also about a friendship. Lina started her life over when she moved away from her hometown. she meets a patient in the ER and discovers that this man might be her good friend's missing brother. she is going to find a way to get to the truth. once she does she doesnt want to know if she is right. Dean 'Ace' Clark has been [...]

    • Kerry Croucier says:

      Dr. Lina MacArthur spent her life trying to impress her father and live up to the MacArthur name in Marietta. When she decides that it is time to live her life for herself, she finds a position in Kalispell and starts to find things that make her happy. The last thing she expected was to find her best friend and sister-in-law's long lost brother.Ace Clark left Marietta as a teen, hoping to give his sister a chance at a better life. He has finally found his place and started to settle down with h [...]

    • Janine says:

      Smoking hot firefighters. Need I say more?When Dean "Ace" Clark ends up in Kalispell Hospital's emergency room after a jump goes wrong, he discovers the doctor to be none other than his sister's best friend Lina McArthur. He couldn’t let Lina know who he really is. He didn’t want to interfere with his sister’s life. Ten years ago, Ace left Marietta and never looked back. He wanted Jess to have a good life without his troubled past overshadowing her. He has created a whole new life for hims [...]

    • Ash P Reads says:

      This was a really great love story. 2 people running away from their pasts and choosing to ignore the truth about each other so that they could find love in each other's arms. Lina McArthur has lived all her life overshadowed by the McArthur name. Trying to make a name of her own she leave Marietta to move to Glacier Creek where as an ER doctor, she has an encounter with Ace Clark. Only his name and face rings familiar bells. Ace has reinvented himself. He's left the notorious Dean Clark behind [...]

    • Rachael says:

      Ace Clark and Lina McArthur are trying to escape their pasts. Ace has successfully reinvented himself after his troubled youth and has left his past behind. Lina moved to Kalispell to get out of the shadows of the McArthur name. When Ace recognizes Lina's last name at the hospital, he knows that he should stay away from her because she is definitely linked to the past that he has avoided for 10 years. Despite their best efforts to deny the chemistry between them, passion ignites. Lina and Ace we [...]

    • Heidi Pergolski says:

      Dean “Ace” Clark is a smokejumper in Kalispell. He ends up in the ER with a concussion due to an accident during one of their jumps. Upon recognizing the doctor’s name, all he wants to do is get out of there and quick! Lina McArthur is the doctor who examines Ace. One look at his last name and Lina thinks she knows him. Will this chance encounter change their lives for the good or dredge up a past that both are trying to escape?I quite enjoyed this book! I love how these stories are entwin [...]

    • Julia David says:

      Lina had grown up under her father's shadow. She decided she needed to leave her hometown and get out on her own to find herself. She is a doctor and sees a patient that had the last name of her best friend. Her friend has been looking for her brother for years. Ace left his old life behind and decided it was best for his sister if she never sees him again. He recognizes the doctor's last name and assures her that he is not the guy she is looking for. He wants to be that guy, but knows it is bes [...]

    • Shelagh says:

      By the time I reached the end of this story I was in tears. Ignite is the third in the Firefighters of Montana series and pairs Dr Lina McArthur with smokejumper Ace Clark. Both have a shared past in the form of Jess, Lina's best friend and Ace's sister, a sister he ran away from ten years ago when they were both foster children. While I kept wanting to hit Ace over the head and tell him to man up and face his past, I could understand why he and Lina pretended she didn't know who he really was.I [...]

    • Bette Hansen says:

      Excellent read! Ace Clark ran as far and as fast as he could from a troubled past. Fearful that his bad reputation would risk the place in the foster home his sister Jess was so happy in wanted to get away and give her a chance at happiness. Now years later it looks like his past has caught up to him. An injury doing his job as a smoke jumper sends him to the hospital. There he is treated by the gorgeous Dr. McArthur. She's from the very family he ran from all those years ago. Falling for her co [...]

    • Paula Pugh says:

      Lina McArthur came to Kalispell Regional Hospital to escape the legacy of the McArthur family in Marietta and work as an ER doctor without the giant shadow of her doctor father. No one would know her there and she could thrive and just be Lina. Ace Clark ran away from the foster family the McArthurs were to him and his sister. He knew his bad reputation would ruin his sister, Jess’, chance at a normal life with them. Now, he is face to face with his past as Dean Clark when brought into the Kal [...]

    • Jean says:

      This was an emotional story. Ace is running from his past, his childhood, and his sister Jess. All because he felt like he was holding her back and was the black cloud to their lives. Lina is a doctor who is also kind of running from her family, at least her family name. She wanted to branch out and stand on her own, and she happens to be friends with Jess.A chance meeting in the ER sets the wheel spinning on an emotional rollercoster as Lina begins to break out of her shell and Ace starts to le [...]

    • Shari says:

      Another great addition to the Firefighters of Montana. loving the smoke jumpers!! Injured smoke jumper, Dean "Ace" is being treated by Dr Lina when she recognizes something familiar. Could it be her best friend's brother. Ace has tried to run from his past, but now it might have just caught up with him. They both have pasts that they need to overcome to have a future in their romance. Can they both break out of their protective shells. Loved this story, great characters and flow of the book. I h [...]

    • Laura D says:

      Ace started his life over outside of Marietta years ago. So far he has not had any problems keeping his identity a secret. All of that is threatened when he hears a name from the past. After a work injury he is patched up by none other than his sister's best friend. He has not talked to his sister since he left, for her own good, years ago. Lina left Marietta to get out of her doctor father's shadow. Can she stop questioning Aces true identity long enough t get to know him? Great addition to the [...]

    • Christine says:

      I liked this story and thought it was a good addition to the series. I would have liked to read a little about previous characters, to tie the series more together but otherwise a good story. Lena is working at the ER when she thinks she has stumbled across her best friends brother, who has been gone for over 10 years. Ace has tried to put that part of his life in the past. Together they will find a new way to move forward.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    • Donna Mcaleer says:

      IgniteLoving this Firefighters of Montana series and this is my favorite story so far. Loved the characters, Ace and Lina and I loved their live story. My only complaint is that it is finished and I am hoping that I will see mine if them in one if the stories to follow. This was such a romantic love story, I just loved it. Highly recommend this book and the series, you really have to read them all, they are just that good!

    • Kristy Loftis says:

      Smokejumper Ace Clark and Dr. Lina McArthur both have ties to Marietta Montana. Ace ran from Montana as a teenager thinking he was protecting his sister. When Ace is injured at work he lands himself in the er and face to face with Lina. Lina tracks Ace down thinking she can flirt with him to learn his true identity. Can the two move forward or will there pasts destroy them? I really liked this book! Ace and Lina challenge one another and just seem to fit together.

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