Lovers and Liars

Lovers and Liars AMAZING I was hooked to my kindle from page one and could not put it down until the very end WOW I needed to know who done it I truly loved this book This is def a Must Read Steph and Chris s Boo

  • Title: Lovers and Liars
  • Author: Nigel May
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AMAZING I was hooked to my kindle from page one and could not put it down until the very end WOW I needed to know who done it I truly loved this book This is def a 2016 Must Read Steph and Chris s Book ReviewWelcome to the Velvet Hotel Barbados where money and sex go hand in hand with murder.When millionaire playboy Sheridan Rivers is found dead at h AMAZING I was hooked to my kindle from page one and could not put it down until the very end WOW I needed to know who done it I truly loved this book This is def a 2016 Must Read Steph and Chris s Book ReviewWelcome to the Velvet Hotel Barbados where money and sex go hand in hand with murder.When millionaire playboy Sheridan Rivers is found dead at his luxurious hotel on the paradise island of Barbados, there are several suspects in the frame Sutton Sheridan s long suffering wife was permanently pushed aside for his younger lovers Was it time for her to make a stand Kassidy Sheridan s assistant longs to be wealthy in her own right Employed for her sexual and organisational skills, could she have had her eyes on a bigger prize Nikki Sheridan s oldest daughter has done something really bad that her dad has discovered What price will she pay to keep his silence Heather The apple of her father, Sheridan s, eye But she blames him for a terrible tragedy that turned her world upside down Is the time ripe for revenge Four women, each with a cross to bear all waiting for the perfect moment to get evenThis summer, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and escape with the elite to the golden beaches of Barbados for a sexy, scandalous romp that you won t be able to put down Read what everyone s saying about Lovers and Liars Just freaking awesome I really can t praise this book enough, and like the Velvet Hotels it features, It needs 6 stars, but I can only give 5, so it s got to be 5 Big fat huge golden stars I Love Reading Simply amazing and reminiscent of losing myself in many a Jackie Collins novel The scandal, the intrigue, the bitching, the gossip oh how I love it so I defy anyone not to enjoy this 5 from me The Ferris Conspiracy Brilliant An absolute page turner full of twists and turns that keeps you guessing, superb characters, steamy scenes a perfect holiday read I enjoyed every bit of it Reviewer I raced through this book I was constantly guessing as to who committed the murder and was surprised when it was finally revealed in the end Didn t see that one coming Fluff Smut and Murder Wickedly entertaining, outrageously sexy, and positively captivating characters you will love and characters you will love to hate my new guilty pleasure What s Better than Books Praise for Nigel May LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED this book seriously exceeded all my expectations and then some Book Addict Shaun Hooked me from the first few pages Unputdownable Rachel s Random Reads Oh my gosh perfect Couldn t put this book down.
    • ✓ Lovers and Liars || Ð PDF Read by Æ Nigel May
      149 Nigel May
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    • Best Crime Books & More says:

      Well another Nigel May book an another corker of a read. It's packed to the rafters with Glamour, murder, sex, more sec, infidelity, skulduggerye list goes on! When I started to read this book I was a bit worried as there seemed to be so MANY characters. Actually by chapter 3 all the mundane duties such as housework, dinner and a bath had gone out the window. What at first seemed like a character overload ended up being just perfect. Sheridan Rivers is smack bang in the middle of every thread in [...]

    • Book Addict Shaun says:

      It's no secret that I absolutely love Nigel May's books and they have very quickly became some of my most anticipated books of the year. Lovers and Liars was a book I was more excited about than most because of the most amazing letter that I received from Nigel a couple of months ago (more on that later!). I do love a good bonkbuster and the tag of the male Jackie Collins has never been more true than with this book because Nigel really is the king of having everything in his novels. They transc [...]

    • Vicki - I Love Reading says:

      absolutely bloody brilliant.

    • Martin says:

      Here’s the lowdown on how to write a super sleazy noveleaze-factor/2016

    • Laura says:

      It's no secret that I am a massive Nigel May fan since discovering him last year with his novel Scandalous Lies. which you can read my review of here. I immediately went and brought his two previously published novels, Trinity and Addicted, but as often with book bloggers and reviewers, there are always new books being published and so these are sat waiting patiently on my TBR - Sorry Nigel!After Scandalous Lies came Deadly Obsession, in which you can read my review of here, again I loved this b [...]

    • Joanne Robertson says:

      Oh my days! Why have I only just discovered Nigel May? Where has he been hiding? Although I have a fair idea that he has been relaxing on a sunlounger somewhere hot with an ice cold cocktail in his hand….which is exactly where I wanted to be whilst I was reading this hot, sexy, bonkbuster! If you are off on your holidays soon then you need to download this to take with you and, to be honest, if you haven’t read anything by Nigel before, you may as well pack all of his books as I have a feeli [...]

    • Shell Baker says:

      First of all I have to say what a shock and lovely surprise it was to find out Nigel put me in the acknowledgements in Lovers And Liars. A massive thank you to you Nigel I am over the moon. Lovers and Liars is the second novel I have read by Nigel May which I absolutely freaking loved!!! This is one hell of a sexy crime story. Nigel is definitely lives up to his tag name bonkbuster with this story. This story is very steamy with the element of crime woven in.So we start off with one exciting pro [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      Unfortunately, this book did not hold my interest and I am unable to finish it. Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this opportunity.

    • Karen says:

      I'm not sure how I made it this far in life without reading any books written by Nigel May, but I am so happy that I finally found out about late than never! Lovers and Liars, written by Nigel May, is a truly awesome book!! This book has a bit of everything in itamour, sex, romance, mystery, and of course, humor. Sheridan Rivers, millionaire playboy, has screwed over many people, so nobody is truly surprised when he ends up dead at his hotel in Barbados. Four women in particular have good [...]

    • Kath says:

      I have read and loved every one of this author's books. Not one for this genre usually but there is something about the way he writes the most amazingly big characters that makes this, for me, my guilty pleasure genre!We start at the end with Sheridan Rivers being murdered. We then rewind a few months and read about what happened in the lead up to this death. We follow his wife, his two children, his PA, and a young boxer and his manager as their lives intertwine and intersect on their way to th [...]

    • Rachel Gilbey says:

      My king of the bonkbuster is back with Lovers and Liars, and its whole host of jetsetting locations and scandalous scenes. The sex is hotter and kinkier than ever before, so if you are slightly squeamish about lots of raunch, then you may struggle with this book. I was hooked the second I read the prologue and wanted to know just who it was that kills Sheridan Rivers. As the book progresses you are given the last 6 months of his life, as well as all of the potential suspects. I found though afte [...]

    • Steph Lawrence says:

      I loved this book.I wanted to be there in Barbados, or even Crete or Toronto.There’s crime, but no grime.Sutton was my favourite character. So glamorous. Absolutely beautiful, but didn’t think she was. And she loved her family so much. I liked the look in to her past. Her grandmother was ace!Sheridan was not a likeable man, but a very successful one. He pissed off a lot of people.I loved Heather, a nice kind soul. Not affected by all the riches of the family.Nikki was fun too, but got into s [...]

    • Amy says:

      Full review on novelgossipNigel May has been often compared to Jackie Collins, who I absolutely adored. Upon hearing these comparisons I knew that I had to immediately check out his work as I’ve been a fan of JC for years. I’m delighted to say that May fills up a part of the hole in my heart that appeared when the lovely Ms. Collins passed. This book is filled with a colorful cast of characters that are both fascinating and repelling. There are some who you loathe because they are absolutely [...]

    • Jennifer Ritter says:

      Lovers and Liars is the fifth novel by British author Nigel May. It is the story of the Rivers family, hotel tycoon Sheridan, his wife Sutton, and their daughters Nikki and Heather, during a six month time period. The prologue sets up the story as the world championship prize fight takes place at the Velvet Barbados. Sheridan is set to make millions in the new arena he had built just for the occasion. The trouble is, Sheridan will not be attending this event, or any other. The story then goes ba [...]

    • Ann Cooper says:

      Oh well done Nigel! Sex, drugs & Rock 'n Roll, well a hot dj anyway! This is the perfect pool read, especially if you are the Caribbean or Crete! This is very much a book about the women in the life of Sheridan Rivers - his wife, his daughters and his PA. But it is much more than that. It is about life in the fast lane, hiding one's true identity, having to live much of your life in secrecy. It's about loyalty, both family, relationship and business. And it is very much about what happens wh [...]

    • Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder says:

      Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Run, don’t walk to your favorite e-book seller on the 16th of June to download this sizzling hot summer beach read! Nigel May manages to take a group of self-centered a-holes and turn quite a few of them around back into decent people with his latest page turner set within a Barbados hotel. What I loved: Nigel May knows how to build tension and suspense so I raced through this book. His chara [...]

    • Zoe says:

      Wickedly entertaining, outrageously sexy, and positively captivating!This novel takes you into the lives of the, Velvet Hotels, Rivers’ family. They are rich. They are famous. And they have everything you would expect, designer clothes, fast cars, and private jets. But like most families with power, privilege, and money everything is not as it seems, and behind closed doors you find adultery, debauchery, lies, secrets, scandals, and murder.It is extremely well written. The plot has an abundanc [...]

    • Fiona Wilson says:

      Once again we have a story from the mind of the man they say is the male equivalent of Jackie Collins. He does not disappoint with this tale.The story starts by telling us how it ends, then the author takes us back in time to allow us to find out who the main players are and why they would have a reason to murder someone. All of those involved have secrets they are keeping, and even more come out as you continue reading the story.There is a lot of heartbreak for some of the characters, and I fou [...]

    • Susan Hampson says:

      Oh my! This novel is certainly a Page Poser! You really need to read, devour and enjoy every single line of Nigel May's sensational sexy and intriguing story that centres on the murder of millionaire playboy Sheridan Rivers. Having read Deadly Obsession before I was having palpitations at the thought of yet another of Nigel May's books. He certainly hit the spot again with this one, where he supplies glamour scandal and a brilliant plot with lots of suspects to choose from. Why I would have even [...]

    • Ilana says:

      Intrigues and crimes and other unexpected occurences are taking place every couple of pages, in this novel about the first and second generation of nouveau riches. The main focus is the family of tycoon Sheridan Rivers whose greediness - either money or women, nothing seems to be enough for him - will finally cost his life. The collateral victims are his daughters and wife and, in general, everyone getting in touch with him. Every protagonist of the story seems to hide more or less immoral secre [...]

    • Kim says:

      A perfect summer read combining a sizzling story line with a mystery and stunning settings. You can really lose yourself in the investigation and enjoy the opulence.He creates fascinating characters that draw you into a fantasy world that I will never experience but can enjoy through his pages! His books are real page turners in a fantasy world. I’ve read that he’s likened to a male Jackie Collins and he definitely has a similar feel around his books and with his glamorous characters and the [...]

    • Renita D'Silva says:

      Lovers and Liars is the first book by Nigel May that I have read and now, I want to read them all. I loved this book - it has a bit of everything: glamour, romance, high society gossip and murder! It is a thrilling, nail-biting and compelling read. I was reminded of the glamour of Jackie Collins novels, with the addictive sauciness of Penny Vincenzi's books, and, if that was not enough to get me turning the pages, there was mystery and intrigue, culminating in murder. Loved, loved, loved. Now I' [...]

    • Tracy Shephard says:

      I am getting quite bored with this type of read. There is always 3/4 beautiful women and a fantastic setting, but to me it's just a case of the same old scene with just a name change.There is only so much smut one can read and Lovers and Liars is one step ahead of what's gone before it.A few authors have made their name regurgitating their story lines and only a handful an do it with class. May needs to come up with fresh ideas and ones that can actually thrill and titillate with more than just [...]

    • Denise says:

      Nigel May has written another brilliant totally absorbing and incredibly fantastic book. This is the third book I have read by Nigel and what I love about his books is that you know you are in for a few hours of pure escapism, this one being no exception.An absolute page-turner, Lovers & Liars is an intriguing novel full of twists and turns that keeps you guessing, superb characters, steamy scenes - a perfect holiday read!I enjoyed every bit of it and I look forward to seeing what this autho [...]

    • CwtchUpBooks says:

      It wouldn’t be summer without a classic sexy beach bonkbuster, and here it is! Featuring a glittering cast of glitzy, glamorous and filthy (rich) characters, this book will take you on a thrilling summer getaway to Barbados. Steamy sex, ruthless murder, bitchy scandal, deadly revenge & the sparkliest champagne. What more could you possibly want? I’m a fan of Nigel’s writing, his dry humour really comes through & I really love how all the threads of the story eventually come togethe [...]

    • Christine Galletly says:

      When I read Deadly Obsession by Nigel May at the beginning of this year, in my review I said "this is the first book that I have read by Nigel May and it certainly won't be the last" - well I have proved that right today by picking up his fantastic new novel - Lovers and Liars. I wouldn't hesitate to give this 5 stars, its an excellent read. It has good strong characters and a fantastic storyline. As with his last book this is a very good whodunit - now waiting eagerly for the next one!

    • Kagsy Wagsy says:

      Lovers and Liars by Nigel May4* exactly what you expect when you pick up a Nigel May novel.A saucy, sexy, holiday poolside or beach read.Full of steamy liaisons interwoven with corruption, power and a couple of bloody murders.An easy book to pick up and read without having to over think the story with a few twists along the way.Enjoyable as ever.Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.

    • Leona says:

      Nigel Mays books have become my guilty pleasure in life. I actually grin to myself when I hear he has a new book out. Lovers and Liars was pure escapism, one of those books with a murder and plenty of sex thrown in ! Perfect chill out beach reading. I loved it.I received an ARC of this book from the publisher (Bookouture) via netgalley in return for an honest review. Many thanks

    • Sara says:

      Fabulous summer read. True escapism and compulsive reading to boot. Glamorous, sexy and thrilling. Very well written with strong & believable characters. As the heat rises this summer you must read this book. One to recommend. My thanks to the publisher & NetGalley for this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review.

    • Mandy Baggot says:

      Adored this sexy thrill-ride! If you want gorgeous hot locations, complex, completely flawed individuals all fighting for their turn in the spotlight then this is the read for you! Pure escapism! Highly recommended for fans of Rebecca Chance and Jackie Collins.

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