A Family for Christmas

A Family for Christmas Laid off from her job two months before Christmas Maddie LaRocque sets up a gift wrapping business in the lobby of the Drummond Building in downtown Calgary When she falls into the arms of the buildi

  • Title: A Family for Christmas
  • Author: Mona Ingram
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • Laid off from her job two months before Christmas, Maddie LaRocque sets up a gift wrapping business in the lobby of the Drummond Building in downtown Calgary When she falls into the arms of the building s maintenance man it looks as though her luck is changing, but she soon learns that Brent isn t who she thought he was.Maddie s roommate Lily hasn t fared too well in theLaid off from her job two months before Christmas, Maddie LaRocque sets up a gift wrapping business in the lobby of the Drummond Building in downtown Calgary When she falls into the arms of the building s maintenance man it looks as though her luck is changing, but she soon learns that Brent isn t who she thought he was.Maddie s roommate Lily hasn t fared too well in the romance department either, having been used for her beauty and Asian heritage Chase Drummond, the most eligible bachelor in Calgary, is stunned by Lily s beauty, but she resists his advances, unwilling to have her heart broken again.Will a young orphan girl be able to convince the two women that love is the best gift of all this Christmas
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    • Blodeuedd Finland says:

      I really should have read the blurb, but an ebook is an ebookSo I was all Maddie likes Chase? She met this hot guy, then he meets her friend and goes all gaga over her. I was all whaat?Oh but it all makes sense. The book is about Maddie meeting Chase's brother and falling for him. And Chase falling for Maddie's bestie.All while Maddie becomes friend with Annie, their niece.When I got over the what is going on shock, it turned nice. It's a sweet romance with a xmas theme. Perfect for xmas.But be [...]

    • Lynn says:

      Genre: Contemporary FictionStandalone/series: Stand aloneCursing?:A little Descriptive Sex?: (view spoiler)[ No, no sex at all (hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex Between H/h With OW/OM?:(view spoiler)[ No (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating?: (view spoiler)[ Yes, depending on how you define it. One of the heroes kisses one of the heroines before he has broken it off with his long time girlfriend. It's obvious the intention to break up is there but that is still cheating in my opinion. It made me see th [...]

    • Gina says:

      A fun holiday read with not one, but two delicious heroes and two sassy heroines. When Maddie is laid off from her job at an accounting firm, she faces a crossroads. What to do next? Accounting really isn't what she wants. After a fateful conversation in the building's elevator with corporate mogul Chase Drummond, she has a terrific idea: why not start a holiday shopping and gift wrapping service for people too busy or clueless to find the perfect gift? With help from Chase and his brother, Bret [...]

    • Rebecca Carter says:

      Quite fluffy and extremely predictable. Read in an attempt to make it feel like Christmas, however it didn't achieve what I hoped it would. Recommend if you're after an extremely easy read which doesn't require any thought or some stereotypical chick lit.

    • Sandy S says:

      GIFT WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS by Mona IngramGIFT WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS is the perfect romantic holiday storyline for everyone looking for a HEA. And as an added bonus, Mona offers up two love stories for the price of one. And in saying that, Mona does not come out and address the leading storyline couple in the beginning, in fact, you begin to wonder who the premise is about. But in all due time, you discover that the love of your life may be standing in the same room or sitting across from you at [...]

    • Debbie Oxier says:

      I enjoyed this holiday story which was actually two love stories being told at the same time. Maddie and Lily are roommates. Maddie has just been laid off from her job in the Drummond Building when the story opens while Lily, who runs her own screen printing company and designs clothes is busy working. When Maddie has a brief encounter with Chase Drummond, the building's owner, she doesn't realize just how beneficial it will be for both of them. When an opportunity opens up for Maddie to start h [...]

    • booklover4life says:

      3.5 Stars!This was a quick contemporary romance that hit the spot. After having read so many dark and angst filled books lately, this was the perfect book to lighten things up. The characters were likable, there wasn't a lot of drama, and it was a clean read. I definitely enjoyed it.

    • Laura Moss says:

      Quick, easy read. Sweet and romantic, yet clean. Perfect length for holiday traveling.

    • Tammy Ambrose says:

      I didn't get much of a feel good Christmas story from this one. First off I was surprised to find I was getting two love stories in one. Two roommates/best friends fall for two brothers. There were constant mix ups concerning old girl friends and an old boyfriend that were predictable and a little annoying. The story would have been so much better with them and time spent letting the characters know and fall in love. It was instalove without much interaction. I loved the addition of the little g [...]

    • Sandra Gaultois says:

      A nice light Christmas story. I enjoyed it :)

    • Marie Mckenney says:

      Love this family story.Maddie and Lily are roommates. Maddie meets Chase first in the elevator. He owns the building she was leaving. She had been laid off her job and needed to find work. She ends up with an ideal and decides to rent some space in her old building. She has to talk to Chase. She meets his niece who they are raising. Maddie and Annie connect. They go out for tea while waiting for her uncle. Her roommate comes by. Chase comes along and Clicks with Lily. Maddie is setting up her ne [...]

    • Sarah Butland says:

      Such an adorable read! With unexpected relationship complications keeping this tale of romance even more compelling, I fell in love with all of its characters; in a way even the ones who shouldn't be lovable. The story starts with Maddie being laid off and being glad that she is - teaching us all a lesson of acceptance and confidence. Then she meets a man but not just any man, a rich and handsome man who, she quickly finds out, is buying a gift for a ten year old girl. A heart-warming holiday ro [...]

    • Kirsty Wenn says:

      I really enjoyed this Christmas themed romance. There was a lot going on in this book, and there was a bit of a twist from what I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. I adored Annie, and I really enjoyed watching, what turned out to be, two romances unfold. My only reservation is that the two couples in this book don't spend very much time together, but this didn't affect my enjoyment of the story, as the author still made it seem believable. Overall, there was plenty of warmth and heart in [...]

    • Jodi Cain says:

      What a wonderful read. Brent, Chase, Maddie, Lily & Annie are lucky to find each other. Annie has been through so much to be so young. Her two uncles adore her like no one else. Maddie & Lily have been friends forever. It was so good to read a book that was upbeat and loving. Don't get me wrong there were some heartbreaking things that came up, that made me cry. The ending was so worth it though.

    • Kylie Sheridan says:

      Hard time following the story at the start I felt the characters names were mixed around in error. Later in the book almost at the end it occurred again. I think editing was dropped on the book. There was no real story feel more like just words on the page.

    • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay) says:

      The angst in this gave the story a rise, climax, and denouement (pretty basic story structure necessities). But it also made the guys look like dumbasses, somewhat ruining a mostly cute Christmas romance. In the end, it was pretty "meh."

    • clare coley says:

      A lovely light read even though it was very predictable .

    • Lisa Lewellen says:

      This was such a heart-warming Christmas story. Absolutely loved it. Family is what you make of it.

    • Brittany Crouse says:

      Cute Christmas story!

    • Amber says:

      A cute story, slightly cheesy in some parts, but over all a pretty cute Christmas story.

    • Heather says:

      A cute little Christmas romance. I got this as a nook freebie sometime back. Just think of it as two mini romances where four people brought together by a cute,smart little girl.

    • Emmala says:

      3.5 Maddie has always been financially secure and isn't too upset when she gets laid off from an accounting project for a big oil company. She decides to rent the available space in the building's lobby to run a gift wrapping business for the holidays. She ends up meeting Chase Drummond, his brother Brent and their niece Annie who lost her parents not so long ago and remains in the two brothers' care. Maddie has an immediate attraction to Brent and her roommate to Chase. An enjoyable romance wit [...]

    • Gloria says:

      Maddie and Lily, roommates, are the heroines of this romance. Chase and Brent Drummond are brothers, and Annie is their niece. A misunderstanding later results in heartbreak, as Brent has a girlfriend but Maddie assumes it is Chase who has a girlfriend. Lily gives Chase a second chance after a girl who won't let go has some publicity about marrying him. Maddie's start-up gifting business (ideas, buying & wrapping) does splendidly and it allows for a last time between Brent and Maddie where t [...]

    • Amanda says:

      Maddie LaRocque loses her job two months before Christmas. Undeterred, she starts a gift wrapping business in the lobby of an historic building in downtown Calgary. When she falls into the arms of Brent, the building's maintenance man, it looks as though Christmas might have come early. But it turns out that Brent isn't the man she thought he was. Aw, what a lovely Christmas read. Easy, unchallenging, predictable chic lit. Just what I needed to get me through the stresses and traumas of Christma [...]

    • Yvonna says:

      Just as advertisedNice and pleasant read for a cold, snowy day in December. Interesting characters and story with a couple of unpleasant, self-centered gold-diggers added to the mix.

    • Katherine says:

      A cute love story about two roommates who find true love with two brothers. Twists and turns, happiness and sadness abound. A young niece, Annie, helps to bring the family together in this fun holiday tale.

    • Dawn says:

      This just so happened to be the 2nd book in a row that I chose about an orphaned girl cared for by her 2 uncles. I enjoyed it, although it was rather predictable. And totally a case of insta-love (well, 2 cases actually!).

    • Patti Fischetti says:

      A cute Christmas story!Christmas is just around the corner and I'm reading as many Christmas stories as I can find in my list and this one was next. Two ladies, Maddie and Lily, meet a young orphan, Annie and they meet her two uncles and life is never the same for all of them.

    • Liz Ward says:

      Fabulous read I chose to give it 5 stars because it was a great read it all flowed together couldn't believe i finished it in a day and the details were amazing she had excellent adjectives to describe each scene very detailed

    • Stella Lynne Thomas says:

      This book was interesting. I enjoyed this book. The characters were very realistic. I could feel the angst and sorrow. I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

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