Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry Devon Walsh is brilliant demanding and lives life by a rigid set of rules As chemistry teacher at the high school his focus is single minded his expectations exacting He has little interest in dat

  • Title: Perfect Chemistry
  • Author: Aria Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Devon Walsh is brilliant, demanding, and lives life by a rigid set of rules As chemistry teacher at the high school, his focus is single minded, his expectations exacting He has little interest in dating or relationships because nothing comes between him and the job But Devon has one downfall that he never saw coming and she s too young, dangerously curvy, and completelDevon Walsh is brilliant, demanding, and lives life by a rigid set of rules As chemistry teacher at the high school, his focus is single minded, his expectations exacting He has little interest in dating or relationships because nothing comes between him and the job But Devon has one downfall that he never saw coming and she s too young, dangerously curvy, and completely forbidden.Seventeen year old Karoline Kingston spends time in the library than she does at senior parties, preferring the company of a book over her classmates But Karoline is back for fall classes with a new set of curves that can t be hidden no matter how hard she tries Awkward and uncomfortable, Karoline avoids the gaze of everyone, until she sets eyes on her new teacher, the intensely intellectual, sinfully sexy, and totally intimidating Mr Walsh.They do their best to play by the rules, but the chemistry between them is too explosive, each desperate look every frenzied touch pushing them farther over the forbidden edge But in a single fevered moment the love they ve worked at protecting is threatened, because Mr Walsh just broke his first rule never bang a student.
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      359 Aria Cole
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    • Gi's Spot Reviews says:

      What is better than a virginal and innocent student coupled with a smoking hot teacher?! It’s that after all, they are both equally inexperienced in the sexual matters, but that doesn’t stop them from creating some scorchingly hot moments, every time Devon and Karoline in close proximity, and that is not even talking about when, after the wait for her adulthood is official, and then all bets were off! LOLThe result is yet another sweet and steamy smutty read that will more than satisfy your [...]

    • Alex ♈ says:

      Sweet safe smut. Both MCs were virgins. Even the H who was much older. You can see this story as sweet and sexy, the outcome was good – they married, she graduated college and got pregnant. Safe and sweet, isn’t it?But what if you have a daughter and she is in lust with her teacher? What if your child is in class where the teacher comes (ejaculates) in his pants during the lesson?Still safe and sweet?

    • Siobhan says:

      Perfect Chemistry was an extremely quick read, one that is okay to pass a short time period. Although it was a decent enough read to keep me entertained for a while, it didn’t quite deliver all that I had expected it to. I’ll be completely honest by saying a large part of my issue is that I’m very particular about the student teacher romances I read. I’m extremely picky with this kind of story, and for me this one was lacking the vital aspects that make such stories appealing to me. It w [...]

    • Jennifer Finn says:

      Devon Walsh is a high school chemistry teacher, he's been teaching for six years. He has no time or patience for idiots and lately it seems that's all he deals with. Karoline is 17 years old, she's always been tall but now she's filled out with curves in all the right places. All the girls in school seem to hate her and the boys all make dirty comments to her. Devon has never had feelings for a student before but Karoline is different and he's counting down the days till she turns 18. He is stil [...]

    • C says:

      4/5Hot fast safe read-older man younger women-OTT alpha male-Both virgins -No Ow/Drama-HEA with great epilogue A must read!

    • Flo Grugel says:

      Awwww! This book! Very short and very sweet, Aria Cole delivered another cute read here!

    • Vera M says:

      I read Perfect Chemistry when it was included in the Hot For Teachers Anthology!!!Aria Cole's stories are phenomenal and her alpha men are all that!! She has a flare when writing about possessive older men and the young women they fall for!!Karoline was a senior in high school and Devon Walsh is her chemistry teacher. To say this book is hot in an understatement. When Devon sees Karoline he feels that he has found his soulmate. He wants to protect and love her for eternity!!! Hot alpha teacher r [...]

    • Konny says:

      Perfect Chemistry by Aria Cole is a hot novella, you don´t want to miss.Meet Devon Walsh, a chemistry teacher at a highschool and his nearly 18 year old student Karoline Kingston.She´s in his class and bam they have a insta- connection. But she´s his student and she´s underage. Two big, big no nos.But it´s not only Devon. Karoline is equaly drawn to him. He makes her smile.He´s waiting for her because he knows she´s his one- his soulmate.Perfect Chemistry is a hot and sweet romance novell [...]

    • Lisse Cunha says:

      Uma leitura que comecei achando que iria conseguir me arrebatar de alguma forma. Sinceramente quando vejo uma leitura de professor e aluna acho que vai me conquistar. Mas não foi assim com Perfect Chemistry.Além de ser um instalove com proporções "gosto apenas do seu corpo bonito", Devon não é nada mais do que um homem todo protetor. Apesar de ser um pouco diferente nesse livro, pois a autora trouxe um assunto até bem legal do meu ponto de vista, que é o assédio nas escolas, uma forma a [...]

    • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog says:

      5 Stars!This book is quick, dirty, steamy, and sexy.This is Karoline and Devon's story. Devon is her teacher in high school. Karoline is only 17. The chemistry is off the charts. But they must resist. She will be 18 and then all bets are off. A few innocence touches will lead to more if they are not careful. Can they wait until she is 18? What will happen if they break? Will they both risk the future? Is one touch worth it? Rules will be broken but in the end, is the pleasure worth it? I connect [...]

    • GypsyBelle says:

      I will admit I was a tad worried going into this one , with the whole teacher/student theme. But it was wonderful read, it had just enough drama to keep you interested, just enough sexual chemistry but nothing creepy. For a book that is under 100pages it had a lot for me.

    • Jenny says:

      Okay for a quick read, but I guess CM Steele has ruined me for other authors. Her epilogues are filled with pregnancies, babies and big happy families. So this book paled in comparison.

    • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog says:

      5 Stars!Aria Cole got me as a fan the day she released her first book. Since then, you can guarantee your behind I've kept coming back then she releases Perfect Chemistry and just like that, I have a new favorite book by her.He's a chemistry teacher in high school.She's a student in his classwho's 17.He wants her. She wants him.Flirting. Innocent touches. Car rides.He's biding time until she turns 18 then all bets are off.This book was hot, sexy, sweet, fun, easy, safe, light and seriously delic [...]

    • Bookloverme says:

      This is a really good book! A forbidden teacher-student romance. I was hooked from the start. The story is about Devon and Karoline.She's a senior high school student. It's the first day of class and he's her Chemistry teacher. They want each other but it's forbidden and she's only 17.I loved that there's the instant attraction but at the same time, they got to know each other while waiting for the right time to be together. And when she turned 18, no one can stop them  from claiming each other [...]

    • Crimson Syn says:

      Karoline was the sun, and everything I was wanted to be lost in her orbit. She was mine, no doubt about it. She was made for me, and I was made for her. I’d never really believed in soulmates, but she was the other half of my heart. Who was I kidding? Karoline was my heart.Now, don’t lie, you all know you’ve had the hots for a teacher. Any why not, there’s something about an intelligent man that makes you squirm in your seats. This Chemistry teacher, is no different and he is one naughty [...]

    • D.C. Triana says:

      Even though Mr. Walsh couldn’t have been more than thirty, being attracted to him was still risky, but shockingly, I didn’t seem to care.He was beautiful, but there was something more behind his dark eyes, rimmed with lashes so thick it almost looked as if he drew on kohl in the morning. My muscles tensed with aroused excitement.Well, hello teacher. When Mr. Walsh first sees the young Karoline Kingston there is an instant lust filled attraction. The man literally falls heads over heels over [...]

    • Amara says:

      Her name is Karoline. Kari for short. And I think that spelling really brings new life into that name.This was a pretty good, until the hero was a virgin too. Yeah. Right. Not believable. He knew way too much about how to fuck to be a virgin. I lost mine with another virgin, and it was not the experience this book had. He didn't know how to angle my butt to hit that "bumpy" spot.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Pretty much what I expected of the novel. Very cute and I enjoyed how they were both mature as they were in the situation. Devon and Karoline were cute and the epilogue where she is a graduate and pregnant was cute too. Fun short read with fun moments in the projector room and getting busy during aloud reading.

    • CassieJo says:

      I feel most women have had a fantasy or two about a teacher, I know I have ☺️😍 This was another great one by Aria Cole!!!

    • Aya says:

      I give to this 4.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I really love this teacher (Devon )x student (Karoline) story ❤️❤️. Too bad it's short story 😤but you will enjoy to read it

    • Les Chroniques Aléatoires says:

      Avec Aria Cole, il n’y a pas de grandes surprises et c’est la plupart du temps une lecture sympathique, simple et rapide, parfait pour se détendre et passer un bon petit moment en terrasse sans se prendre la tête à réfléchir. Mais si en bonus elle nous vend du rêve et un couple adorable, c’est le jackpot ! Perfect Chemistry a beau être à l’origine une romance tabou entre une élève et son professeur de chimie, je trouve qu’on l’oublie assez rapidement pour se concentrer sur [...]

    • Summer-SSBR- says:

      This story is hot! Not gonna lie I wish it was longer but dang it was so good. Karoline is 17 when she meets the man of her dreams. He waits till she is 18 and then all bets are off. But Karoline isn't the only virgin in their relationship. This is a true instalove that makes you keep turning the page.

    • Jo-Ann Forrest says:

      Aria Cola alwyas brings the exact amount of sexy and hotness to her books. The story is naughy, sexy and taboo. Devon is the chemistry teacher and he falls for his student katherine which he wants to protect and cherish, but they hold off on the passion until she turns 18. Until one day Devon must step up and protect the woman of his dreams from harms way. It is a steamy short story that is fun to read.

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