Daddy's Fiancée Nanny

Daddy s Fianc e Nanny When I hired a Nanny I wasn t expecting Harper Sweet young and full of life She was everything my daughter needed And her curvy body was everything I desired My wife is dead and now her parents are t

  • Title: Daddy's Fiancée Nanny
  • Author: Piper Sullivan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I hired a Nanny I wasn t expecting Harper Sweet, young and full of life She was everything my daughter needed And her curvy body was everything I desired My wife is dead and now her parents are trying to take my child, my heir to the throne of Estamillo They say I m not fit to be her father They claim I am not providing a nurturing female presence as a single d When I hired a Nanny I wasn t expecting Harper Sweet, young and full of life She was everything my daughter needed And her curvy body was everything I desired My wife is dead and now her parents are trying to take my child, my heir to the throne of Estamillo They say I m not fit to be her father They claim I am not providing a nurturing female presence as a single dad I will not give up my daughter Never She s all I have left And she secures the line of succession My lawyer says I need a fianc e And fast I have the perfect candidate My daughter s Nanny She already works for me, I ll just pay her extra to be my fake fianc e And maybe she might be up for some off the contract activities as well Pretending to be engaged to the man I love was hard Tall, dark and sexy, Rafael was perfect in every way But he only saw me as the too young Babysitter I put University on hold for a steady job I need to support my hell raising Grandma Edie She s all the family I have left When Prince Rafael Cavallero hired me to take care of his adorable daughter Sofia, things were finally looking up What I didn t expect was to fall in love with the Boss Or pretend that my wildest wish, being loved by him, was a reality I have only one choice, make Rafa fall in love with me before this fake engagement is over Author s Promise A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance with a HEA ending.
    • ✓ Daddy's Fiancée Nanny || ì PDF Read by ✓ Piper Sullivan
      450 Piper Sullivan
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      KINDLE FREEBIE 6/17/17

    • Debbie Hanson says:

      Fun, sweet and grittyDaddy's Fiancée Nanny Piper Sullivan. 🌟🌟🌟🌟When I first started this book, I was shocked at the size of it, and as it started and got straight in to the storyline I wandered how much story there could have been. So jumped in, got sucked in then discovered Rafa and Harper's story was finished at 13%. Now I'm left bah humbug – I want more of this sweet couple. Prince Rafael Cavallero , has a huge problem, after losing his wife tragically, his in-laws are now tryi [...]

    • Bellereader says:

      Rafa and Harper are sizzling hot and heartwarmingly sweet on their way to finding their HEA. Harper needs this job something fierce. She had to put college on hold to help in taking care of her zany grandmother whom she loves more than anyone so she will do quite literally anything to keep her boss happy. It’s not really that much of a hardship as Sofia is an angel and she loves that kid like her own - the only real hardship is Sofia’s grandparents that seem to want to make everyone miserabl [...]

    • JoAnne Carr says:

      My wife is gone and now her parents are trying to take my child. I will not give up my daughter she is all I have. My lawyer tell me that I need a fiancée. I have the perfect candidate my daughter’s Nanny. I put my schooling on hold since I needed to support my grandma Edie. When The Prince hired me to take care of his daughter Sofia, I was happy because I had enough money now to take care of Grandma.The Prince had to look stable and have a fiancé so his daughter Sofia would have a feminine [...]

    • Connie says:

      I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. It was fun, witty and I just LOVED Edie (Harper's grandmother!!!) She was such a hoot. The characters were great and the story flowed smoothly. Having the book written from dual POVs, really helps me the reader to feel a part of the story. There were a few editing errors in the story but it didn't take anything away from the story.If you want a great quick fun read, you won't regret [...]

    • Holly Bargo says:

      Editor neededI assume the title book of this compilation is the best of the lot, because the next two stories following it were enough to discourage me from reading further. In fact, I didn't bother finishing those two stories due to the utterly poor quality of writing: improper capitalization, tense switches, information dumps, and other egregious flaws. I would have rated this volume at only one star, but the title story has enough charm to raise the score. In any case, the work in this book w [...]

    • Sandi Ramirez says:

      Enjoyable readReally good read by Piper Sullivan This book is full of novellas, some I had not read before so that was really nice. The first and main novella Daddy's Fiancee Nanny is my favorite in the book. Gotta say, I enjoyed the escaping on the old tale of a Prince needing the Nanny to keep his child safe. Right amount of heat with romance and humor. Edie is so funny!!!

    • Renata Gill says:

      This is a story about a Prince & his daughters Nanny. Raphael needs to have a woman in his life so that he can win the custody battle for his daughter, He asks Harper to pretend to be his fiancee.Loved the story only thing that I found bemusing is that the bonus epilogue and prologue where in the back of the book after all the extra bonus stories.There are a lot of extra bonus stories that are actually great if you can overcome all the bad editing.

    • Rochelle says:

      A really sweet and heartwarming read, that was filled with emotional misunderstandings. The storyline was intriguing, entertaining, and humorous. I loved Rafael and Harper, who were very likable characters. I also liked little Sophia and Evie, who was just halarious. The editing wasn’t great, found a fair few errors. But saying that it didn’t deter me to much from the story. Overall this was a very enjoyable read.

    • Rose Baker says:

      Errors Errors ErrorsThe blend failed to tell me that the person who attempted to write these stories had no clue about how to continue in one tense. The tense changes were so annoying and so plentiful that I wanted to scream. There were also bonus stories with the same problem as well as word errors, missing words, double words and wrong names. PLEASE get a proof reader or editor who knows how to correct your sloppy mistakes. Will NOT be reading this person again.

    • BP34 says:

      Prince Rafael loves his daughter Sophia more than anything and is devastated that his late wife's parents are suing for custody. His attorney says his chances will be better with a fiancee so he gets his daughter's nanny to pretend to be engaged to him. The book had a good storyline and interesting characters. A little editing would have done wonders for the book. Does love prevail, no spoiler here. But there is a happy ending for all, even grandmother. This is a quick, easy read.

    • Sierra Eriksen says:

      I think I'm in love!! What would you do if you where a single dad and someone was trying to take your kid from you??? With Harpers help Rafael gets to keep custody and fall in love again. I really enjoyed this book, I hope you do too!!! Happy reading!!!!

    • Sharon Noble says:

      Good!The story was quite good and the same with the other stories in the book, just wished the endings to each one was better! With the problems that each couple had they should of had a better ending, not just just kiss and the book said the end!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      It ended at 11% and a whole bunch of teasers (but at least the author told us that at the beginning) and an epilogue to this book at 82% (she told us that too). It was sweet, but just nothing extra. The former in-laws weren't nasty enough and the cousin was just creepy.

    • Enaya says:

      wow this book was a lot shorter than I anticipated, but I'm so glad I picked it up. 😍 This story sucked me in from the very beginning, and the chemistry between Rafael and Harper was enough to make me swoon. Where Can I find my own Prince Rafael? Can't wait to read more books by Piper Sullivan!

    • Natalie Casey says:

      💖💖💖This book will have you wanting more! I was pulled in from the start! This is a sweet and smoking hot love story with a Happy ending. I really enjoyed this story. I'm diving in to the next book NOW!

    • Jen says:

      4.5 Stars

    • Heidi says:

      A fun exciting thrilling read with great characters and an amazing grandmother Edie was so so funny. At times Rafe so annoyed me but then he redeemed himself.

    • Christine says:

      Very goodI loved all these stories in this book . You will enjoy each one each story has its own life lessons and hot men and their women.

    • Ann says:

      Loved this book glad it turned out like it did

    • Brandi says:

      This rating is only for the title book itself; the bonus content (which I have no intention of reading) is not included in the rating.

    • Ashly says:

      I thought I'd give this a try once again and I was not disappointed. Read it. You'll love it.

    • Book-Lovin-Momma says:

      Daddy's Fiancee Nanny was a good quick, and steamy read, with an older man/younger woman taboo story. Rafael is battling for custody of his daughter, and Harper provides the perfect aid as a nanny and his fiancee. Steamy scenes, with some tension and drama as they work to maintain sole custody. Good story and easy sexy read, I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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