A Hollow Crown

A Hollow Crown Aged only thirteen Emma daughter of the Duke of Normandy is married in a strategic alliance to King Aethelred of England Inept and arrogant Aethelred is loathed by his young wife whom he punishes

  • Title: A Hollow Crown
  • Author: Helen Hollick
  • ISBN: 9780434004911
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aged only thirteen, Emma, daughter of the Duke of Normandy, is married in a strategic alliance to King Aethelred of England Inept and arrogant, Aethelred is loathed by his young wife, whom he punishes for his many failings as a ruler Their first son, Edward, is born through an act of violence that is little than rape England is invaded by the Viking King Swein ForkAged only thirteen, Emma, daughter of the Duke of Normandy, is married in a strategic alliance to King Aethelred of England Inept and arrogant, Aethelred is loathed by his young wife, whom he punishes for his many failings as a ruler Their first son, Edward, is born through an act of violence that is little than rape England is invaded by the Viking King Swein Forkbeard and his son Cnut After a bitter struggle, Aethelred loses his kingdom and his wife Emma, now dowager queen, holds London against the invader Cnut When he demands she surrender or suffer the consequences, Emma stakes everything on a dangerous gamble, but troubles and tragedy still await the indomitable queen as she struggles for power and for survival.
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      139 Helen Hollick
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    • Cathy Douglas says:

      Hmm, well. I finished it, which at 600+ pages means I must have liked it at least a little. It's one of those cases, common with historical fiction, where I liked the story but not the book. Little is known of the historic Emma of Normandy's life, but what we do know is jam-packed with material for a historical romance: She was married to both Ethelred the Unready and his usurper, the viking who the English came to call Canute the Great. When it came time for her eldest son to inherit the throne [...]

    • Tania says:

      "There is the type of woman you love for your need and the type you need because of your love. The two are not the same, and only the fortunate manage to find the second." This is my first non philipa gregory "kings and queens" book, and I really enjoyed it. I got a strong sense of what it was like to live in England at that time. As this is 11th century history, a lot of interpretation has to happen to build a story based on the known facts. I did not agree with all of the author's views (for i [...]

    • Aprail says:

      English is my first language so I have certain expectations that books written in English might be grammatically correct. The grammatical lapses in the book make reading it jarring. There is also lots of bad writing. For example, some of the more risibly memorable items I read aloud to my husband"hung like a stone", 'the option of choice', 'a mixture of displeasure'. This book should have had an editor. I remember one sentence "Money gives way to prejudice". I'm pretty sure the author meant "Pre [...]

    • Elia Princess of Starfall says:

      Frankly, in the end, when all is said and done, I am just glad to have finally finished A Hollow Crown. Oh yes. Look, I adore historical fiction. It's my absolute favorite genre and I'm constantly on the prowl for new fascinating novels to whet my interest. There's just something so amazing about stepping into a distant world so utterly different and vivid from our own. Alas, although the Anglo-Saxon world of A Hollow Crown was well-drawn and historically accurate, I found Hollick's novel to be [...]

    • Samantha says:

      The Forever Queen is the story of Emma of Normandy who became Queen Aelfgifu when she was married at age 13 to England's King Aethelred and was given as little choice about her public name as her husband. Her story encompasses England's Saxon history through Aethelred's reign, that of his son Edmund, Danish invader Cnut, and two of her own son's . . . oh, and there's a bastard usurper in there for a few years as well. Having not spend much time reading about this era (1002-1042), I found this bo [...]

    • Blodeuedd Finland says:

      Plot:Emma of Normany married King Aethelred when she was 13. One son would become Edward the Confessor. But the Swein Forkbeard of Denmark invaded together with his son Cnut, and all was lost. But Emma was one strong woman who after her husband's death married Cnut, and once again reigned as queen of England.My thoughts:I loved it, the story was so rich in history and details, and it was exactly like a good historical novel should be like. Following the facts, but still inventing and creating a [...]

    • Christy English says:

      I actually read the US version called THE FOREVER QUEEN. I am now devoted to Emmawhat a woman. Thank you Helen Hollick for introducing me to such an amazing person.

    • Annika Hipple says:

      I really wanted to love this book, because I adore good historical fiction and find this era of British history fascinating, though I don't know as much about it as the later Middle Ages. This book seemed like a great opportunity to learn more through the eyes of a strong, intriguing female character. Unfortunately, the reality of the book did not live up to the promise. The Forever Queen started out fairly strong, as the 13-year-old Emma of Normandy arrives in England to marry the much older Ki [...]

    • Krista Baetiong Tungol says:

      This is my very first read about the Anglo-Saxons, having relished dozens of stories from the era of King Henry II and his Plantagenet brood for months. I admit I wasn’t ready to leave 12th century yet, but then I got intrigued with this book that has been in my e-shelf for some time now. The Forever Queen is the story of Emma, a Norman noblewoman, who became queen to two kings and mother to two more, and who lived in a place where peace was untenable and almost unheard of. The narrative cover [...]

    • Sheree says:

      Writers such as Helen Hollick really do breathe life into historical fiction, making it a joy for me to experience this previously little read era. With a lesser writer this could have been a disaster, but Helen Hollick takes a huge cast of characters and a complex, eventful period in history (1002 - 1042) and weaves an enthralling tale backed by meticulous research and insightful, convincing embellishment."Emma is the only woman to have been an anointed, crowned and reigning queen to two differ [...]

    • Marie Z. Johansen says:

      As most of you who have followed my reviews for any length of time know I am a real European history buff - especially British history. I have to admit, however, that I have never known much about the early history of Britain and very little about Anglo Saxon history. Therefore, I was quite happy to have been given an opportunity to read "The Forever Queen" whose time frame is 1066. Weaving a plot with many diverse characters, warring factions in areas that no longer even exist and a very involv [...]

    • Gretchen says:

      Having previously read and thoroughly enjoyed, I Am the Chosen King, I was looking forward to reading more of Hollick's early England. I was not disappointed.Hollick's Emma is brilliant. She leaps off the pages. I cheered for her. I cried for her. I just about got down on bended knee and offered to be one of her maids or housecarls. I love when an author creates a character you love to hate. This book featured two. At the novel's opening there was the horrid Lady Godegifa (Known to the world as [...]

    • Lori says:

      Given that Hollick didn't have much historical information to go on her interpretation of the limited resources was remarkably well done!!! In short this novel was FANTASTIC!!! Another of the many things I love about historical fiction is that nothing is certain it very rarely wraps up with a neatly tied bow!!! Sometimes your favorite character dies sometimes the villain succeeds!!! I highly, highly recommend & I can't wait to read I Am The Chosen King!!!

    • Janice says:

      I was done with this book long before the book was done. I persevered though it felt like it was taking forever. I may be gun shy about titles containing the word "forever" from now on.To be fair, I did enjoy the story and Helen Hollick's imaginings of what Emma of Normandy was like. There is little historical information on her life, and so conjecture is necessary.

    • Jo says:

      This is one of my first forays into Anglo-Saxon England. I found it fascinating and wonder if Emma truly did love Cnut.

    • Clarice says:

      After reading the sample of "The Forever Queen" I was delighted that it seemed to indeed be historic fiction and NOT historic romance. I was looking forward to reading this story about a strong Saxon Queen, because I've really enjoyed Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles and thought it would be interesting to see this period from a woman's perspective. After I purchased the book and continued reading, I found I was enjoying Hollick's writing so much I impulsively purchased her next book, "I Am th [...]

    • Allie says:

      (4.5 stars?) Oh Emma, what a interesting life you led?! This doorstopper of a books takes place from 1002-1042 primarily in Saxon England but some parts in Denmark and Normandy. No other Queen was wife to two Kings of England and mother to two more! Hollick tells a complex entertaining story of Emma's life.Married to Aethelred first, Emma is unhappy and I think this is the slowest moving part of the book and I will agree with other reviewers that is a little wordy at times in this section. Howev [...]

    • Amy Bruno says:

      Helen Hollick brings the turbulent 11th century England to life like only she can!Emma is 13 when she leaves her homeland in Normandy to wed the much older King Aethelred of England. Like most royal marriages, their union is one bred solely for matters of state. She arrives in a strange country, bewildered and timid and her husband’s court filled with hostile people who don’t speak her language. Though outwardly she seems young and unsure, people soon learn that Emma knows her mind and is qu [...]

    • Jeffrey says:

      One of the most satisfying reads I've had in months. Go. Get. This. Bookif you like well-told historical fiction If you want at last to fall into the arms of a writer who knows how to lure you into a tale and create women who aren't victims again.And don't be put off by the periods, it isn't those head-chopping Tudors or the silk and satined Georgians but if you know little about early British history you come out of this book with a wider knowledged quite a take on Canute, the one who held the [...]

    • Amber says:

      With over six hundred and fifty pages, this book chronicles the struggles of Queen Emma "Elgifu" of England. This story goes on for what seems like forever (now I understand the naming of the book FOREVER QUEEN!) and then on the last page you feel like the balls been dropped. It just endsterally. When you read the brief note from the author following the last chapter you find out that this is a series not a novel! I so taken with interest I am willing to continue reading the next book "I Am the [...]

    • Staci says:

      Why I wanted to read this book: * I am a huge fan of historical fiction and truly enjoy this genre. What really drew me to this story was that I had never heard of Queen Emma and I wanted to learn more about her life.What worked for me: * The descriptions! WowI felt like I was there in medieval England. Hollis has a magical way with her words which really brought the story to life for me. * Emma- She is an amazing woman and I'm truly astounded that more books have not been written about her. Thi [...]

    • Heather says:

      The Forever Queen is the story of a powerful woman. Emma grows into this state of being because of all of the things that she has to deal with. As a young girl she is married to King Æthelred – a man who does not treat her well. She gains strength from this and uses it as a catalyst to continually push forward and never back. She is certainly a woman that should be celebrated for her accomplishments and it is certainly a shame that she has almost been forgotten by history.Typically I hate rea [...]

    • Robin says:

      Very detailed and descriptive, written with an authentic feeling style, it's an epic medieval saga about a lesser known queen (Emma of Normandy), caught up in the turmoil between England and Denmark. However, because it is written in third person, the story also follows many other characters so this is not solely a tale of one woman. At times, the title even felt misleading, particularly in the middle section when Emma does not even seem to be the main character. This is not a criticism, just an [...]

    • Jeanne Dunn says:

      Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, particularly anything set in England, Scotland, or Ireland, which meant this book had a really good chance of being a winner with me. (That, and I got it at a terrific bargain price for my Kindle!) Helen Hollick has obviously done her homework; it tells in the details. From the small bits of documentation that have survived since circa 1000 a.d she has created a rich, accessible, realistic depiction of Queen Emma's world. I was a little chagrinned [...]

    • Rio (Lynne) says:

      I'm making up a new star 3.75. The research was 5 stars, the writing 3. There aren't many historical fiction books out there about this time period. Not only was Emma's story interesting, but this not as well known part of English history is fascinating. The author is correct in her notes that history has forgotten English Kings prior to William The Conqueror. This story starts with Emma being married to Aethelred aka The Ill advised King. She then goes onto marry Cnute, who will become king. Th [...]

    • Lynn says:

      This book was a 4 1/2 stars for me. I enjoy reading about women that have some form of power during a time when women had very little rights. Hollick's writing was excellent, the names of the characters at times would get a bit confusing because they were so much alike but overall I didn't feel at a loss for what was happening within the story. I liked reading about Emma's story and her some times difficult struggle to retain her crown and her love of the people of England.

    • Malacima says:

      Priča o Emi od Normandije kraljici Engleske ( supruga dva kralja Ethelreda II. Nespremnog ( nesposobnog) i Knuta Velikog (danski i engleski kralj koji osim tim državama vladao još današnjom Švedskom, Norveškom, Pomeranijom, Schleswigom, Islandom i Grenlandom) i majka dva kralja Edvarda III. Ispovednika ( opisanog u knjizi I Am the Chosen King) i Hartaknuta (danski i engleski kralj).Ema je veoma je znacajna i uticajna licnost tog perioda ( prva rano srednjovekovna kraljica i jedna od najbog [...]

    • Sky says:

      This book literally took me almost 4.5 years to get through.

    • Susan says:

      I enjoyed this book but felt that the characters could have been a little more complex.

    • Geoff Boxell says:

      Others have given detailed reviews of this book, so I won't add more verbiage to the matter.Many found the book hard to read, myself I felt that it gave a good reflection of a period in which I am well read and believe the author has done a good job of telling Em of Normandy's story.

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