School Days

School Days Lily Ellsworth erect firm white haired and stylish is the grande dame of Dowling Massachusetts and possesses an iron will and a bottomless purse When she hires Spenser to investigate her grandson

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  • Title: School Days
  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780425211342
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily Ellsworth erect, firm, white haired, and stylish is the grande dame of Dowling, Massachusetts, and possesses an iron will and a bottomless purse When she hires Spenser to investigate her grandson Jared Clark s alleged involvement in a school shooting, Spenser is led into an inquiry that grows harrowing at every turn Though seven people were killed in cold bLily Ellsworth erect, firm, white haired, and stylish is the grande dame of Dowling, Massachusetts, and possesses an iron will and a bottomless purse When she hires Spenser to investigate her grandson Jared Clark s alleged involvement in a school shooting, Spenser is led into an inquiry that grows harrowing at every turn Though seven people were killed in cold blood, and despite Jared s being named as a co conspirator by the other shooter, Mrs Ellsworth is convinced of her grandson s innocence Jared s parents are resigned to his fate, and her boy himself doesn t seem to care whether he goes to prison for a crime he may not have committed As the probe goes on, Spenser finds himself up against a number of roadblocks, from the school officials who don t want him asking questions, to Jared s own parents, who are completely indifferent to the boy s defense Ultimately, Spenser discovers a web of blackmail and some heavy duty indiscretions, and a truth too disturbing to contemplate Before the case reaches its unfortunate end, he is forced to make a series of difficult decisions with fatal consequences.
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    • Bobby Underwood says:

      “As soon as he was gone they had cleaned out his room. It was as if they had emptied the room of him. Tried to render it pre-Jared, as if they could return life to the time when they had moved here and it was mostly possibility.” — Spenser, walking through Jared’s roomSandwiched between a very good entry, Cold Service, and the last great Spenser novel, the poignant Hundred-Dollar Baby, Robert B. Parker took a shot at addressing the growing number of school shootings perpetrated by studen [...]

    • Kemper says:

      Spenser gets hired by the grandmother of a teenager accused of being one of two kids who went on a shooting spree in their high school and killed several of the students and teachers. The grandmother is convinced that he is innocent despite being caught at the scene and giving a confession to the police. When Spenser starts investigating he finds that everyone involved, even the kid’s parents and his lawyer, just want to get him put in prison as soon as possible.I didn’t remember a lot about [...]

    • Carol. says:

      Not the worst book I ever read.I went through this period in my mid-twenties when I was trying to work out on the elliptical and the bike at the gym, but it was SO BORING that I ended up trying to read. You ever read a book when you are stepping up and down with hips shifting side to side? Yeah, super-challenging with small print books. Oh, this was the mid-to-late 90s, kids, before audio books were a thing beyond the Bible and the classics and phones could be linked to a tv channel or a favorit [...]

    • Brent Soderstrum says:

      In book 33 of the Spenser series Parker takes on issues like Columbine. Kids killing other kids in a mass murder rampage by two boys. We learn what was going on at the school that played a part in the kids shooting spree. There was rumors in my high school when I attended of some of the same stuff going on. The next step wasn't taken as was here though.Spenser is hired by Grandma to prove Jared innocent. Wendell was caught and said the other shooter in a ski mask was Jared. Jared was arrested an [...]

    • Gloria Bernal says:

      As usual we enjoyed this installment of Spenser's adventures. My husband and I are reading as many as we can lately. Fast, easy reading, keeping us entertained with his wit, roving eye, and sense of humor. As he is hired by a wealthy older woman to investigate whether her grandson was innocent or not of involvement in a school shooting, Spenser is nothing if not thorough. With only Pearl (his girlfriend Susan's German shorthair pointer at his side, he methodically pursues more information from a [...]

    • Bea says:

      Lily Ellsworth does not believe that her grandson Jared Clark is guilty of the school shooting, despite the evidence and his confession. She is a grand old dame who has money to hire the best. She chooses to hire Spenser.Spenser is not entirely convinced of Jared's innocence but, during the investigation, he runs into police, school officials, and even the boy's parents who all seem to want Spenser to stop looking into the shooting and leave things alone. Spenser is determined to get to the bott [...]

    • Joe King says:

      One of the better from the later books. This was basically all Spenser. No Hawk, no Vinnie and, thankfully, very little Susan. There was not a lot of action, but what action there was, was good. The story was compelling and fairly timely as it deals with school shootings and sex scandals. All in all a good read.

    • Delta says:

      I tried to get into this story, but Parker's writing style is so boring. Even highly interesting sections are deflated from the repetitious sentence structure. Plus, after about the mid-way point the story start to feel like a soap opera or telenovela with it's twists and red herrings.

    • June Ahern says:

      Robert Parker is an entertaining author, and that's why his books continue to sell. As one reviewer noted, the stories are all the same, predictable - except for the murdered & victims, and town setting. True, but it's for Spencer (PI) and Jesse Stone (small town chief of police) (the main detective/sleuths) we, Parker's fans)come back for more. The books are easy reads and perfect for a lazy day, before sleep (don't even have to figure anything out) and/or a plane ride. Pick one up. Enjoy. [...]

    • David says:

      At last, a Parker novel that's more about actual detective work than displaying one's level of male hormones, well almost This time, Spenser is hired to investigate a Columbine-like shooting by the grandmother of one of the shooters. Though he is in custody and has confessed to having a part in the crime, she doesn't think he is guitly and wantsSpenser to prove it. Spenser sets about in his usual break-all-the rules manner and soon has everybody in the whole town pretty much ticked off at him, i [...]

    • Jerry B says:

      Reading “Days” was for us bittersweet as this 33rd in Parker’s original 39-book Spenser series concluded our reading of that entire bibliography. We are indeed reading the extended set written by Ace Atkins however… The plot seems all too familiar these days, as two high school kids decide to enter a somewhat exclusive school and seemingly randomly shoot and kill several students and a teacher for no apparent reason. Both killers are captured and destined for at least life sentences if [...]

    • William says:

      I just choose this book from the list of 30-odd "Spenser" books by Robert B. Parker. I remember reading them 20 years ago when I did a lot more airplane travel, before laptops and ipods and cell phones. I also remember moving quickly past Parker to the grittier Elmore Leonard. Spenser was too damn perfect. His sidekick Hawk is able to leap tall building in a single bound, and both of them can beat anyone in a fight. His girlfriend is perfect. Their stupid dog, Pearl, is perfect. It was just too [...]

    • Chowhound88 (a.k.a. Ralph) says:

      Another great one! I was not disappointed. All of Robert B. Parker books are great. He is by far one of my favorite authors.

    • Ardaaydin says:

      I was not sure about this book since its a series.What i mean is this is one of the Detective Spenser's book series.Its not the last one or the first one, so i kinda question it but i really liked this book afterwards.Spencer the main guy is a detective and its on a case of school shooting.Grandmother of an teenage Massachusetts boy hires Spenser to unrevial the secret of Shooting in his school. Before i bought this book, we know lately there were a lot of school shooting.So this book gave me mo [...]

    • Tom says:

      3.5 stars. Liker pretty much all of RBP's books, the dialogue is usually sparkling and fast-paced. Spenser's investigating a school shooting, and the entire town seems to want it to go away as quickly as possible. The plot had a solid push to it that propelled the whole thing forward. But I found myself thinking that Spenser's gotten so arrogant and condescending towards pretty much everyone and everything. No one's good enough or would have made the same decision as he and Susan would have. And [...]

    • Metagion says:

      School shootings are, unfortunately, happening more and more every day. A shooting in the small town of Dowling, Massachusetts brings Spenser to find out if the teenagers that did it: Jared Clark and Wendell Grant--had really done it and for what reason. Apparently Jared Clark's Grandmother doesn't believe that her grandchild really did it, and she needs Spenser to find out the truth, even though it looks like an open-and-shut casebut the more Spenser gives, the more things aren't as they seem, [...]

    • Marti says:

      Two boys shoot up a high school near Spenser. Susan is off down South doing some graduate work, so it is up to Spenser and Pearl to solve the case. THere was a case years ago where a woman teacher claimed to be in love with a young student--and later married him. Here, it is a guidance counselor--who must need some guidance herself--and what turned out to be a 14 year old retarded boy whom she was trying to adjust.

    • Holli says:

      One thing be can be said about Spenser, he has an interesting life. Every time he gets a case, it opens a door to insanity. The books are still kind of repetitive, but I like Spenser and his humor. It's always interesting to see what he's going to do with some of the dodos he has to deal with in the midst of his investigations.

    • Cindy says:

      Spenser investigates a school shooting on behalf of one of a pair of teenagers, both of whom survive and confess, and he becomes invested, as he does, in the why and how of their crimes. No Susan or Hawk but a few of the usual supporting cast. interesting twist to the story.

    • Denise Westlake says:

      335 delightful large print pages! I love Spencer he's a guy I'd always want on my side.

    • Amcam says:

      A decent read for distraction purposes. the one I listened to said it was unabridged. however, with the way it jumped around and left out details, I have to believe it was abridged. It just felt too disjointed to have been the entire novel. I love Joe Mantegna, think he has a fantastic voice. I however, did not love this book. It puts teachers/education into a bad light. Being that I am a part of public education, I am tired of all the negative press teachers/educators receive. Creating a story, [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I liked the book. I hadn't realized when I picked it out that it was part of a series. With that being said, the story stands alone and really the series revolves around Spenser; a private investigator. I will make it a point to read other books in the series. An interesting note is that I for sure noticed a "fantasy" undertone in this book in the way the male author described relationships and interactions with women. I'm not sure if I noticed it because of the environment we're in right now or [...]

    • Mark Giordano says:

      I had not realized that I had read Parker before until I got a ways into this story and there was mention of one of his characters that I remembered. This was a quick and entertaining read but also very interesting due to the subject matter of the book. I like the author's easy-going writing style but also got a kick out of the main character Spenser, whom seems to annoy everyone he comes in contact with.

    • Katrina says:


    • Canavan says:


    • Mike Carpenter says:

      one of the better ones of the series

    • P Bright says:

      Fun stuff! I will be reading more!

    • Marie says:

      Love all the Spenser books. I love the personal insights and comedy that are a constant from book to book. Also, like Patterson, short, easy to finish chapters.

    • Brian O'Leary says:

      Not his usual mix of serious, hardcore moments, mixed with lighthearted humor, mostly just fluff here.

    • S.E. says:

      Excellent !

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