Le vol du corbeau

Le vol du corbeau dans l Ontario Les MacCarthy forment une famille parfaite Jack est un brillant officier de carri re sa femme Mimi en plus d tre belle est une parfaite m nag re et leurs deux enfants ont tout

  • Title: Le vol du corbeau
  • Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald Lori Saint-Martin Paul Gagné
  • ISBN: 9782290017401
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • 1962, dans l Ontario.Les MacCarthy forment une famille parfaite Jack est un brillant officier de carri re, sa femme Mimi, en plus d tre belle, est une parfaite m nag re, et leurs deux enfants ont tout pour tre heureux Pourtant, il en faudra peu pour que la cruaut de la vie reprenne ses droits alors que la guerre froide est une menace constante, un meurtre horrible1962, dans l Ontario.Les MacCarthy forment une famille parfaite Jack est un brillant officier de carri re, sa femme Mimi, en plus d tre belle, est une parfaite m nag re, et leurs deux enfants ont tout pour tre heureux Pourtant, il en faudra peu pour que la cruaut de la vie reprenne ses droits alors que la guerre froide est une menace constante, un meurtre horrible secoue la communaut La lumi re ne se fera que beaucoup plus tard.
    • Unlimited [Self Help Book] Æ Le vol du corbeau - by Ann-Marie MacDonald Lori Saint-Martin Paul Gagné ✓
      422 Ann-Marie MacDonald Lori Saint-Martin Paul Gagné
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    • Gizmology says:

      I really loved this book and had to read her previous novel, _Fall On Your Knees_, the minute I finished _The Way the Crow Flies_. One thing that struck me about her writing was the fact that in both books, I came to a place fairly soon in each (maybe a third of the way through?) where she related an event that had me literally sobbing and choking with sadness and anger, and then -- after I blew my nose -- furious at McDonald herself as the author! Both times I felt like putting the book down (n [...]

    • Mike Smith says:

      [Warning: this is a long review, but this complex book merits it.]This is a long, thoughtful, and multi-layered novel. It was recommended to me as a good depiction of life growing up on Canadian military bases, as I did. And it is. It centres around 8-year-old Madeleine McCarthy, who's on her fourth move in 1962, and her father Jack McCarthy, a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) officer. The early part of the story is about how the McCarthys, including Madeleine's Acadian mother Mimi and her older [...]

    • Shannon says:

      (deep breath) Wow.#1: writing was really amazing#2: spot on insight into children's world from child's point of view, along with ability to communicate from child's perspective; if you are a woman, you know that girl, and you may find you were that girl#3: So many interesting layers; I appreciated the Canadian insecurity, both inward focused (everybody thinks we're lame - and we kind of agree), and outwardly focused (look at what we've done to gain respect, and why don't we have it yet?) I also [...]

    • Shane says:

      I wondered whether this was a memoir disguised as a murder mystery, or a memoir injected with a murder mystery in order to hold our interest through 800 plus pages. And yet the murder had to be the pivotal event around which all the other themes hung, and so I concluded that this book could have been halved in size and resulted in a much more impactful novel.Based on the Steven Truscott case in Canada, the author weaves the events surrounding the real-life murder of a 12 year old girl in 1959 in [...]

    • BrokenTune says:

      "When stories are not told, we risk losing our way. Lies trip us up, lacunae gape like blanks in a footbridge. Time shatters and, though we strain to follow the pieces like pebbles through the forest, we are led farther and farther astray. Stories are replaced by evidence. Moments disconnected from eras. Exhibits plucked from experience.We forget the consolation of the common thread-the way events are stained with the dye of the stories older than the facts themselves.We lose our memory.This can [...]

    • Arryn says:

      What I liked about this book: vivid and well-rounded characters(!), references to pop culture, dialogue in French, intrigue, deception, loyalty, a storybook marriage, historical references, beautiful descriptions of time and place(!), the denouement that left me feeling emotionally exhaustedWhat I didn't like: some strong language, disturbing scenes of child molestation, the chapters where Madeleine is an adultI couldn't recommend this book without reservation. However, after plodding through th [...]

    • Matt says:

      Probably one of the greatest books i have read in 10 years. So gripping and so 'non-flashy'. Set in Canada, it makes it even more interesting to me, with many plot twists throughout.

    • Roseb612 says:

      Jeden z adeptů na letošní knihu roku - strhující kniha s košatým příběhem, kde nakonec všechno souvisí se vším, na pozadí děje běží velké dějiny, a to vše ještě odvyprávěno z několika perspektiv - čili přesně můj šálek čaje.O tu detektivní rovinu ve finále v knize vůbec nejde, byť tedy to rozuzlení jsem moc nečekala. Tohle je kniha o důvěře, zklamání, vině a slepé víře v menší zlo; kniha o cestě do pekel dlážděné dobrými předsevzetími a [...]

    • Amy says:

      This was an amazing book. It is very tragic. The theme and material were hard for me to get through. I had to slow down at times to recover from the tragedy, but I am glad I stuck to it. I also had a hard time "getting into" the book. I was not fond of her style and was not drawn to all the military life details that fill the first part of the book. But, I fell in love with this McCarthy family and I just had to soldier on. Of course her style ending up charming my socks off once I got going.It [...]

    • Solveig C.B. says:

      WOW. Just picked this off the shelf without much consideration and I was completely taken by surprise. Hard book to review as it was such a disturbing subject. I certainly recommend it, but definitely had to limit my reading at times to be able to digest what I was taking in. However, became so close to the main character that I did not want to let go.Found some parts unneccessarily lengthy. Especially fed up with the road and street references that were continuously repeated.I also found that t [...]

    • Beth says:

      From my Summer Reading List blog post (May, 2012) Ann-Marie McDonald – The Way the Crow Flies: By the time I finished this book, I could hardly believe that Ann-Marie McDonald wasn’t one of the most famous and popular writers on the planet. This book is truly a masterpiece in the way that it captures a critical moment in history (the Cuban missile crisis from a Canadian perspective) through the eyes of a witty, naive observer, eight-year-old Madeleine, whose own secrets echo those of her mil [...]

    • Teresa Solomon says:

      One of my favorites ever. Well-formed characters, descriptive setting and time period, tragic story, and excellent writing overall. Although I enjoyed her other novel, Fall on Your Knees, this one is a notch above it.

    • Kerry says:

      Wow! What a read! I was fascinated by this book. From start to finish, I was captivated by the rich descriptions and character development. Although the subject matter became distasteful at times, I felt I owed it to myself to finish the story, which I am so glad I did. Like real life, the story is unsettling; unresolved; gritty. The way the author intertwined the lives of each character was masterful and often unexpected. I "read" this book on audiocassette which was performed by the author her [...]

    • Rebecca McNutt says:

      This book follows the story of a young girl growing up in the military village of Centralia, Ontario, during the Sixties. Fueled by nostalgia and by the "race to space" theme, this Canadian mystery is detailed, exciting and evocative.P.S: Did you know that North America has a Centralia Triangle? Centralia Ontario has a Centralia on either side of it further down the map. One is in Washington, the other is in Pennsylvania. Weird, eh?

    • Julie Christine says:

      An extraordinary novel. MacDonald brings the early sixties to life with vivid detail. THe characters so well-crafted that you can construct their faces, voices, and shapes as well as any loved one in real life and imagine with clarity how they inhabit their world. The story, so original in plot, is devastating to the reader. You want so much to step in and share what you know to save these characters from such heartache and destruction. A powerful, loving, ingenious novel.

    • Michelegg says:

      This was SO good! A very tragic, but wonderful story of a family and the events that damage them, the secrets that they keep. But the book was so nostalgic, bringing back sweet memories from my childhood. Very enjoyable.

    • Roxanne says:

      I would give this book an extra star if I could.

    • Sarah B. says:

      I had chosen another novel to bring with me on my 10-day vacation this year, but disappointingly I was done with it by the end of the flight to Calgary (admittedly having skipped 50 pages in the middle). I asked my friend in Calgary for a loaner, telling her I was looking for something she could recommend, preferably Canadian since it's harder to come by Canadian novels at home. She handed me this one, saying it is like a mystery novel but "sad, but really good" which turns out to be a perfect d [...]

    • Nate's Bookgroup says:

      SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTThis book was way too long and I think the editor knew it. The very first page is the description of a scene in which a murder is foretold. The next 350 pages of the book is the meandering build up to the murder scene. Ann-Marie MacDonald leads the reader through rooms involving child molestation, international spydom, elementary school quarrels, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Nazi refugees. And written like this, I admit it sounds interesting. But all of those topics a [...]

    • Kathryn says:

      This book is really incredible. It is rich with history and the prose is beautiful. The real crime case of Canadian Steven Truscott, who was wrongfully incarcerated in Ontario in 1959, is the context on which the plot is built, though, of course, it is a fictionalized version of what happened, and the story contains so much complexity-the mystery that unfolds regarding the crime is only a part of the whole work. But, because the crime involved the sexual assault and murder of a young girl the de [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I am a fan of a good plot, and I don't think I've ever read one so poetically written, so perfectly timed or so wonderfully crafted as the one "The Way the Crow Flies" presents its readers. Unlike other reviewers who complained about the length of the book or the "pace" of the first 100 pages, I chewed on each word, savoring each paragraph as I would if I were eating a delectable meal. And, like the last bite of a tasty dessert, I sighed as I turned the last page and loosened my belt, feeling fu [...]

    • Carolyn Gerk says:

      The Way the Crow Flies is not, in my opinion, a 'murder mystery, spy thriller' as is printed on the back of the novel. Yes, there is a murder, a mystery and cold war spy drama, but the most memorable moments, and the majority of the novel, is made up of a coming of age tale and a reflection on morality and lost innocence. The novel begins with a taste of 'the murder'. Then proceeds to set the scene for a hundred and fifty pages, with no inkling of any murder to come, I kind of forgot what the bo [...]

    • Suzanne says:

      "The birds saw the murder. Down below in the new grass, the tiny white bell-heads of the lily of the valley. It was a sunny day. Twig-crackling, early spring stirrings, spring soil smell. April. A stream through the nearby woods, so refreshing to the ear - it would be dry by the end of summer, but for now it rippled through the shade. High in the branches of an elm, that is where the birds were, perched among the many buds set to pleat like fresh hankies."From the first sentence, the author has [...]

    • Stacey says:

      This one took a while to read, obviously due to the length, but also because I was dreading what I knew was coming. It was one of those books that's just so sadIt makes me wonder how many secrets people carry with them and how the smallest lie can change everything. Also, I like her writing style, the way she switches perspectives, and the look into a life of an air force family."If you move around all your life, you can't find where you come from on a map. All those places where you lived are j [...]

    • Krystal says:

      I picked this up at Costco and was 100 or so pages into it when I took it out to the garbage. I was expecting a murder mystery set during the cold war. What I found was a slow starting book written from each individual characters perspective. (I actually liked the different voices.) That turned into some sick storey of an 8 year old child and a teacher who got his students to participate in sex acts. You knew something fishy was going on and then POW a paragraph later you have a visual image in [...]

    • Tereza M says:

      Už jsem myslela, že dřív umřu, než to konečně dočtu! Ale podařilo se a asi to za to stálo. I když teda, klidně by to mohlo mít o 400 stránek méně. Prvních asi 300 nebo 400 stran se vlastně nic nedělo, jen se budovala atmosféra a utíkala padesátá léta. Ale pak to přišlo a bylo to zajímavé a smutné. Asi jsem čekala něco jiného. Ke konci už jsem to skoro vzdala, ale čekala jsem, jak celý příběh Madeleine dopadne. A musím říct Že jsem to nečekala.Pro milov [...]

    • Madison Boboltz says:

      This is one of the best books I've ever read. I'm seriously sitting here wondering how Ann-Marie MacDonald isn't one of the most famous authors of our time. I will definitely be reading Fall on Your Knees in the near future. It's absolutely heart-wrenching, and you will need to put it down a few times to calm yourself, but it is brilliantly written. The characters are so well developed and the setting is so vivid. I loved every moment in these 810 pages.

    • Suzanne Arcand says:

      Very seldom do we get both a mystery and a well written, intelligent novel in the same book.

    • Sarah Pundt says:

      Wow. Just wow.

    • Saleh MoonWalker says:

      Onvan : The Way the Crow Flies - Nevisande : Ann-Marie MacDonald - ISBN : 60586370 - ISBN13 : 9780060586379 - Dar 848 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2003

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