Southampton Row

Southampton Row In Victorian England a divisive election is fast approaching Passions are so enflamed that Thomas Pitt shrewd mainstay of the London police has been ordered not to solve a crime but to prevent a na

  • Title: Southampton Row
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780345440037
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Victorian England, a divisive election is fast approaching Passions are so enflamed that Thomas Pitt, shrewd mainstay of the London police, has been ordered not to solve a crime but to prevent a national disaster The aristocratic Tory candidate and Pitt s archenemy is Charles Voisey The Liberal candidate is Aubrey Serracold, whose wife s dalliance with spiritualism tIn Victorian England, a divisive election is fast approaching Passions are so enflamed that Thomas Pitt, shrewd mainstay of the London police, has been ordered not to solve a crime but to prevent a national disaster The aristocratic Tory candidate and Pitt s archenemy is Charles Voisey The Liberal candidate is Aubrey Serracold, whose wife s dalliance with spiritualism threatens his chances Indeed, she is one of the participants in a late night s ance that becomes the swan song of a stylish clairvoyant who is found brutally murdered the next morning in her house on Southampton Row Meanwhile, Pitt s wife, Charlotte, and their children are enjoying a country vacation unaware that they, too, are deeply endangered by the same fanatical forces hovering over the steadfast Pitt.
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    • CD says:

      An entertaining if at times a bit confusing read. The storyline is farfetched at points combining politics, the sensation of the Spiritualist movement and murder most foul. Even from the historical fiction point of view the way Spiritualism is presented is too dramatic for it to be a 'meaningful' element. This is allowing too for liberties associated with dramatic license. A minor complaint probably as it is fiction!Popular writers of this type, regardless of the genre they excel at, usually are [...]

    • Laura Edwards says:

      Disappointing. Charlotte has become an afterthought. I love this series, but after reading the last two, I'm not sure I like the direction it's heading in. Charlotte is not even mentioned on the dust jacket to the next book. I love Thomas, but I also like having different perspective through Charlotte. The Pitt novels started out as a mystery series featuring Thomas and Charlotte. It seems to be turning into spy novels focusing mainly on Thomas. Unfortunately, not looking forward to the next boo [...]

    • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

      This was a good enough read but I didn't enjoy it as much as other Thomas Pitt mysteries I read in the past. The main problem is that this is a sequel to "The Whitechapel Conspiracy", which I haven't read. I think I would have understood the characters and background better had I read it before "Southampton Row". I was also disappointed that Charlotte & Gracie were sent on holiday and I did miss their presence a lot. Still, it was en enjoyable read and I do love Anne Perry's writing style:)

    • Sue Jellum says:

      Not her best, I think she is overdoing the inner circle story. And if Voisey is so twisted, he needs to get what is coming to him. Pretty ridiculous that he and his sister can murder an innocent man, and the authorities know it, with no repercussions.

    • Paraphrodite says:

      2.5 stars. Ever since Thomas got kicked out of Bow Street and shoved into Special Branch, the books have gone into more political intrigues and maneuvers . Not sure I like it as much as the previous more straight-forward murder-mysteries.

    • Mary Corbal says:

      Esta novela se centra más en cuestiones políticas, y no tanto en el crímen que se investiga.

    • Nancy says:

      So glad we are almost back to her old style Although Pitt has another set back. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book. Pity anyone who reads them out of order.In Victorian England, a divisive election is fast approaching. Passions are so enflamed that Thomas Pitt, shrewd mainstay of the London police, has been ordered not to solve a crime but to prevent a national disaster. The aristocratic Tory candidate—and Pitt’s archenemy—is Charles Voisey. The Liberal candidate is Aubrey Ser [...]

    • Tittirossa says:

      Interessante come tutti i gialli di AP, storicamente ben costruito - anche per quanto riguarda comportamenti individuali e sociali- trama coinvolgente, che si risolve come di consueto in una bolla di sapone.Ma . ma AP è sempre più radicale nell'esporre i sentimenti, il sentire, i moti dell'animo. C'è una perentorietà nelle sue affermazioni che lascia quasi imbarazzati; la sua partecipazione al dolore, alle tragedie, alle vicissitudini è troppo dichiarata, troppo trasparente, e spesso reiter [...]

    • Chris Birdy says:

      Another great story of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt's Victorian England. A woman was murdered shortly after conducting a seance. Although Thomas Pitt is now in Special branch, he is brought into the murder investigation because of its possible connection to an upcoming election. Running in the election are Pitt's brother-in-law, the young politician he is mentoring plus Pitt's enemy Charles Voisey.

    • Toni says:

      I am always compelled to find out what happens in this mystery series. The characters keep growing and new characters with intriguing relationships keep being added. I love the details about the dinners that are in this one.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Yet another "can't put it down" mystery from Anne PerryCan't wait to read on in the Pitt series. It is amazing to me that one person can write so many mysteries - every one one of them so different and yet so gripping!

    • Kathleen Freeman says:

      I must say I missed Charlotte's role in the mystery, however I am glad great aunt Vespesia got to be part of the action. I look forward to seeing what is next for these characters.

    • Renny says:

      Fast reading!A rough and tumble with no holds barred multi-plotted mystery that holds one until the very end of the story.

    • Annabelle Solt says:

      Thomas Pitt, an investigator in the Special Branch, is searching for the killer of a medium after a seance. Politics, murder, socialism, revenge.

    • Marie Connor says:

      Thomas Pitt mystery, later in the series.

    • Cheryl says:

      Given that I haven't read this series in total or in any order, the progressive aspects vulnerable parts of the plot were not difficult to keep up with. The mystery was well done and the sinister back story was long on tension and suspense. I enjoyed the different threads that focused on Isadora and Emily when I saw how they linked up to the rest of the plot. This was intricately woven and compelling reading. The plot aspects about the uses of nationalism in politics being used to achieve power [...]

    • Alex Telander says:

      From an author who has published thirty-three books in her past comes Southampton Row, this is the story of the end of Queen Victoria’s reign in old Victorian England. There is an election coming up, one in which the Tories seem set to twin. The group known as the Inner Circle, a secret society of men sworn to support each other above all other loyalties, will stop at nothing to seize one of the seats in Parliament, their first step towards completing their diabolical ambitions. And the Tory c [...]

    • Amelia-Irene says:

      In this book of the series, Thomas and his wife,Charlotte, are getting ready to go on a much needed vacation. Thomas' job has changed since his last case, and they have to get used to this next change. Unfortunately, Thomas is called to a new case before they can leave, so Charlotte and the kids leave with Grace their girl of all trades, and Thomas stays behind. He has to find out what the political scene will be with the vote that is coming up and also has to be careful as his enemy for the las [...]

    • Kristen says:

      If you enjoy murder, mystery and the Victorian era, then Anne Perry is the author for you!!In this outing, the intrepid Inspector Pitt has been re-assigned to Special Branch as retaliation by Sir Charles Voisey, whom Pitt thwarted in an attempt to become so powerful as to make England a Democracy under his own leadership.Pitt is asked to solve a murder with highly political implications, while dealing with the appearance that he has, among other things, caused the suicide death of a much beloved [...]

    • Laura says:

      It is a given that I am a fan of Anne Perry. That said, suffice it to say, this installment of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series did not disappoint. Pitt has been called in to covertly look into the activities of a very popular political candidate named Charles Voisey who belongs to a secret society called the Inner Circle. This character and the Inner Society make their first appearance in "The Whitechapel Conspiracy". They have designs to overthrow the monarchy. A popular spiritualist is mu [...]

    • Millie says:

      It took me a while to really get into this book even though the action started right away. The murder mystery was good and well set up and was only part of the story. We actually have a nemesis for Thomas Pitt, Charles Voisey and this is round 2. I really loved their interactions and hope to see more of them battling it out. And I was glad that she brought the character of Samuel Tellman back!.This story was very good and Ms. Perry as always does an awesome job with her writing and drawing you i [...]

    • Athena says:

      This is one of the most dull books I have ever read by Anne Perry. The Monk series are much more interesting. When a medium Maude Lamont is found dead in her home, asphyxiated by cheesecloth and egg white, the last three people that attended the seance the night before are all suspected of murdering her. One of the guests is the wife of a political candidate and the elections are coming up, so there is a potential risk for his position. Unfortunately, there is no supernatural elements at work he [...]

    • Suzanne says:

      I enjoyed this book which is one of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series. I started toward the end of this series so this book was going backward for me. Pitt is starting to develop his relationship/friendship with Victor Narraway. The character of Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould is being incorporated into the solving of the crime or political dilemmas. This book dealt with the fascination that people in the Victorian era (and maybe still today) had with the spiritualist/mystics/fortune-tellers. The [...]

    • Nancy says:

      I like Perry's books but this one (an audibook) felt as though it was an entr'acte between the previous book and the one that follows (although I have not read either one). It was much shorter (5 CDs rather than the usual minimum of 11 for a full-length novel. I referred to and sometimes depended on events is a previous novel and the ending felt somewhat unfinished. That said, the story was interesting (who killed the psychic who might have been blackmailing her customers) and showed a solid kno [...]

    • Maria says:

      Although this is the 22nd book in the series, it's the first one I've read. There were some story lines that drew on previous books, but I felt like enough background was given for me to follow along. I imagine that reading the stories in order would be preferred.A medium is murdered in her home on Southampton Row. Thomas Pitt of Special Branch is sent to investigate, as one of the suspects has links to the government. It was interesting to read a Victorian detective novel and to consider how cr [...]

    • Scot says:

      22nd in the series. The power of Charles Voisey and the Inner Circle now threatens not just Pitt's career, but the very safety of Charlotte and the children. Collaborations with several supporting characters who have aided Charlotte and Thomas in the past are needed in this go-round. The allure and practice of spiritualism and the fad of seances in late Victorian England provide a Gothic touch that is historically accurate in the reliable style one becomes accustomed to when reading the works of [...]

    • Suzanne says:

      I liked the ending of this episode of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series much better than many of the others, which often solve the crime in the last few pages of the book then seem to end abruptly. This one had a bit more denouement and a nice twist that also left the reader looking forward to the next book. I've been on an Anne Perry binge for about nine months, and each time I start a new one, I say I'll read one more then switch to different authors for a while. Southampton Row has probabl [...]

    • Laura says:

      Again, I'm not really a fan of mysteries, but I chose this book anyway because I needed something safe to listen to during a long drive. It was better than A River in the Sky, but maybe because it wasn't as long. It is also from in a series where I haven't read the previous books, but it did keep my interest better though. I guess I like Anne Perry better than Elizabeth Peters and Thomas Pitt more than Amelia Peabody.

    • Lynne Tull says:

      Hard for me to put this one down. A really good mystery, but be prepared to learn or be exposed to more English politics than you really want to know. However, if you want to know, it is a good tutorial. Poor Pitt. He is stuck again in Special Services. I'll be glad when he settles down so we can get more of Charlotte's participation. Lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending. Recommend!

    • Rachel says:

      I had never read an Anne Perry novel before, but I saw it at the library and on impulse decided to give it a try. Reading this book was an absolute pleasure. Thoroughly enjoyed the characters, and it reminded me how much I love detective novels. I am looking forward to starting at the beginning with Thomas and Charlotte and reading through this whole series. Highly recommend to my friends who like historical fiction and/or detective novels.

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