Nietzsche in 90 Minutes

Nietzsche in Minutes Each of these little books is witty and dramatic and creates a sense of time place and character I cannot think of a better way to introduce oneself and one s friends to Western civilization Katheri

  • Title: Nietzsche in 90 Minutes
  • Author: Paul Strathern
  • ISBN: 9781566631211
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Each of these little books is witty and dramatic and creates a sense of time, place, and character.I cannot think of a better way to introduce oneself and one s friends to Western civilization Katherine A Powers, Boston Globe Well written, clear and informed, they have a breezy wit about them.I find them hard to stop reading Richard Bernstein, New York Times WitEach of these little books is witty and dramatic and creates a sense of time, place, and character.I cannot think of a better way to introduce oneself and one s friends to Western civilization Katherine A Powers, Boston Globe Well written, clear and informed, they have a breezy wit about them.I find them hard to stop reading Richard Bernstein, New York Times Witty, illuminating, and blessedly concise Jim Holt, Wall Street Journal These brief and enlightening explorations of our greatest thinkers bring their ideas to life in entertaining and accessible fashion Philosophical thought is deciphered and made comprehensive and interesting to almost everyone Far from being a novelty, each book is a highly refined appraisal of the philosopher and his work, authoritative and clearly presented.
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      428 Paul Strathern
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    • Johan Nystrom says:

      This is a poor overview of Nietzsche's life and thought. It basically amounts to 90 minutes of gossip. There's no evidence of real interest in Nietzsche's thought from Paul Strathern. I highly recommend to instead read R J Hollingdale's book "Nietzsche: The Man and his Philosophy". Hollingdale was a famous Nietzsche scholar who also translated many of Nietzsche's books to English. That book is highly readable and a far better introduction to the subject.Edit: It's hard to overstate how much of a [...]

    • Anthony says:

      Nietzsche in 90 minutes? This worthless attempt to present Friedrich Nietzsche's very profound and complex ideas in a concise form as a quick read for the reader utterly fails in every aspect! Paul Strathern only gives a very, very brief outline of Nietzsche's philosophy and a short biography of his life interspersed with numerous disparaging remarks about Nietzsche. One gets the idea that Paul Strathern thinks that Nietzsche was just a megalomaniacal joke who took himself too seriously. He writ [...]

    • Kyle OBrien says:

      I only got to page 13 and already realized the author was far too opinionated and biased.

    • Joseph says:

      A short biography touching on Nietzsche's philosophy. I would suggest AntiChrist or Beyond Good and Evil rather than this little book. It is more informative than "The Philosopher's Song" or the entry on Nietzsche, but only slighty.

    • ATJG says:

      Some interesting biographical details (such as the official diagnosis of "softened brain" that killed Nietzsche's father), but nothing at all worthwhile about Nietzsche's thought. Vastly inferior introduction compared with Michael Tanner's superb VSI.

    • Jess says:

      Man this guy's a crappy writer! (Strathern, not Nietzsche)

    • Roya says:

      It was fun- didn't learn anything new, but that didn't seem to be the point.

    • Richard says:

      I encountered a reference to Nietzsche in a book I read recently that didn't square with what I knew about Nietzsche. Then I realized, I really don't know ANYTHING about Nietzsche other than he is famous for saying "God is dead" and that he was big with the Nazis. So I felt like I needed a quick familiarization with this philosopher whose name is referenced so often. Our library had this book, so Nietzsche in 90 Minutes is was.My quick review is that I now know a little about Nietzsche, but I am [...]

    • (_.- Jared -._) ₪ Book Nerd ₪ says:

      Short and to the point. This series of philosophy acts as more of an introduction to the various philosophers with Paul Strathern's interpretations and commentary of their work. It contains very little actual excerpts from the work. It is very watered down and this will only get your 'feet wet' to the world of philosophy. Nevertheless, it is a good review and he does cover some relevant biographical contexts. I wish Paul would have spent more time on the actual work, rather than his interpretati [...]

    • Mridul Singhai says:

      I got an audiobook of this title to listen on my weekly commute. Turns out that this title does a really bad job at explaining the ideas and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. It sounds more biographical than explanatory, and involves a really unfair amount of cherry-picked quotations. If you're looking for a quick, broad introduction to Nietzsche and his works, I'd point you to "On Nietzsche" by Georges Bataille.

    • Danica Wilson says:

      Highly opinionated, and not very factual. He even goes so far as to use the word "stupid" to describe something, and then finishes the book with a quote about not trusting the minds of men infected with syphilis. I would not recommend this book to anyone actually interested in learning about Nietzsche, because you won't get much of anything, especially about his philosophy.

    • Kaa says:

      [-"God is dead. "-Influenced by Wagner.]

    • Kaan says:

      Özet geçmiş. Başlığından belliydi sanki :S

    • Arash Kamangir says:

      خوب خوب خوب

    • Brooke says:

      This book is getting a lot of bad reviews because people are expecting it to be something that it's not. This book is a bite-sized, small-commute morsel that will tell you some of the things that make Nietzsche a big deal. If you can't place who first came up with the Ubermensch or the will to power, this book is just fine. It doesn't get into the weeds with everything else. Think of it like a tasting--if you like the cake, buy the whole thing.

    • Joshua Lawson says:

      I'm just beginning to learn the life and thought of Frederick Nietzsche, so I did find this introduction valuable. However, I must echo the sentiments of other reviewers in noting that some of the material seemed to possess a personal bias that clouded the author's presentation of Nietzsche's history. Oh, well. On to the next 90 minutes.

    • Ceyhun says:

      Kitabın adı bile kötü bir fikir olduğunun kanıtı! Nietzsche’ye defalarca sığ diyebilecek kadar küstah olan yazar kendi sığlığında boğulmuş. Kısa da olsa vakit kaybıydı, tavsiye etmiyorum.

    • Karrie Stewart says:

      If you want the short version on who Nietzsche was and what he was all about, this is the book for you.

    • Y. says:

      Nietzsche 90 dakikaya sığmaz.

    • Alejandro Sierra says:

      Interesante perspectiva a vuelo de pájaro de Nietzsche y su obra, pero necesariamente poco profunda debido al reducido espacio y al punto de vista muy particular del autor.

    • Robert says:

      Nietzsche's loose poetic style was his undoing. Positive nihilism always turns negative.

    • سعیده says:

      کتاب کوچیک و جمع و جوری در مورد نیچه و زندگی نامه اش و عقایدش. برای آشنایی مختصر با نیچه خوب بود.

    • Realini says:

      Nietzsche in 90 Minutes by Paul StrathernÜbermensch, Will To PowerWith his huge moustache, he looked imposing, but Nietzsche was a frail man. Towards the end of his life, he was severely affected by syphilis, which caused him to become mad, in the final stage of the disease.His father and grandfather have ended up insane, but it was not a genetic disease that caused the sickness of the great philosopher.The most important message of Nietzsche’s thinking- The Will to Power was inspired by Scho [...]

    • Koray Karabekiroğlu says:

      Nietzsche severlerin pek sevmeyeceği bir kısa kitap.

    • Aycan Doganlar says:

      It wasn't about Nietzsche in 90 minutes. It was all about writer's opinions about Nietzsche.

    • Bonnie says:

      More a biography than a sampling of his philosophy, I was left mostly with a sense for how big of a creep the man was.Still, it was worth a quick read for two reasons. First, I learned that Nietzsche did not provide a comprehensive philosophical system. Instead, his works are a collection of "insights" in an "aphoristic style." The editor claims that while some may be contradictory, it is unfair to say that it is wholly unsystematic because his philosophy, in essence, "spelled the end of all sys [...]

    • Bob Nichols says:

      As of 1996, there were some twenty-eight “90 minute” books on the various philosophers (all but Confucius are Western). Of its eighty-three pages, this book on Nietzsche devotes thirty-five to his “life and thought.” The remainder of the book includes an introduction, afterword, a five page summary of his three key thoughts (will-to-power, eternal recurrence, and the Superman), selections of Nietzsche's aphorisms, ten pages of chronological dates, and a bibliography and index. A lot gets [...]

    • Judah says:

      “God is Dead.” This is one of Nietzche’s most memorable quotes, as he went on to create a new philosophy which changed the way everybody thought about the world. Nitezche was born in the Mid 1800’s and first took notice to his own way of thinking in his late teens. He soon rebelled against the church, and often spent life in solitude, jotting down his thoughts in his notebook. Nietzche’s Philosophies were not so much a method, but more a vast array of thought provoking anecdotes which, [...]

    • M. says:

      Audiobook Format. These little Strathern books are immensely helpful in getting a concise overview of a man's life and thoughts, but with such immense editorial content I can't help but try to profile the author himself. Each book in this series thus far is immensely packed with information and concepts, both correctly and erroneously, tied to the thinker involved. That being said, the necessary step of summarizing the perspective and impact of the thinker is often so densely satirical that it i [...]

    • Gözen Durmus says:

      90 dakikada Nietzsche Ünlü filozof Nietzsche başarılarını 90 dakikaya sığdıran bir kitap. Birbirinden güçlü ve iyi teorileri ile o dönemdeki en iyi örneklerden. Dün ve insanlık adına ilk günden kendi çağına kadar araştıran ve düşünen filozof müthiş iyi teorilere imza atmış. Başarının her yüzüne tanık olan filozof kendisinin ne denli büyük bir işe imza attığının farkında zira ara sıra kendini övmeden edemiyor, tabi bir yandan da şöyle söylüyor. " [...]

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