The Last Mission

The Last Mission In as World War II is raging across Europe fifteen year old Jack Raab dreams of being a hero Leaving New York City his family and his boyhood behind Jack uses a false I D and lies his way in

  • Title: The Last Mission
  • Author: Harry Mazer
  • ISBN: 9780440947974
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1944, as World War II is raging across Europe, fifteen year old Jack Raab dreams of being a hero Leaving New York City, his family, and his boyhood behind, Jack uses a false I.D and lies his way into the U.S Air Force.From their base in England, he and his crew fly twenty four treacherous bombing missions over occupied Europe The war is almost over and Hitler near dIn 1944, as World War II is raging across Europe, fifteen year old Jack Raab dreams of being a hero Leaving New York City, his family, and his boyhood behind, Jack uses a false I.D and lies his way into the U.S Air Force.From their base in England, he and his crew fly twenty four treacherous bombing missions over occupied Europe The war is almost over and Hitler near defeat when they fly their last mission a mission destined for disaster Shot down far behind enemy lines, Jack is taken prisoner and sent to a German POW camp, where his experiences are terrifying than anything he d ever imagined.
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    • Levi says:

      First read this back in the 7th grade, one of the hundreds of books I plowed through during my junior high years. Stuck with me for a long time, and was maybe the first book I ever read about WWII that conveyed the changes wrought on the people who fought it.Written from the point of view of an eager 15-year old, the author does a very good job of capturing the flighty, goofball way that 15-year old boys think and how that testosterone-fueled innocence is pounded into sand by the reality of the [...]

    • Engranon says:

      The Last Mission was a pick from my book club for the History/Historical Fiction month. One of our members is working on a biography of her father who flew in WWII and was a POW for several years. Her hope was to pick up something from this book that would help her on her way. Alas, there was little to be gleaned from this volume. Mr. Mazer has written many young adult books on WWII, but sometimes I wonder if he really decided to whom he was writing. This book, for example, seems to swing wildly [...]

    • Jared says:

      I really liked this book. Its a story about a 15 year old kid who enters the USAAC with his brothers birth certificate. The story goes over his crew and the events that unfold after a mission. I dont want to spoil the book, but I really did like it

    • Nathan Togstad says:

      Personal response:The Last Missionis a book about a boy becoming a man. over the process of the book, Jack changes. In the beginning, all he wanted to do was kill Hitler. When he realized what he had gotten into, he just wanted to live through every mission. I thought that the book was ok. I think that they shorted the time while he was captured and when he finally got home. The ending was ok, but it made him seem crazy to everyone. Over all, I don't regret reading this book. Plot: Jack wanted t [...]

    • Nikolai says:

      It's hot, really hot. And on top of that your in long thick pants and a long sleeve shirt. But you don't care, your carrying the most important three letters in the world on your shoulders, and that's all that matters. The letter represent more than just you, they represent what you stand for and what you work for. You're with 12 men who have the same three letters on their shoulder as well as you, you all live together, you all eat together, and you all work together. You work in a behemoth of [...]

    • Mark Tainter says:

      The last mission is one of the first books i have read in a while. I personally loved the book it was about a 15 year old boy who wanted to kill Hitler so bad he lies about his age and joins the air force. After a while in the air force jack finds a girl that he really likes and has to lie to her. Jack is then sent off to the war and is a pow. You will have to read to find out what happens to jack. People who will like this book are people who like action and plot twisting events.

    • Stephanie N. says:

      Instead of taking the overly dramatic testosterone filled approach to a war novel, Harry Mazer is able to create a story-line through the eyes of a young boy. Jack Rabbs's goofy outlook and naive, childlike nature really allows the reader to really understand the horrors of war. Mazer truly uses his young protagonists as a wonderful righting tool, to take his audience on the journey of a young boy realizing that war isn't just for noble causes, but instead that there will always be suffering. Th [...]

    • Anthony Golf says:

      Jack Rabb In 1944 as world war 2 is raging across Europe, fifteen year old Jack Rabb dreams of being a hero. Jack Rabb lies about his age to get into the Air Force. Jack Rabb meets new friends in the Air Force and Jack has a hard time trying to practice flying a plane. Tries to get better at flying in training but is having lots of difficulties.The character wants to accomplish to try to escape from the Germans. Jack Rabb is stuck in the prison with his friend and has no way out. Jack is stuck i [...]

    • Luke Fountain says:

      Book Report: The Last Mission The Last Mission written by Harry Mazer is about a 15 year old Jewish boy named Jack Raab who lies about his age to get into the army. The reason why he wanted to get into the army so bad was because Hitler murdered his family members in Poland. As the story unfolds, Jack faces twenty four missions using revenge as his motivation to get through the hard times in the war. Jack is an airplane fighter and develops a strong relationship with his crew members. Jack comes [...]

    • Ethan Rizzi says:

      This book is called "The Last Mission" by Harry Mazer in October 1944. Jack Raab was a 15 year old boy who lives in New York, Brooklyn. On page 10 it says "Hes just a hair under 6 feet, and is a sized 12 in shoes." This book is about a kid names Jack Raab who lied about his age to get into the air force. He wants to represent his family and try to fight or even kill Hitler. Jack underestimates how violent the war can be, he is able to survive more then 20 missions but his luck couldn't go on for [...]

    • Paul Z says:

      The second world war has been going on for a few years, even though you are not old enough you want to fight for your country, so what do you do? Well Jack Raab a fifteen year old teenager wants to fight for his country and to honor his family. After his brother, Irving, is rejected from the army, Jack feels it is his duty to serve for the family. After discussing this with his family he is told that he cannot because of his age. Jack is outraged, he wants to go to war for adventure, excitement, [...]

    • Grossmatthew says:

      The Last Mission is a book about a 15 year old boy who wants to serve his country. Jack Rabb wants to go into the army air corps he is also Jewish and that will play a big role in the book. He went through basic training just fine but the real test was ahead of him they were about to go into the B-17 also called the flying fortress. Jack was the waist which is located in the middle of the plane chuckie who was jacks best friend was the radio man which was located in the front of the plane near t [...]

    • Andy says:

      The Last MissionWorld War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. It caused the death of 50 to 70 million people. The Allies dropped about 27,700 tons of bombs per month in World War II. These bombs were mostly dropped from thousands of feet in the air by combined US and English forces. The men who flew these bombing missions put their lives on the line every mission, and knew the risks if something were to happen. The Last Mission by Harry Mazer is a tragic story of one soldier who sees World War II throu [...]

    • Joseph Carlson says:

      The year is 1944. The world is nearing the end to it's second world war, and Jack Raab wants a piece of the action. Jack Raab, a young Jewish 15 year-old from New York, steals his brother's birth certificate and enlists in the 8th Air Force of the 398th bombing group. Jack goes through basic training in Florida, and flies many practice missions. In training, he thinks that he will go to war and come back a war hero, that he is invincible, and that nothing can stop him. In training, Jack meets a [...]

    • Charles says:

      Wow. I thought I would never find this book again. I thought it was lost from my life! (I know it's strange, our attachment to certain works.) I had a really strong connection to it early in my life. I first read this book in my "dark ages" period in Junior High when I hated reading. For some reason I went into the library and I found this book and I simply couldn't put it down. It was one of the few books that has stayed with me all these years.Mazer emphasizes the lure and glamour of war on a [...]

    • Rebecca Radnor says:

      Jack is tall for his 15 yrs (and Jewish). He sneaks into the US air corps during WWII as a mid-tail gunner. His older brother is 4F, so he steals his identity and uses it to enlist. The premise is that his father at 15 had gone west by himself to earn a living, and this is the story he tells his parents. As a result, he is unable to write home to tell them about what he is in fact doing for fear they'll come and get him.Jack serves for about a year, Most of which goes by relatively uneventfully [...]

    • Kevin Cervantes says:

      "He had nightmares about the Nazis coming to get his family. He'd hear them in the hall outside their apartment, their black boots striking the floor like the clop of horses' hooves." Harry Mazer's "The Last Mission" delighted me with the fast pace and description of the book. It recounts WW2 and the bombings over Europe. This book is written like a journal which is nice. You can feel what the main character feels in the book. This is a must read for older teens or young adults. It leaves a long [...]

    • Shawn Walter says:

      SPOILER ALERT!!!!! TELLS ENDING!! DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT A SPOILER!!My book was The Last Mission by Harry Mazer. The main character Jack Raab. Jack Raab is in the WWII air force. Jack airplane is called Grandfathersc and its a B-17 bomber aircraft. Also known as a flying fortress. Jack is 15 years old and he's bombing war factory's, train stations, and Nazi fortresses. But he found out something that he will never forget. He ran off to join the army without telling his family anything abou [...]

    • James Vachowski says:

      At fifteen years old, Jack Raab is still too young to join the military. As the Second World War is winding down in Europe, Jack fears that all of the fighting will be over before he gets his chance to see action. After some consideration, he uses a fake ID card to lie about his age and enlist in the Army Air Corps. Jack makes it through training and becomes a gunner on a B-17 “Flying Fortress”. After twenty-four bombing missions and countless close calls, Jack’s luck finally runs out! Whe [...]

    • Brendan Galvin says:

      The Last Mission review The book The Last Mission written by Harry Mazer is extraordinarily action packed and is appealing to many groups of people. It tells a story of a young, American boy who takes great pride in his jewish faith and strives to stop Adolf Hitler's realm. I would recommend this book because it is very unique and interesting and it keeps the reader attentive throughout the whole story.In the beginning it shows Jack Raab, the main character, displaying his appetite to help the w [...]

    • Michael Carreon says:

      Have you ever lied? Normally people do lie, but Jack Raab took it to a whole new level.The main character Jack wants to be in the army. He lies about his age and gets his brothers ID and joins the army. Later on his find out how much he miss his family and he wants to call them, but thinks he will break down and start crying. During this process Jack finds it weird that no one realizes the difference between him and the other people. One thing that worries him is he doesn't receive any letters, [...]

    • Trenton Blom says:

      Would you like to be a Pilot in WWII? Or how about a hero for all to envy? In the book The Last Mission by: Harry Mazer, Jack Rabb gets the opportunity of a life time. After stealing his older brothers I.D. he uses it to get into the military and becomes the Center Gunner in a B-17 named "Godfathers Inc." Jack thinks that it will be an easy duty, but he has no idea what he's in for.Everything starts out wonderful for Jack when he meets a beautiful girl named Dotty who Jack is drawn to immediatel [...]

    • Jared_hamilton says:

      I think The Last Mission By Harry Mazer is a really good book for a couple of good reasons. First of all the whole book in general teaches what actually happens during the war. It shows what the prostheses in which the U.S Air corps have to go threw, like there training they have to accomplish. Which sounds really hard to try to prepare you for what you will have to encounter if accepted. During the cores thew this book Jack Raab goes threw some tough adversity he has to face like leaving his fa [...]

    • Bryan says:

      When I was in grammar school I was intrigued by the culture that surrounded World War II, so when my brother gave me this book I was incredibly excited to start reading. From the minute I picked the book up I could not seem to put it down. Needless to say, I finished it very quickly and have since read it at least two more times.The novel tells the story of a teenage Jewish Boy, Jack Raab, who sneaks his way into the United States Air Force in hopes of saving lives and bringing an end to the blo [...]

    • Jake R says:

      In the book The Last Mission by Harry Mazer a fifteen-year-old Jewish boy named Jack Raab decides to run away to the army and fight of Hitler. He is having a tough time with all the older people that he has to live with. He is a fighter pilot that handles a 50-caliber machine gun. After 24 bombing missions he has one final mission that ends abruptly. Their plane is shot down and he is taken prisoner by the Germans and is put in a POW camp. He has to survive in the harsh conditions until who know [...]

    • Natalie says:

      The story of a 15-16 yr old jewish american boy who assumes his brother's identity to train and fly as a gunner in a bomber against germany during the end of WWII. By the time he has flown several missions the young man has a different view of the realities of war from the air. By the time the concentration camps are freed he has a changed view of revenge and offers his last piece of bread to a german adolescent who is wild with hunger in the street. By the time the news breaks about the bombing [...]

    • Nick Piere says:

      Oh no!! The B17 has been shot down! Jack Raab has taken the army to a whole new level. He is a 15 year old boy who used his brothers birth certificate to get into the army. He wants to fight against hitler and stand up for his Jewish religion. He enlists himself into the United States Air Corps. Jack soon learns quickly that war is not a game. He flys bombing airplanes called B17s. He spends very much time with his crew, needing to fly 25 missions before they can get back home to their wonderful [...]

    • Justin Klingbeil says:

      Do you want to help the U.S. defeat the Germans, and stop the evil Hitler? Well Jack Raab wanted to fight for his country at age 15.In the beginning you meet a 15 year old boy in the U.S. Air Corps and without his parents decision to let him go. He meets this girl in Miami which will be a bid part of what happens with Jack throughout the story. He visits New Orleans and gets home sick and calls that girl and won't hang up because he is to afraid. Before Jack goes over seas he gets a few days off [...]

    • Ian Pratt says:

      To start off, I found this book very interesting. Before I even started reading it, I was looking at it and it caught my eye. The story line is very interesting so I decided to pick it up. The writer definitely came up with a specific plot by which he used important details to really help the reader visualize what he wanted the reader to picture. It's a very good light read. Jack Raab is a fifteen year old who decides to join the Army. However. he has sneaked in and is much under aged. He wanted [...]

    • Sandra Strange says:

      If the book were a movie it would rate an R or PG 13 rated because of war/violence and also because of language--much use of the F word, fitting to the picture of the combat fliers and their way of life; smoking is casually taken for granted, as it was at the time. Jack Raab, a New York Jewish boy irate because of what he hears about Hitler and his war, lies about his 15 year old age and uses his older brother’s birth certificate to join the Air Force. From their base in England, he and his fe [...]

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