Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Dancing Cat finds herself at the mercy of a tribal enemy when she defies her people and is punished by an offended ancestor In the process she learns that gender is a lot complicated than outward app

  • Title: Harvest Moon
  • Author: Krista D. Ball
  • ISBN: 9780986587504
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • Dancing Cat finds herself at the mercy of a tribal enemy when she defies her people and is punished by an offended ancestor In the process, she learns that gender is a lot complicated than outward appearance.
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      205 Krista D. Ball
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    • Ginger Simpson says:

      The following is from my review posted at examiner:At first you may think you’ve delved into a historical offering, but trust that you haven’t. The time and place only add interest to the story and draw you into scenes that are so well described you’ll believe you’re actually in an Indian encampment. Dancing Cat, through no fault of her own, has been dubbed “Cursed One,” and treated unkindly by her own people—even her mother and grandmother. But for crumbs of food left in secret by [...]

    • Arlene Webb says:

      Interesting twists, this is a well paced and intriging short story.

    • Wulfie says:

      I stumbled across Krista D. Ball by following a Tweet on Twitter (where she is one funny lady!) that led me to her site Adventures of a Fantasy Writer . You should visit; it's a gorgeous site. I'm totally in love with the layout, colors and themes, it's true; I lust after other people's themes.Through our interactions I caught wind of her book Harvest Moon and requested a copy to review. Despite it being a very busy time for her (she was traveling) she remembered my request and kindly sent me a [...]

    • Susi says:

      When Krista asked me to review her novella Harvest Moon I was a bit unsure at first. It's not what I usually read but I thought why not and gave it a try. I won't tell you more about the story because this novella only has 35 pages and the description already says everything. In Harvest Moon we meet Dancing Cat, the Cursed One. She's a young woman living in band of people who hate her and don't see her as more than dirt. She's lonely and desperate too. For the last two years no one really touche [...]

    • Missie says:

      theunreadreader/2010/1I wasn't really sure what to expect before I picked this book. While it may not be something I would normally read, based on the synopsis, it did sound interesting, and I'm glad I gave it a try.Dancing Cat has been shun by her tribe. They believe she is cursed, and this causes her great distress. Unsure what is left for her or what path her life should take, Dancing Cat calls upon the spirits of her ancestors for answers. Instead she is given a new body, a male's body.From [...]

    • BeaCharmed says:

      I was pulled into this story right from the beginning. I really enjoyed it and hope that Ball writes more stories with these characters.It's told in first person narrative and moves right along. The setting appears to be an American Indian, sometime after the appearance of the Europeans. The setting is part of the story, almost another character.Dancing Cat, through circumstances not of her doing, is living on the edges of her tribe, barley tolerated even by her own family. She has been given a [...]

    • Mary Grace says:

      For a novella, Harvest Moon was a very good read. It talks about the story of Dancing Cat who became the Cursed One because of uncanny circumstances that happened in her life. As Dancing Cat learns the lesson of life she meets Bearclaw of the rival tribe. The meeting made a significant change in her life which I won't tell you but it is the turn of the book. :) I would love to see what Bell can write next. Harvest Moon gave me a brief sense of what she is capable of writing which makes me eager [...]

    • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

      This novella tells the tale of Dancing Cat, now known as Cursed One, as she lives out her day to day life as the tribe exile. You don't know why at the beginning although you are told as the book progresses. Feeling like she can't go on, she takes a chance to open up a sacred bundle and ask her ancestors. An answer happens in a way that she could never have imagined.Bearclaw is looking for answers on his spirit quest and the answer comes in the shape of Dancing Cat. Bearclaw is kind and compassi [...]

    • Lori Strongin says:

      There need to be more stories like this one.Krista Ball knows her stuff--shown by how beautifully she brought this First Nations tribe to life. My heart ached for Dancing Cat and how her tribe ostracized her for things she couldn't help. The subtle cruelties inflicted on her resonated through the pages, and yet she still fought to survive and find a place inside her tribe.For me, the best part of the novel was how Dancing Cat found her true self while trapped in someone else's body, which I thin [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Dancing Cat, now called Cursed One after the deaths of two husbands, was the first woman messenger for her tribe. She is now treated as an outcast by everyone and wishes for freedom. Instead of freedom she must do as she's told and carefully, because her own grandmother threatened to let her starve this winter if she screws up. Dancing Cat gets caught with the tribe's sacred bundle and her ancesters transform her into something else to teaach her a lesson. After Bearclaw saves her life, Dancing [...]

    • Lu (Sugar & Snark) says:

      What a Romantic and gripping tale! A woman shunned and a man looking for answers that find solace in each other. Mrs. Ball is a very talented writer and has a great way of making you feel like you know the characters, in such a short space of time. It normally takes me 50 pages to start liking characters, not 35 to feel for them! This in my opinion is a great feat.As always with novella's I'm left wanting more and wondering about characters past and futures. I do hope we can see more of Dancing [...]

    • iamjenai says:

      Harvest Moon is a paranormal fantasy with romance short story about Dancing Cat who was cursed by her tribe and was treated less than human for two years. She wanted to end her life but something unexpected happened. I liked the plot, it was so original. The twist in the story made me smile. The start of the book was slow maybe because of the tribe names which were confusing at first. Im glad i continued reading it. Every page will surely surprise the readers. It was a well-written short story a [...]

    • Jenn says:

      Short novella about a Native American girl and her life amongst the tribe as a 'cursed one.' I don't like to write about spoilers but this is a good tale to read for those that like feminist ideals, spirit encounters, gender roles, and those that like a different kind of tale.I enjoyed this book. I loved the complete tale in a short read (29 pages on my eReader)! Received this book as a LibraryThing member giveaway for an honest review.

    • Beth Overmyer says:

      Lately, I've been having trouble finding a book to interest me. Either I lose interest halfway, or the beginning doesn't grab me. This novelette held my interest from the opening paragraph to the very end!Superb writing, excellent characters, interesting setting. I just had to keep reading to find out why Dancing Cat was cursed, and the hunky Bearclaw made it even more enjoyable ;)Five stars all the way!

    • Marva says:

      I really enjoyed this novella. The author presents a very believable and obviously well-researched tale of Native American (that includes Canada) culture and magic.My only complaint is that I wanted it to be longer.Krista Ball's writing is excellent, and I'll definitely be reading everything else she has published in the future.

    • Dani says:

      I tried this book because I wanted something supernatural and romantic, but this one just didn't do it for me. It read a lot like a creative writing class assignment. I felt the book could have used a lot more description of the culture, the world, and of the characters. It really felt just bare and empty, and the writing left a lot to be desired.

    • Alex Owens says:

      I adored many things about this novella,from the way the author approached the mystic elements, to how she handled the gender-bending moments and fully-fleshed characterization. I'll certainly read more by the author in the future!

    • Zoe says:

      Really interesting and very different. I loved the surroundings, the mystical aspect and the group dynamics. Its all very well written, i really enjoyed it.

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